Police commended for progress in Nigel Christian murder investigation


Cabinet was informed about the progress made in the Nigel Christian murder case.


The Police were applauded for their dedication and work which have resulted in arrests.


The brutal slaying of the Customs Officer has been diligently pursued and assistance was sought and received from several international police investigation units including experts from the U.K., the U.S.A., and Canada.

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  1. So what will the UPP now protest against. After having making allegations that the government may have been blocking this investigation. What will Pringle now say in Parliament after he had that outburst about not being able to talk about the Nigel Christian death.

  2. Where is the 4th person? More importantly, where is the mastermind behind all of this? That person is high up in society. Follow the money trail. That’s the one we want not these scapegoats.

  3. Antiguan citizen … 1 ? So the police must leave the alleged murder team ( scape goats) on the road to terrorize the nation? Or lock them up now the have sufficient evidence to go to court? Which 1 suit you? Are you a receiver or benefiting from murder $$? I hope you hold the same scape goat sentiments, when science , technology , and ballistic proves, same 3 are responsible for the murder of monkey man and the chef from potter’s as well, as a number of robberies and a attempted murder on another custom official. The SPONCEREs will be locked up soon. Just glad the murder team off the road, coulda be my family or yours next they hurt or even kill.

    • What can get up into these three young men minds to make them choose this kind of life? Where are their parents especially their fathers? Did they have a good fathers figure In their life? I am sure that their mothers try their best with them. I think 🤔 I saw these faces before in the news before now. To the fathers out there please help the mothers with the boy 👦 children!!! Most male child is not easy to raise especially when they reach teenagers. There are some children especially the male child inherited the sins from the fathers which passes down to the third and fourth generations. Noted, the Bible never said the sins from the mothers, It only said the sins from the fathers.
      Yes, I know that single mothers do raise some good young men that are in our society for today. (For example, my older sister raised two young men with God help and family help who are now in their forties. They both never being in any trouble with the law or with anyone. They’re happily married with children)

  4. Police,now that you arrested the low lying fruits. Please go after the planners of this crime. Regardless of the status of those persons.

    • Exactly what I’ve been saying. They are in a very high position here. That’s the ones that must be found.

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