PM calls Nurses Association’s statement ‘irresponsible’


PM Browne: This is an extremely irresponsible statement coming from the Nurse’s Association.

Since you are aware that we have access to vaccines with greater efficacy; kindly identify the source where we can source commercial volumes of Pfizer and Moderna and we will purchase them.

The only vaccine available to us at this time, though with less efficacy than the latter two, is AstraZeneca. Like the others, it will provide 100 percent efficacy against hospitalizations and deaths.

The AstraZeneca vaccine is available to all (universal access). Therefore, your claim of lack of universality is baseless.

I lead from the front by getting vaccinated when others were too afraid of the vaccines. I Volunteered the information to increase public confidence without fanfare, even though I had no legal, or moral obligation so to do. Your claim of clandestine action on my part is malicious.

Kindly note that I have had no side effects and I am encouraging everyone to get vaccinated in the public interest.

I take this opportunity to appeal to our people once again, not to become distracted by these baseless partisan noises; get vaccinated to protect lives and livelihoods.

The ABNA executive has just descended into partisan politics and has effectively, undermined the vaccination process thereby, putting our people at risk.

The association was evidently ill advised to publish such an irresponsible statement.

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  1. After reading the nurses statement, I agree with the PM on this one.
    Even a rich and powerful country such as Canada, is getting Astra Zenica vaccine from the Covax system. Canada has turned to India to get help with regards to its vaccine supplies.
    As a health care worker I generally support nurses concerns but their statement is highly irresponsible.

    • See the problem is everyone now has opinion after the work was is all done? Why didn’t they all come together and discuss, make suggestions, collaborate? Why sit idly by and wait for the government to come to them for their opinions. I do agree that they were very irresponsible and then complain that it undermines that vaccination process.

  2. It was the government’s irresponsibility that led to this crisis in the first place by not locking the borders. The nurses are correct in not accepting substandard vaccines. I regards your question about sourcing. Pzizer vaccines etc, why dont you source them from the same place you got your Moderna vaccine from? And we all know you only revealed you had had it because otherwise how would you explain not publically taking the astra zenaca vaccine?

    • We have seen already how difficult it is for rich countries to get the vaccines even if they can pay for it. If we wait for the Moderna and Phizer as oppose to use what we have now, we may not get any protection at all. The virus is still mutating, and the so called better vaccines may actually offer little protection when and if they eventually arrive here.

  3. Gaston: Nurses Association ah throw tump atta me and ma party….Ah wah di……How dare them!!

  4. Dear PM
    Please explain where the partisan politics comes in. I cannot understand for the life of me over the years you’ve been in power, you cannot understand your role is the PM of Antigua Barbuda. Your actions STINKS. You tell me, all the Antiguan and Barbudans who have doubts about safety of the vaccine have just had their doubts confirmed by your actions. I am not interested in you taking it with fanfare but you should be taking the same vaccine you are authorising for your population. I really despair for my Caribbean leaders. For the members of your cabinet to endorse your actions, tells me that Antigua and Barbuda is really in a sad state where leadership is concerned.

  5. No, Prime Minister, you are irresponsible for your actions. How can you take the vaccine like a thief in the night and have the nerve to tell the Nurses Association they are irresponsible. Wake up, you are acting like a Dictator. Actions speak louder than words. You did the act and they are just calling you out. As simple as that.

    • Guy stop chat rubbish. Clearly you don’t understand the meaning of the term thief in the night. Long before he took the vaccine. the PM stated via the Browne and Browne show that he will have an announcement in a few weeks, which will show how gung-ho he is about being vaccinated first”. It was also the PM via his Facebook page, who made the declaration he had taken the covid jab.

      • Getthefacts,
        You are absolutely missing the point. How can Gaston Brown, his family members and the wealthy citizens of Antigua take a different vaccine and expect the other citizens of Antigua to not wonder why the leader of the country do not buy what he is selling? Also, when he made that announcement did he tell the people exactly what was going to take place and when? Getthefacts, You get your facts straight. Thief in the night can mean what ever I want it to mean. It’s relative. If Antiguans take the time to call out what is wrong without being partisan, we will hold the leader responsible and get better results.

        • “Mottley disclosed on January 14 that she along with two members of Cabinet and two health officials received their first doses of the vaccine over the weekend of January 9 to January 10. However, the brand of the vaccine was not disclosed. Attempts to attain this information from the Prime Minister’s Office were futile” see “PM Mottley and officials due second dose of COVID vaccine” 30 JANUARY 2021

          Guy all of us, will not get the same vaccine. Hopefully we will take what’s available at that moment. Gaston, similar to Mia Motley and a few other BDS officials took advantage of a limited opportunity. She too did got the Oxford vaccine yet BDS citizenry not going on as childish as some Antiguan’s. Right now the Oxford vaccine will be available to most of us. In the near future its expected so also will the Russian vaccine.

