Lionel Michael blamed for spike in COVID-19 cases in the BVI


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has blamed former Chief Health Inspector Lionel Michael for his “botched” COVID-19 management that resulted in increased COVID-19 cases in the BVI.

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  1. Gaston Browne needs to be quiet!! If Antigua was testing as Lionel Micheal’s public health team in the BVI are, we would be uncovering alot of asymptomatic cases.

    Why arent we doing more test? Is it that he wants to keep the number of cases low to make us seem like a safe destination?

    Instead of listening to what Mr. Michael said about managing the pandemic in Antigua, and trying to improve the situation, he is pointing fingers. The PM needs to learn about constructive criticism.

    This man needs to grow up!

    • Lionel Michael does not run Public Health in BVI. He runs Environmental Health. Get it straight. G. Brown knows what us going on.

      • Public Health is 1 aspect of Environmental Health……so what is your point? Lol

        This is like saying he doesnt run the food and beverage department, he runs the hotel…lmao

        When you dont know, u need to be quiet!

  2. He’s already grown up. You can’t change a deviant thought process at this stage of development.

    Only one option available to the population. Vote him out and commence the investigation of his self professed vast fortune.

    From inception to materialization. Let’s get to the truth.Where the hammer falls? Crush the stone. Pulverize it and relegate it to to dustbin?

  3. This is the height of foolishness. With all due respect to the PM he needs to do his homework and be open to criticism by the experts like Mr. Michael. Who btw has done an outstanding outstanding outstanding job and has gone above and beyond to keeping the virus at bay. The spike occurred while he was on vacation and is still on vacation. Besides people need to take responsibility for their own health and follow the protocols and that’s what’s happening in the BVI. People got too comfortable and let their guard down. So PM hush and go sit down.

    • Oh please! Stop licking Lionel Michael’s boots. Tell him to fix BVI and stop looking for attention from Wadadli

    • Gaston need to behave like a grown up with the power for the position he holds, but then again seems like he doesn’t have that power. He behaves like a child, who when you take him to the store, takes up a lollipop and when you ask him to put it back throws a tantrum stamping his feet and bawling. Gaston, sometimes you have to learn to keep quiet on things that don’t concern you?

  4. I would love to know if these cases are both vaccinated and unvaccinated people. Everywhere is reporting increase in COVID cases but they are not telling us if these cases including vaccinated and unvaccinated. How can vaccinated people especially keep protecting themselves if the information are not reporting properly. They keep targeting the unvaccinated to get vaccinated but what about us who have been vaccinated. We were told that the vaccine don’t stop us from catching COVID, so we need to know who these increase cases are. Some of us vaccinated people have health issues and catching COVID; can it complicate our health issues even though we are vaccinated?

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