Photoperiod cannabis seeds vs feminized


Cannabis seeds are the most important part of growing your own marijuana. Whether you’re a new grower or a seasoned veteran, you need to know what kind of cannabis seeds you’re buying. If you want to start growing your own marijuana, the decision between photoperiod feminized seeds and regular photoperiod seeds is a good place to start. Read on to discover how they differ and which one will be best for your marijuana garden.

What are photoperiod marijuana seeds?

Photoperiod marijuana seeds are also referred to as regular marijuana seeds. There is a 50% probability that “regular” plant seeds will be either male or female. Although hermaphrodite plants exist, they are generally uncommon and shouldn’t be anticipated.

You have to wait until these seeds have begun to grow somewhat to be able to tell the sexes apart. Before anything, you’ll note that the pre-flowers on your plants are little, green, and oval if they are male. The production of pollen sacs, a far more evident symptom, may be watched for a longer time, but by then, you would have wasted time and resources that you didn’t need to.

Keep an eye out for those green, oval pre-flowers and eliminate the male plants as soon as possible (unless you plan on using them for breeding new strains). You will receive many fresh seeds to sprout, but you will get much lesser harvests than you would normally if you wait too long and they pollinate the female plants.

What are autoflowering cannabis plants?

Some cannabis seeds are autoflowering, which means they continue to grow whether there is a change in light or not. While most regular cannabis seeds grow on a photoperiod schedule, which means they switch from vegetation to flowering depending on the number of light hours they receive, others do not. However, you don’t need to cut back on light hours to transition from the vegetative phase to blooming. They still require a lot of light throughout their lives.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

On the other hand, Feminized seeds will nearly always give you female plants, just as ordinary seeds are distinguished by an equal possibility of producing female or male seedlings. Yes, a very small percentage of feminized seeds still produce male plants.


Although you won’t be able to perform any breeding with them, you can relax knowing that you won’t have to get rid of any plants. In addition, just like with the female variations of ordinary seeds, if you nurture your plants properly, they will almost surely reach their perfect size and yield.

What are autoflowering feminized cannabis seeds?

In addition to conventional seeds, autoflowering strains are available as an alternative to photoperiod strains. Feminized autoflowering seeds will develop through their life cycle just like other autoflowers, regardless of whether there is a change in the light schedule.


They develop similarly to the common variety in that regard. However, feminized autoflowering seeds have surpassed conventional varieties in popularity since farmers don’t have to worry about obtaining male plants in the brief window before pollination.

Differences between photoperiod cannabis plants and feminized cannabis seeds

●     Cost

Feminized cannabis seeds cost more than ordinary cannabis seeds. This is due to a few factors. First off, feminized seeds are more expensive since more work goes into producing them. A pack will also provide a far higher return on investment each harvest because those seeds are almost certain to yield smokable buds.

●     Yield

You’ll automatically obtain twice the yields of a conventional pack of the same strain because it’s highly likely that every seed in your pack is a female. Of course, that number isn’t absolute, as some seeds in a feminized pack will turn male. However, those chances are low enough that you can often anticipate double your stock. You have to be careful, though, as you’ll obtain far lower yields overall than you would normally if you let a stray male plant fertilize the females.

●     Genetic Stability

Since regular seeds aren’t genetically modified, you’ll find that the genetics of the plants are generally stable. The genetic modification required to produce feminized seeds makes them unstable, not so much that they can’t be grown successfully in the first place, but enough that the descendants would have a tough time getting out of the ground. If they do grow, they won’t look very much like their parents, and they won’t yield nearly as much as their first-generation counterparts. That, thankfully, is not a worry you need to have with regular seeds.

●     Growing

Growing feminized seeds will require substantially less work on your part because you nearly never have to bother about getting rid of male plants. In fact, you wind up receiving more for your money overall since all the fertilizers and water you use will almost certainly result in a robust crop of viable buds.


Before anything else, you should think about your ambitions as a grower. Having said that, we believe it’s crucial for cannabis gardeners, particularly those with some expertise, to learn about strain breeding. But we also want to see you produce enormous amounts of bud. Therefore, when the time comes, we suggest trying both types. After all, you won’t truly know what kind of grower you are until you’ve tried both methods. You can get the best cannabis seeds of any kind at the Herbies headshop.


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