PM sends strong message to unvaccinated teachers

Browne speaking during debate on the extension of the state of emergency
Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told unvaccinated teachers that they will not set foot inside of a classroom.
He was speaking earlier today in parliament on a resolution to extend the state of emergency.


Teachers Union registers convincing vote against mandatory vaccination of members and students

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  1. In Antigua and Barbuda,Parliament,Cabinet and Senate are all one in the same. That is what you would get from a One Party Rule State. Where you the PEOPLE did vote for 15 of 17 seats for one Political Party. Now I am listening and laughing at many of you who are crying daily,how things hard.

  2. This clown party and circus is clearly showing that votes only count as long as they are in favor. When it is not, they disregard it.


  3. Get registered to vote my people. Election must come and we have to vote out this A.B.L.P. administration.

    We must vote out this A.B.L.P. administration.

    • And put UPP? You must be crazy or you’re so focused on an appointment to the Senate and board placement.
      Not you nor Serpent not stepping a foot in not one Parliament building as members.

      • Ppl like u a kiss bottom..up to the time antigua a sink u till a try kiss gaston bottom..u can see ppl like u not a custom to decentcy…u love WAR just like the top clown

    • The best situation is an approximately equal mix. At least there would be some dialogue. I must say the UPP brought it upon themselves though

    • We need to vote that fat crazy Bald Head outta town.That button is under a lot of stress like the person in that suit.Watch your eyes people.LOL

  4. Antigua! Vaccinated and unvaccinated. This is not a move to protect anybody it’s a radical move to a dictatorship. So you vaccinated continue to sit and watch and laugh and think you are safe.YOU ARE IN MORE TROUBLE THAN YOU THINK. When they take the freedom of those who choose what they want do with their bodies when will it stop. What are they going to take next? Soon you vaccinated. A demand will be made of you and because you sit and think you are safe you will have no other option, then, but to sit.

    • Why you don’t choose to keep your child home and not send them to school, see what happens
      Immunisation was always mandatory for any child to go school. Its also compulsory for every child ages 5 to 16 years old within the state of Antigua and Barbuda or the parent would be charged. This has been the cases for more than 45 years.

      • Just wait man…in the next 8 months you’ll be back in ‘unvaccinated’ territory, and then you’ll get another ticket to the vaccine lottery of ‘very rare’ tokens!!

      • Immunizations against other things not against a virus created to give out vaccines to depopulate the earth. You vaccinated took the vaccine and don’t even know what you’re in for but the time will come. And as that person said you will be considered unvaccinated once boosters are out and I’m sure minimum you’ll have to get it every 3-6 months and if you don’t keep up with it you will be unvaccinated. Let me know how you feel then.

  5. It is important for Antiguan & Barbudans to put politics aside. The situation at hand is a worldwide phenomenon that is not only limited to A&B. However, the PM has taken the view to lord over the entire population in a dictatorial manner. It is well known that countries with high vaccination rates such as Gibraltar and Israel are now shown to have the highest infection rates. So this means even if you have been fully vaccinated you can still get & transmit the disease. This data makes it nonsensical to go down the mandate route in forcing people to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. The PM should remember that he was elected into office by the same people that he is trying to lord over. In fact there are other options that is being explored by other countries such as three major provinces in India, who have successfully used Ivermectin to shorten recovery time and reduce the risk of death.

    • Ivermectin is a worm med usually used in animals, it has more side effects than any vaccines. Gibraltar acheived herd immunity just a few days ago, it will take about 3 weeks before the numbers begin to drop. Isreal has not reach herd immunity as yet, last check they were at 63%. There were 15 deaths at the hospital and 93% of them were unvaccinated. This is the reason why people should only listen to their doctors.

  6. People don’t get it yet? No politician, scientist, doctor, WHO, CDC, IMF, FDA, World Bank, United Nations, or rich elites and their money can fix this problem. Mankind is playing God and God is showing us who is really in charge. Just look and see how it has been absolute confusion worldwide for more than a year now with this Covid. We have forgotten God, and even in this crisis we are not turning to him. God is tired of us. Let’s continue only to “trust the science” and see where that will get us.

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