PM issues immediate response to “utterly irresponsible” union call for protest action




What does the Union expect to achieve by this?


Section 70 of the Constitution gives unto the Cabinet the general control and direction of government and makes Cabinet responsible to Parliament.


The very Constitution in Section 3 acknowledges that the public interest trumps individual rights. It is a sacred and constitutionally based responsibility held by the Executive (Cabinet) to determine what is in the best interest of the public.


It is in exercising this responsibility that Cabinet Decisions are made.


The Court exists for a reason. If the Union thinks the rights of its membership are being infringed upon then it can seek redress from the court.


We compromise the very system upon which our democracy is built when we seek to subvert that which exists for our own benefit and protection.


I hasten to add that Cabinet decisions are only reviewable by the Court in limited circumstances and only on the basis that the decision is procedurally irregular, irrational or illegal.


If the Union feels it can satisfy any of these thresholds move the Court!


Chaos and Disharmony will get us nowhere!

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  1. The PM acts like he is supreme being, his way must go all the time, spoil mentality, people must starve to death because of difference of opinion. He is sovereign and we must be his slaves

    • He better be careful of what he say that’s all I am going to say on this matter people of Antigua will get

      • Hey “move empowerment”…you wrote: “They will get physical with him”!!!! Are you stupid or something? You need to be watched closely. There is something wrong with you.

  2. Cabinet responsible to parliament…. Really? Is this a riddle? Cabinet and parliament are one and the same. So Gaston reports to himself in Parliament. Are we really serious in this country’.

    • Where did you learn that Cabinet and Parliament are one and the same? I suggest you take a read of the Constitution and the section that speaks to the branches of government and the separation between them.

  3. Wait, but how I see it Chaos is GB’s middle name and Disharmony is his title.
    Wednesday’s cabinet decisions demonstrate that all of you larger than life characters in the cabinet, need to be retired in the best interest of the public.
    I am a proud vaccinated frontline worker but the way to fight this virus was for Molwyn the great confuser and GB the arrogant allknower and Cutie of the endless SOE to know their limitations from the beginning.
    To all who think the mandates are wise, the covid figures are in keeping with what is expected, ask the good doctor from grenada to educate you cause the mouthy mouthy one from here need to understand infectious processes.

  4. This guy is out his brain…not many of the Hugh amount statement coming from this ministers (not all but limited to 2) is just a foolish non sense..

  5. Gaston Browne,your style of Management and Leadership worked back in the 15th Century. This is 2021,get with it. Sometimes it is good to use honey. I have told in the past to tempered your remarks. Calling of others atrocious names turns people away from you. This matter before you now,call the Unions in and have an open and frank discussions with them. Not argue and fight it out in the Media,it would get you and them no where. The people are the ones going to suffer financially. This matter if not reached in an amicable solution could see many issues in Antigua and Barbuda.There are times as a Leader you need to swallow your pride,live to fight another day.

  6. Whey Gaston Browne trang fu de Royalton and other super spreader events?

    You see immigration a Saturday time. Dem boast how they getting more tourist than ever. Look like Gaston just wake up in a huff and a puff.

  7. A house divided must fall. The ABLP / ALP was born out of the bowels of the union. But it seems that the union seems to be going in different directions and so creating tension between the two. Isn’t there an amicable way to resolve these type of issues? Some years it was the head of the labour union that the labour party to loose a general election…… I am beginning to wonder if the head of the Labour union is a secret enemy in the camp!!

  8. “Chaos and disharmony will get us no where” the words of hypocritical leader, when workers has to stay home and you are diving people vax and non vax what do you call that?

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