‘Please come back home:’ mother of missing man makes impassioned plea for his return


Shondel Jinglery, the mother of Tray Griffith who has been missing for over a month says the two had a disagreement before he disappeared five days later.

The 19-year-old has been missing since November 13, leaving his family devastated.

In an emotional interview, the mother told state tv that she discovered her son was missing when he did not show up at his grandmother’s house for lunch, as is customary.

She said Tray’s work colleague informed her that he did not come to work that day.

“So I was very frustrated, crying and literally going crazy. I had to stay away from work, it has been very difficult. I cannot cope. That is why I had no Christmas, I did not fix, i did not cook, I didn’t do anything for christmas.”

Amid reports that the Gray’s Farm man was seen at a football game on Sunday, his mother has made an impassioned plea for him to return home.

She has also apologised for the events leading up to his disappearance.

“Tray I am begging you. Please, whatever you believe I did you wrong by putting you out to go by your granny even though you didn’t want to go there. I am sorry please it won’t happen again.”

“Its been too long please, please, come back home.”

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  1. Not rubbing salt in the wound but tray seems to ME like a SPOILED BRAT. Mothers you need to grow men and stop growing little spoiled punks

  2. That is a very unfair statement @38Special, since you do not know what exactly transpired. Live and let live… if you have nothing positive to say, say nothing.

    I hope both mother and son are reunited. New year, new beginnings.

  3. I can not understand,,,how you saw a spoiled brat from reading this article.
    I hope all will be well ,, for this family.

  4. Wonder what harsh words were spoken to him this time? Be careful with the way we speak to and treat those around us. It can build or break them.

  5. WOW. I dont wana judge anyone, but this makes me feel so good about myself. My mother left me when I was 3 and moved to another country. I never heard from her again until I was 20. I actually had to be a man in no time. Growing up saved me


    If there was a ‘…disagreement’ between parent and child, and he removed himself from the family home or surroundings, why ‘…Abuse the Term Missing?’

    Interesting! ‘…apologized for his disappearance’ or his leaving?

    This young man has reached and passed the ‘…Age of constitutional majority- 18 years.’

    To those under parental control, let alone an adult, when ‘…home rules’ become rigid or situations develop into ‘…constant nagging,’ what is to be expected?

    Those under parental control often absconded or ‘…runaway or take time out,’ while adults simply move on to ‘…build nests and lives of their own.’
    Physical or verbal, people often run from ‘…abuse.’

    Sometimes they do the ‘…unexpected or the unthinkable.’

    Harsh realities of life.

    Avoid the need for ‘…apologies or tears- crocodile or otherwise.’

    Endeavor to ‘…treat them nice; …love them and show care.’ Even so, they shall still show respect, obedience and appreciation for a ‘…Mother’s Love.’

    • This is so true sir, try to reunite with him not apologize he made up his mind and is tired of the situation.

  7. Tray is not a spoil brat. He had to care for siblings when his mother was unable too. He’s respectable, hard working and manner able young man. Let’s stop casting stones without reading the entire book. I pray that Tray resurface and figure it.

  8. This is very sad I hope he returns home, and I hope the situation is resolved between him and his mother.

  9. For those who don’t know tray, tray isnt spoiled, he Is a hard worker amd a great person amd I wish he would come back to us

  10. Ahhhhhh boi I know tray and he is very sensitive and take care of his siblings…Hope he’s ok I’m in shock 😔

  11. When parents children with the terrible behaviour they shouldn’t cry. Children have feelings just like adults. Constant cussing and nagging and putting responsibility on a child is not fair. Once he is ok let him stay where he is. Very soon the husband will run too. The little ones that are left there may God watch over them. Only he knows very much the situation. I know Tray as a little boy and his mother has not changed one bit. She won’t change of he returns .

  12. If he was “seen” at a football game, then obviously he’s not “missing”. I bet he’s seen and heard his mother’s plight, and just like every other “missing teen”, he’s blatantly ignoring her. Tray, if you’re out there, just reach out to you mom somehow, just to give her the piece of mind. Mom, stop begging!! If he wants to go, let him go. The space is probably the best thing for the two of you. That’s just my two cents.

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