PM denies taking $300M loan to save the economy


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says he is disappointed in the opposition for suggesting he took a recent $300M loan to bail out the economy.

He responded to question in parliament yesterday.

Browne also denies spending two million dollars on a cemetery.

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  1. Where do they come up with all these silly questions? Did someone whisper something in their ears And they cannot check the facts any other way. I mean since these two guys have learned that they can ask questions to the PM as part of the parliamentary procedures they just took off with it asking so many silly questions. Things that would keep the online media entertained. I mean should the PM respond in parliament to every rumor out there. If so when does he get time to do the people’s business. Thank God the rules only allows them 30 minutes. But really there are more pressing questions they could ask the PM.
    And they also know every borrowing from government needs to come before the Parliament. Something they failed to do on many instances. That is why certain debts are not reflected on our books. Like the debt to the Bank of St. Kitts. And anyone lending the government money should know Antigua laws and insist they take it to parliament so that any future government cannot neglect payment of the debt. As they say government is continuous.
    But even if the government had taken out a $300million loan to support the economy it would be quite correct to do so in these tough times. When they were in power, they ran to the IMF for the same budgetary support and loaned $300 million which this government had to payback. So, they enjoyed spending the money and the ABLP had to work hard to pay it off.

    • From the Sidelines
      May I refer you to Cheque number 1068 of 1 December, 2016 of the CIP.

      I need say no more

    • Sidelines: The loans to pay salaries totaled $300 million over a period of time.He did say they had to borrow to pay salaries.I listened to him saying so.

  2. What a honest man who does everything by the books, faultless. Even if you ask him if he ever told a lie his answer might be no but almost did but his conviction won’t allow him to lie

  3. Sidelines: In a report from the CIP.I saw the $ spent on a Cemetery in that report. Where is the Cemetery? There was money spent on the design of such a Cemetery. Gaston Browne Administration misuse of those CIP Funds. Could go a long way today in this guava crops. They spent the public funds like drunken sailors on shore leaves. So now they are BROKE.

  4. More lies from world dictator traitor tyrant liar Gaston Browne.

    Wait till Odebrecht bruk wide open. Gaston can go rot in jail.

    • Are you an idiot? The bribery structure was in place from 2006 to-2014, Gaston became PM June 2014 and by December 2014 Harold Lovell said he was working for Luiz Franca which was the Odebrecht Antigua head of Operation…. 2009-2014 who was the finance Minister?

  5. The headline is saying “The PM denies taking a $300 million loan to safe the economy”, but jet one is talking about a CIP check# 1068 without saying what for and how much this check is. And another one is talking about spending money on Cemetry. What is the relevance here? CIP monies spending are not secret. They are laid in Parliament every six months. And the minister Sir Molwyn Joseph explained the monies used from the CIP for the Cemetery which is very urgently needed. As we all know the public cemetery is full. If we don’t do something soon, we will have a problem burying our deaths. The fact remains, he did not take a $300 loan. And even if he did it would be quite appropriate for him to do so in these tough times, since we do nit have the luxury of printing money like the USA.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE why do you like to spew such rubbish as if it is the gospel truth. Yes, the law requires that the CIP spending is laid before Parliament every six months. When was the last one laid before Parliament? Either you or TENMAN can answer that question.

      • The PM answered that Tuesday in parliament. I guess you don’t listen to parliament when it’s on. Go back to the replay on ABS on Facebook.
        telling me I spew rubbish but not rebutting is tells me you just like to oppose without having anything to contribute yourself

  6. Does anyone else find it strange that :

    Eric the Red
    Rupert Mann
    Just Saying
    ALL blog AT THE SAME TIME and are OFF the blog AT THE SAME TIME.

    Is it…. Could it be that it is the same person?


    Stop Looking attention and address the topic at hand. IDIOT DESERT ROSE.

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