PM Explains Why An Arrest Has Not Been Made Concerning The Jahhym Incident


Prime Minister Browne says an arrest has not been carried out concerning the Jahhym incident because he was unconscious.

“Because the victim was unconscious, they (police) haven’t had the opportunity to hear from the victim to get his side of the story.” , he explained.

Jahhym Azoo was severely beaten by a group of boys under the age of 18 and it is believed that it happened after he resisted when they tried to rob him of his cellular phone and a pair of slippers.

The incident reportedly happened as Azoo was walking through Grays Farm on September 5.

Now, PM Browne claims that the media has been misinforming the public about the matter.

“There is a lot of misinformation placed in the public domain primarily by the observer media group such example: they said it was a theft/robbery. That is not true, my understanding is that it was a fight and apparently they threw a number of stones after the guy – they were actually fighting.”, he revealed.

He added that charges made against the individuals will be based on the Offenses Against The Person Act notwithstanding that they are minors.

“Now the police, they are clearly of the view and they know the law in that they can charge individuals concerned under the Offenses Against the Persons Act”

However there is a procedure as it relates to the administration where the rationale of the Child Justice Act serves.

“I am told too that there is a social worker who has been involved one Mr Jarvis, so that is where the Child Justice Act comes into play.”

PM Browne assures the public that the matter will be resolved, “In terms of charging the individuals, the police has the right to do so and i know that the commissioner is fully aware. So I think there must be some misunderstanding or some misquotation but the matter has been addressed and will be resolved.”


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  1. U guys voted for them so they make dumb laws to honour u foh with that dumb shit. Fire with fire and a them parents should feel it.

  2. As I said before on another related post. What if this had happen to a tourist visiting our island. Would the police wait for that individual to regain consciousness to hear their side of what happen before they make an arrest. I think not, so Mr PM please go n come again.

  3. Mr. PM Browne as much as I reapect you this is one time I would say “you are chatting shit” what if the young man dies then what? It is pure bullshit!!! The police should do their damn job and lock them rass up!!! If it was a white tourist of someone from a rich and elite family you would see how fast them done get lock up!!!

  4. What if thet person has TOTAL MEMORY loss based on the beating he got? Then what?? No eye witness, no eveidence collected? No leads other that the VICTIMS ACCOUNT? What is this?????

  5. Why can’t they make an arrest according to eye witnesses statement just like they to in a murder case? By the way enough evidence are there to make the arrest…for one, the condition of the young lad is enough.

  6. The PM is saying one thing and the ag. Commissioner of Police is saying something else. Why the PM is making a statement of arrest, what happen to the Police Commissioner (ag), that is the police job to update the public. Even then, Cutie is the Minister of Security. When a person is Murdered, the Police cannot hear from him or her because the person is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD but yet person(s) is/are arrested based on circumstantial, documentary or whatever
    is evidence collected, so why wait until consciousness is regained (suppose it does not), the evidence is there. To make matters worse some of the perpetrators are bold enough to be interfering with the victims siblings. What more is needed. Get all of the off the street. They have juvenile age but adult mines to commit crime, whether it is robbery or fight, they have evil minds.

  7. IMO the attack is ‘attempted murder’ which we hope will not turn into murder. These so called juveniles should be tried as adults since they appear to be very capable of doing adult crimes with no conscience. It is possible that Jahhym may not recover with all his faculties working so the comment that the police have to wait for his version of what took place comes over as nonsensical. I would also posit that since the pm was not a witness to the attack how on earth can he accuse OMG of being inaccurate? Whatever form of defense Jahhym may or may not have taken to being robbed by these ignorant thugs it did not warrant beating him almost to death, knocking out his teeth and breaking every bone they possibly could around his head with such violence that his brain was bleeding…that is barbaric! I would guess that this very young man’s face, mouth and brain will never be the same again…if he does recover. Time for the police to start policing. I wonder how GB would react if it was his son!!

  8. I have heard of many awful things happening in developed countries and the law always takes its course no matter how long it takes. What happened here is awful and I do hope the young men are dealt with as adults, but the law must act according to the law, emotions have no place in these matters and Vigilante justice will not solve it either. People need to let common senses prevail.

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