Parking meters in St. John’s could become a reality under UPP


The United Progressive Party has given insight into its urban renewal plan for the capital.

UPP spokesperson Pearl Quinn Williams says this includes a plan to clean up St. John’s as well as introduce parking meters in the city.


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  1. St. John’s is really a mess nowadays. Lot’s of trash, sidewalks have holes, cars parked like a junk yard, buildings need paint, the place feels not so secure.

    I notice a lot of cruise passengers want to visit the Church, but the walk from the piers to the Church is totally messy and sketchy looking. Lot’s of Jamaicans and DR’s in the port area trying to scam tourists.

    The government really needs to focus on ‘quality of life’ elements in St. Johns. I think high-quality, nice looking parking meters make sense.

    Of course, they will also require parking meter enforcers to be walking around giving tickets to violators, which will actually be good in terms of creating a police presence in St. Johns.

  2. After building a CAN’T PARK, these idiots think the people will ……parking meters?? No mention of any plans for the ratta condominium they put down at East Bus Station and disrupted our youth sporting activities?? 🤔😏

  3. In agreement with parking lots, this will allow persons doing short business to get parking. Persons with 10 hours parking will have to pay for their time. The Police will be seen because tbey will have to police the meters. Those policing will have to be trained as to the
    monorting the system. This suggestion of Parking Meters was made to the then Minister of Public Works in 2007 but he objected with some foolish excuse and hired Traffic Wardens walking up and down issuing tickets and Police issuing tickets foolishnes. Some of the problems UPP had was that they do not listen to the Technical man since they know it all. This system will work. When we travel we abit with the Countries Laws. Instead of tacing persons out of existance try something else. Wether it is UPP or Labour Party it will work if properly managed.

  4. Side walks and can’t park, part of the mess that UPP created. You can not get credit for cleaning up the mess you created.

  5. If parking meters in St. John’s is the highlight of what UPP will do, then the party is in a SAD state. UPP actually messed up parking in St. Johns. We have slanted parking on High Street that would accommodate more cars, and they changed it because they were planning the Greatest Car Park.

    It’s also time for us to accept Pie in the sky from people running for office and get real substance of how they plan to achieve what they say they will be doing. And then hold them accountable.

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