Over 700 Children Receive Back-to-School Support from MP Fernandez


Over 700 Children Receive Back-to-School Support from MP Fernandez

JOHN’S, Antigua and Barbuda – 28th August 2023…. For an impressive nine years running, Hon. Charles ‘Max’ Fernandez, Member of Parliament for St. John’s Rural North, has consistently spearheaded a back-to-school donation initiative to alleviate the financial burden on his constituents as they prepare for the school year.

During the past weekend, MP Fernandez orchestrated the distribution of approximately 700 school bags and essential supplies to grateful parents and children within his constituency. Each family received school bags containing lunch kits, water bottles, activity or coloring books, writing materials, calculators, geometry sets, flash drives, rulers, and crayons.

A team collaborating with the Constituency Representative expressed the importance of this effort, stating, “Our youth are the bedrock of our future. Equipping our students for success is a crucial investment in their education.

We acknowledge that not every family has the means to provide their children with the necessary tools for a productive learning experience. MP Fernandez’s annual mission is to ensure that our young learners possess the fundamental resources needed to excel in their studies.”

A team member further noted, “Supplying essential school items not only relieves financial stress for families, but also significantly impacts how well-prepared students are for their curriculum.”

In a personalized message to each student, MP Fernandez conveyed, “Dear Student,

As you embark on a new school year, remember that endless opportunities await you. Believe in your capabilities, work diligently, and aspire for greatness. You are the future leaders of our nation, and your potential is boundless.”

The St. John’s Rural North team emphasizes that studies consistently show that students having their own school supplies can enhance academic performance, creativity, learning attitudes, behavior, peer relationships, and self-esteem. Education stands as the initial step toward breaking the cycle of poverty.

A simple collection of pencils and paper can pave the way for a promising and successful year ahead.

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  1. You think Shuggy will try to do this.

    Good representation shown here from the best Tourism Minister ever.

    • Yes Sideline, he’s the best, especially after his dubious involvement in the first Nigerian airline fiasco.

      No wonder Charles ‘Max’ Fernández soon step down from the government – what an embarrassment to fulfilling our tourism industry to its full potential and the country!

  2. I’m glad for the kids and their families. Indeed it’s a great deal. Sincerely.
    But somehow it leaves a strange taste. Like receiving some crumbs from the master’s table. They make millions while in power and then through a few bones into the crowd and present it as a charity while in fact it has been taken from the people tenfold. I think it’s better to provide the parents in this country with a good job so they could afford to take care of their children without anyone’s handouts.

  3. Aw, Max, you look so wrong there.

    Even the pickynearga dem don’t want show dey face with you.

    You should be glad they can’t vote. They would tek yuh bag and not vote fuh yuh.

    • Check how UPP have a retarded boy from Bethesda a “fake pose” fu dem. De boy nah even from St Mary’s south but king Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF Pimp a pose wid he 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

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