PM reacts to spike in COVID-19 cases over the last two weeks

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne says too many residents are taking a gamble on contracting COVID-19 because they believe the odds of survival are in their favour.

There are five hundred and twenty-four (524) active cases and 47 people have died from the coronavirus.

Listen to Browne address the the current state of the pandemic:

There are thirty-three (33) hospitalized cases; twenty-six (26) mild, three (3) moderate and four (4) severe.

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  1. Gaston Browne are really blaming the residents for the spike in Covid-19 Cases? I am blaming it on the Music.I am blaming you,just as you were very quick to blame Lionel Michael for the uptick in Covid-19 cases in the BVI.When are you and the others in your Kitchen Cabinet going to take responsibility for anything bad,going on in Antigua and Barbuda.

  2. He knows the only way to contain this outbreak is lockdown. His business masters won’t let him do that however, so he is preparing us to accept huge case numbers and increasing deaths, including children. At the same time he continues to blame the victims, saying it’s our fault we are getting infected. Nobody wants lockdown, it is horrible, but it is the government that has gotten us here and there is nobody with any power now to fix the situation

    • The clown PM repeatedly fails to protect the citizens and the country and then has the audacity to blame citizens for getting sick, which is a direct result of his government’s failure.

      The country needs a real 4 week lockdown. And the reopen with real protocols and protections for all.

    • And then when there’s a lock down and there is further hardship we will all blame the government. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

      Full lock down means hotels will close and send home staff. Who will pay them?
      Full lock down means no revenue coming to the Treasury. Who will pay Civil Servants etc?

      We want a lock down for 2 plus weeks and on pay day stretch out our hands.

      • Hotels like Sandals can pay all their staff a wage to stay home and would not even notice it. These are multi million dollar companies. Same, the government should levy big business 1% to pay all workers during lockdown and subsidize small business. Essential workers must be funded for safe working conditions.

        • But how long is that sustainable for? Countries around the world had full lock downs, but they HAD to open and the virus came back. Go talk to any business owner.

          • We had lockdown in Englsnd twice and not for weeks we had it for months the last one lasted 9 months. We didn’t have to open up bit the government said we need to get on with our lives. We now Iive and work with the Delta

          • Y’all studying Arnold badminded rasshole. Arnold bread well butter on both f###ing side so he can talk about f###ing lockdown. He think ah so business work. Maybe in his f###ing dreams the world run so but not in f###ing reality.

  3. Even if there is 100% uptake of the vaccines, that still wouldn’t stop the spreading of the virus…it would only slow it down a bit. As long as there are people in the society that can become infected ie children less than 12 years old, those with medical and religious exemptions, and because the vaccines were tailored to the original Wuhan strain, the vaccinated too…they will become the hosts.

    • @sugarapp…plain truth. The vacs were not tailored for the variants and I suspect we will be seeing consistent rollouts of booster shots. This is a trying time for humanity and people are making money from all this. This nation better look to God. Stop cursing the politicians, this situation can only be fixed by the Creator.

  4. There are three and only THREE STEPS TO FOLLOW AMIDST THIS DEADLY VIRUS: 1) seek JUESUS 2) GET VACCINATED and 3) FOLLOW THE SAFETY GUIDELINES (wear a mask, wash your hands and keep safe distancing)

  5. He was gloating and blaming Lionel Michael when the BVI had an uptick in cases. He was also taking victory laps when the dashboard was showing zero. When you neighbors house on fire wet yours, instead of gloating and giving out knighthood

  6. Why is ANR giving this fluke an audience to vent his sarcasm on COVID as it relates to the public? He’s 100 percent responsible for the Covid-19 crisis that has taken hold of Antigua.

    Trevor, keep Gassy away from Barbuda. He’s a CANCER. He cried with your people then cussed them out after!

    He has zero credibility!

  7. There were 3 murders by guns over a week ago. How it is nothing has been heard since? Have those matters been swept under the rug ?

  8. Let’s see wa happen with all them antigans who ran to New York where the cases are high to fete over the labor day weekend. Hope them no take back nothing with them.

    • Are you envious and or jealous of your fellowmen who went to New York for Labor Day? They could afford to travel.Why you did not travel with them,no money?

  9. The virus is here. We still have to live and move on with our lives carefully. Every man for himself. Do what u have to do. Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if everyone wore their mask in public, wash their hands and mind their business?

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