        • Mia Mottley was not the PM of Antigua

          I swear the little mustache man himself must be on here writing these dumb comments

  6. He really said that with a straight face ? I’m tired of commenting on this fool who’s never been wrong with anything since he was born.

  7. The word “irresponsible” is used by Gaston Browne in the Headline.That to me is like Satan trying to correct sinners.Because I have been listening to Gaston for years now.Even before he became the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.He was always attacking others personally and loosely.

  8. Nurses are sounding a lot like (former) Liat Pilots with regards to which vaccine they want! First of all, Moderna and Pfizer cannot supply enough to the current rulers of the world with all the money i.e the US and Europe so good luck trying to get any for little Antigua. That the wealthy few around the world are able to get to the front of the line because they have money is nothing new. The fact that the PM blabbed about being given a dose by one of these elites is nothing new also. It’s like Trump and twitter. Govt leaders get a whole lot more than the rest of us for free that’s why they fight so hard for power all around the world.

    The AstraZenica vaccine is the one for the world and promoted by WHO and that is what the bottom 80% of the world will probably receive. Live with that or refuse but the choice is yours. If you don’t want to work then stay home but don’t expect full pay to continue for you at taxpayers expense, the majority of whom has had to survive off of reduced incomes for almost a year. Many thousands more are unemployed and struggling to live and feed their families while you are demanding the BRAND of vaccine you want.

    • Yep really ignorant talk you would not expect from nurses. Have friends in the US and Canada who are on a waiting list. My Canadian family tells me it will be over a month before they will be able to get vaccinated. CNN shows the various governors complaining about lack of vaccines. Yet watch these Nurses speak ignorance that can have the impact of putting the citizenry life in danger. Truly shameful

      • Duh – It was not here yet. Now if he proceeds to take it, I am guessing your two tongue mouth will then argue he is wasting a vaccine?

        • The ModeRNA vaccine isn’t here on the island either.

          But he somehow managed to smuggle that in and take it.

          So he could have gotten his hands on the much more available AZ vaccines (that other countries are refusing to use and are giving away)

          and he could have taken the same AZ vaccine that he is telling the public to take

          Please stop being a political brown noser and hold these politicians accountable.

          • Guy how about you try and be truthful? other countries are fighting to get the AZ vaccine. Examples are the EU who are currently upset they have not gotten the quantity desired. The UK on the other hands, had it PM recently stating his happiness to get the AZ vaccine. Canada is currently pushing to get the same AZ vaccine

            “OTTAWA – India will do what it can to get COVID-19 vaccines to Canada, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said after receiving a phone call from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Wednesday.” see Published Wednesday, February 10, 2021 1:37PM EST “India will ‘do its best’ to get COVID-19 vaccines to Canada, says PM Narendra Modi”

    • Wow,

      Your ignorance is what is keeping selfish politicians in power. Y’all not paying attention. Open your eyes and your mind. You and everyone else defending the PM is what’s causing us to accept “something better than nothing.” If the PM decide to take Moderna and not the AstraZeneca. Why would the front line workers want to take it. Again it’s all about leading by example. Gaston Brown failed miserably.

      • If you have Mordem vaccine in bulk then please bring it. Because last time I check not even the US where it is produced can move it in bulk. In fact there is a waiting list just to get an appoitment to get it. Y’all so aginist the AZ vaccine but the European countries and Canada are trying to horder the same vaccine they say they don’t want. To the government if they don’t want it then please give it to people who do.

          • Then you tell the US prez where to find it quickly, because just yesterday in a press conference he pointed out there is a shortage. Hopes to get sufficient by the end of June

            “Demand for the vaccine far outstrips supply and Americans are struggling to get appointments for inoculations, leaving Biden with an acute problem less than a month after taking over from former President Donald Trump..” see Biden says US faces ‘national emergency’ amid vaccine shortage, 12/ Feb/2021, aljazeera

  9. Sad to say, Mr. prime minister, but the action you took in having the moderna jab in private is A REAL SERIOUS LOW. If ever at all, I thought you could redeem yourself in good faith; then that slim chance has dropped out of the bottomless pit.
    If you really consider that what you have done is a good thing then heaven help you, sir. It was far more than disrespectful to the nation that you should lead.
    It is unholy and selfish.
    A nation looks to its leaders to serve and be good examples, but you exhibit neither characteristic. Your motives are SELFISH AND EVIL ! All who follow you are on the same ship and it is sinking. Come out from among them, people. Do not be partakers of the evil.
    Yes, I am referring to the business people, the trade union leaders, the air traffic controller, the hotel owners, the statutory board members, the permanent secretaries, the managers of government departments, religious leaders, politrickians, radio talk show hosts, political party jumpers, those who go on radio every day and LIE TO THE MAX: ALL OF YOU. CORRUPT AND WICKED. YOUR DAY OF JUDGEMENT IS SOON AT HAND !

