Two Men Charged in Nigel Christian Murder Investigation


The Police have made a major breakthrough into the Nigel Christian murder investigations.

On Thursday 8th April, the Police arrested and charged 30yr old Lasean Bully of Cashew Hill and 28yr old Wayne Thomas of Hatton in connection with the alleged murder of the Senior Customs Officer.

Both men were taken into custody earlier this week and questioned.

Christian was allegedly abducted from his home at McKinnons on the afternoon of Friday 10th July 2020.

He was later found dead in the Thibou area, with what appeared to be multiple gunshot wounds to his body.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Atlee Rodney said he is pleased with arrest, and the significant amount of progress that has been made into the investigation so far.

He pointed out that the investigation, to begin with, was a very complex matter, one which required in-depth forensic analysis and the interviewing of a number of people, and constant consultation with the Director of Public Prosecution.

He used the opportunity to thank the family of Nigel Christian for their patience and understanding, along with the level of trust and confidence they placed in the Police Force. He was of high praise for the team of police investigators and commended them for their professionalism, perseverance and commitment to the task.

He also expressed gratitude to other local, regional, and international law enforcement agencies, which offered and continues to provide invaluable assistance to the investigation.

Commissioner Rodney also acknowledged the role of the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in providing additional resources to the investigation, and thanked the general public for their support and cooperation; especially those who came forward and shared information with the police.

The accused men are expected to make their first court appearance on Friday.

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  1. Finally, they found two scapegoat. What about the other two?

    Everyone knows that incident was an inside job. SMDH

  2. I think our people still have no confidence in the police…….Why??
    They said it was four men, so where are the other two? Who hired them to make the hit?? Was it really these guys or they’re taking the fall??

    • The police is awaiting any information that can help the investigation. And since you seems to know something I suggest yu say something. Otherwise allow them to do their job!!!

      • It was based on the information published where they said it was 4 persons. I don’t know a thing Alvin, but i hope you can find the Chipmunks!!!

  3. If ppl don’t see this was a hired hit smh . These may be the gun men but not the mastermind

  4. Oh come on our ppl.. Kindly be reminded that it’s not what you know but more so what you can prove in the court of law.

  5. Everyone directly involved must be found, arrested, tried, and IF found guilty according to the law, true justice will require that they be sentenced to death, and hung by the neck until dead. The ancestors are watching.

  6. Just arrest the other two involved. Because when this story did break. There were 4 men that escorted Nigel Christian out of the house. It was said by those in the house at that time. Then his bullet riddled body was found in the area near Thibou’s Estate. Police,water board them until they would sing like Turtle Doves.

  7. Iou want to know who is guilty here, follow the money. Who stands to gain from the murder and who was gain from the customs issue? Answer that and you will know who did it

    • They must be Foreigners. They cant be Antiguans. Antigua dont produce men like that. “Non nationals did it”. Surprised I haven’t heard that yet. …dwfl

  8. Firstly y’all asked for justice now they have arrested & charge 2 men y’all still complaining … as for the ones asking for the other 2 men why don’t you go and look for them seeing how you cannot wait , its an ongoing investigation which means the case is not closed & please note being charged does not mean you are guilty … I believe these men were probably paid to deal with nigel. now their probably not saying who hired them because they know if they talk they’ll probably be put to death or their loves

  9. Where or who is the other 2 . It was reported as four ANIMALS that executed him.

    • Yes, it was reported that four people were involved. Dudeley Doo ad Dudeley Dumb don’t look like they’ve got the intelligence to carry this out on their own. (Where they come from anyway?) The authorities will know how to get these guys to talk. Full steam ahead!

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