PM Browne fulfils commitment to youth involvement


POINTE XPRESS: Prime Minister Gaston Browne has moved to demonstrate his commitment to empowering young people.

That was the view of the newly appointed parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Education, Sports and Creative Industries, Senator Shenella Govia who shared her views following the swearing in of several young senators to the Upper House of Parliament.

“We have seen several young people being appointed to the Senate and will be appointed to board positions as well. This is not new, this is what his track record has been ever since he was named prime minister back in 2014,” he noted.

Roughly half of the Senate is now composed of young people. They include Senators Knacyntar Nedd, Caleb Gardner, Clement Antonio, Rawdon Turner and Shenella Govia.

“The prime minister has consistently believed in and has empowered young people and I believe that this is just the start of more things to come,” she declared.

Referring to her additional responsibilities as a parliamentary secretary, Govia said she is excited to take on the new role of assisting minister Daryll Matthew with any task required for the smooth operation of the ministry.

She explained that she has always been passionate about education and believes that her work with young people will assist her with her new responsibilities.

Govia has been active in the JCI for many years and the Red Cross. She has also been associated with other cultural events including as a member of a steel band.

“I am looking forward to bringing to bear these experiences with me in this new role,” she declared.

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    • What is he eating? There are too many obese persons in Antigua. Making all of the money in this world is good. What is best your good health. With all of the money and being unhealthy. Chances are you would not be around to enjoy those monies. Is it true he was Dean Jonas’ Campaign Manager? At the same time working and getting paid by DCA with taxpayers money. The Labor Party over the decades have always taken care of their own and forget about the rest of us in Antigua.

  1. Regardless of the political party I am all for empowering young people. They will after all have the mantle passed to them.

  2. Is this the guy/gal who it was said passed all of labour party billboard within days when Asot Michael last ran on the labour party ticket but took months to give Asot Michael permission with his billboard for election 2023?

    Is this the guy/gal who I see someone asking him on facebook if prisoners were used to build his house in 2019 or there about?

    If this guy/gal is the same person, it would appear that for the amount of time he/she has been around the block he/she would not qualify as a youth.

  3. Dear Prime Minister Gaston Browne,

    Please note that the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda no longer want to hear about what you are going to do for tomorrow.

    With the utmost respect Prime Minister Browne, no more promises.

    Its now pure action that we all want to see and witness now. Any promises made by you for job’s, outstanding salaries, pensions and the recovery of the economy have to be completed before you again open up your mouth. Simple really!


    Gaston, you must understand that in the last 2 terms, Antiguans have taken you on your word and allowed you to get away with your assurances, however, today this is no longer acceptable to any of us (accept for your ABLP acolytes 😁).


    Antiguan Patriot and Businessman

  4. This is the same Clement Antonio who has been making outlandish disturbing responses to Mary John on Facebook? Nothing is wrong with defending yourself but its what u say! These are the people who we want to represent us in the future? And don’t tell me because he is young and smart as I am for youth empowerment but I am not for educated filthy mouth people!! Get the hell out of our parliament u lose!!

  5. Pringle had many people take the oath before him and they repeated the same words for their swearing in. Why didn’t he pay attention? He’s not dyslexic, he’s just unread. Reading is fundamental.


    • @ Sad but True. It’s all well and good for you to be so negative about the Honourable Jamal Pringle. I am sure if you are to write your correct name, thousands will highlight of your deficiencies. This is what you are doing to your own people? You claim he cannot, read, or write or speak properly. The good thing is that he can learn and many out there have his back. Not even god can fix what is allegedly wrong with you. He has never lost his seat. He is a winner. There was one with a doctorate, very eloquent, but couldn’t win his seat. And I bet he’s more appealing to the eyes than you. From now on readers, anytime someone writes these next nonsensical crap about the young nubian prince, respond with a resounding question. Y.W.H.F.Y.M? And imagine, I am a foreigner.

  6. Clement Antonio, is that your reward for pushing down Serpent’s billboards repeatedly?
    Good luck to you!

  7. Poor Brixtonian. No rest for the wicked. He will be campaigning for yet another five years and five more years thereafter. Good luck fellow.

    • You got that right boss, absolutely correct. Now that’s twice in recent times that we are in agreement … 👍

      Keep this up and I’ll soon have you supporting the UPP 😁


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