    Heaven takes notes of all your (ours also) thoughts and actions. You will have to answer to the ONE and ONLY SUPREME CREATOR for your evil deeds. There is no way of getting around that.
    The Bible speaks of a time when the heart of man will become so corrupt and evil that we do wrong and think that is is good. You are displaying this very trait such in your behavior. You have attained to that point where you have no regard for neither man or God! That is really sad ! I am warning you: CHANGE YOUR WAYS NOW. The religious leaders are afraid to tell you this, but they too will have to face the same judgement.
    All who condone your behavior are complicit in your disgraceful actions. All who stand in parliament and utter lies and deception; you better take warning also.

    The Creator allows man to have his own way. God will NEVER ..AND I REPEAT, NEVER; FORCE HIS WILL ON MANKIND. However, remember JUDGEMENT IS COMING SOON ! No way, any of us can escape that day.

    Consider your ways: YOU HYPROCRITES ! The filthy lucre you obtain will not save you.


  10. Who thinks only of himself.

    He caused the covid crisis in Antigua by letting in thousands upon thousands of diseased people without restriction.

    Then he blames citizens for getting sick and dying of the disease he let in.

    Then he ensures his personal health by secret vaccination with the A1 vaccine leaving the questionable vaccine to maybe be available to the public.

    A real let them eat cake moment.

      • Paul if he were to take it now, you don’t see persons arguing that he is wasting something that should be given to someone who truly needs it?

      • Paul was it (Oxford) here and available a few weeks ago? Paul if he were to take it now, you don’t see persons arguing that he is wasting something that should be given to someone who truly needs it?

        • Gaston Browne informed Antiguans that he had taken the Moderna vaccine three full weeks after he had taken it, was that his first or second shot? Very deceitful and who knows if he really took it. When Mia Motley and Ralph Gonsalves took their vaccines it was done in public and the public in Barbados and St. Vincent were informed in advance of the event. @ Question why should he take a second vaccine.

        • But the PM managed to smuggle it in for himself and his family.

          He could have done the same for the AZ vaccine and took it on live TV.

          Or he could have waited until the vaccine was available through legitimate means and took the AZ vaccine that he is telling the public to take.

          • The prime minister’s family did not receive the moderna vaccine or any other vaccine. These texts are designed only to say otherwise? Just asking a question.

  11. Slight of hand a magician’s technique.

    The Hon PM said he took it and he has no side effects, but what did he take, was it AstraZeneca?

  12. The same source you Gaston Browne sourced the Moderna vaccine. Should be the same source that you should have bargained with to source the Moderna vaccine for the frontline workers and the entirety population including your cabinet.

    Pay the nurses the $1000.00 you promised. They are owed much more than that. You can find money to fuel up liat to fly a symbolic flight Dominica but can’t pay the nurses! Antiguans you see who and what is important to this Prime Minister?

    Calling for a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE. Seven labour members need to join the two opposition members and rid him to the “dust bin of history.” Full stop!

    • The same source he should use to get it for the entire country.

      He is responsible for the country’s well being – every person in Antigua’s well being.

      That is the job he was elected to do. He needs to put the needs and health of the country above himself. Full stop.

      • “Demand for the vaccine far outstrips supply and Americans are struggling to get appointments for inoculations, leaving Biden with an acute problem less than a month after taking over from former President Donald Trump” see Biden says US faces ‘national emergency’ amid vaccine shortage.

        Guy do you even pay attention to what’s happening internationally? US hopes to have enough for its population by the end of June. Would you prefer we wait considering just a day or so ago we had 2 covid deaths back to back?

        • That is what a real leader would do.

          he shouldn’t be smuggling in vaccines for himself and his family and the wealthy elites of society while telling everyone else to take a different vaccine

  13. The absurdity of the Nayseyers and blind followers of politics is beyond comprehension. People stop playing your dirty filthy games with your continuous nonsensical comments. Covid-19 do not have Political game’s. Franky, the association comments was extremely dangerous and foolhardy. Coming from people that must be responsible with their behavior at all times knowing the difficult that the Caribbean Islands are experiencing in getting the vaccines. You expect better from the folks in the front lines in the fight against this Pandemic. Shameful behavior!!!!! Personally I live in the USA and I have signed up to take up to take the Vaccine but it won’t happen until March. It’s painful to read some repeated comments on this for this forum. Frankly, sad to say that plenty people in Wadadli are filled with hate, ignorance and appears miseducated.

  14. Colombo,
    You don’t think it was irresponsible for Gaston to take the Moderna vaccine in secret and then have the nerve to say he did not have to let anyone know? Is it ok for him to protect himself and his family while others, especially frontline workers are in harms way. My argument is not that AZ is not safe but the leader of the country should be transparent. The fact that he took a different vaccine can shake the confidence of the public. As the leader, Gaston should know better. Therefore, it was Gaston’s deceit and lack of transparency that was irresponsible. He is in power to serve the people not to take care of him and his family first. Don’t forget his role.

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