Over 50 Cars Marked Already For Operation Derelict

In keeping with its 2020 mandate, Operation Derelict got underway on Thursday in Old Road and after two days of the exercise, close to fifty vehicles have been marked for removal.
No cars were spared. After consulting with a number of vehicle owners, a RED X was sprayed on the side doors, bonnets and windshields on a number of dilapidated and abandoned cars, buses, trucks and jeeps. Day one saw over two dozen vehicles earmarked for removal while close to twenty were singled out to be picked up during day two on Friday.
The exercise will continue next week on the southern section of the island and individuals whose vehicles have been sprayed with the RED X have until February 3rd to remove them.

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  1. Last time the initiative started as you enter pigotts a vehicle was sprayed for removal. To date it remains.


      The first three words above are supposed to be used as a vernacular.

      Still don’t know if the hell they are spelled correctly.

      Now, they say that ‘…A picture is worth a thousand Words.’

      Not sure if this picture tells as much.

      But to have ‘…Superintendent Elson Quammie’ attired in the ‘…prestigious Gazetted Officer’s Uniform’ deployed in bush ‘…Marking Derelict Vehicles.’

      Aye- Aye – Yaye.’

      This says something a helluva lot.

      It begs the question, ‘…Is that all a Superintendent shall be deployed to do?

      This Superintendent may have been ‘…better deployed or more productively employed’ to assist in inter alia in;

      (i) ‘…The recent Casino Robbery;

      (ii) …The Priests’ Robbery;

      (iii) …The couple’s Robbery; and

      (iv) …Monkey’s Murder investigations’ with the view of bringing the perpetrators to justice.

      Now, if this is ‘…an Initiative of the Ministry of Health’ [Litter Act}, who may have so ‘…assigned; …instructed; …directed; an/or deployed ‘…a whole Superintendent’ to be ‘…roaming or combing the bushes ‘…Marking Derelict Vehicles?’

      By the way, if there are no police duties to perform, ‘…Why not make him the ‘…Superintendent of Derelict Vehicles or the ‘…Cooks Dump?’

      Look at it objectively.

      Shoot, but not as the killers of ‘…Our Beloved Monkey’ have done.

      Better yet, shoot with ‘…Ripe Bananas and Peanuts.’

      Not only that ‘Monkeys’ like ‘…fruits and nuts, but do know that some ‘Monkey’ is likely to attack.


          Correct with wearing ‘…Sweat pants or Overall,’ but no apparel that may suggest ‘…Domestic Violence. No Sah.

          One might say you are ‘…Rude,’ but from this view, seems that might be darn ‘…Crude.’

          By the way, ‘…Hmmmmmm’ ‘…Have you ever been identified with such wearing apparel?

          A Constable could have done what this picture has shown him doing.

          Though not necessarily for rendering assistance, but aware that the ‘…Police High Command’ has ‘…Already Chided’ him.

          Highly commendable of the ‘…acting Commissioner and his Deputies and other senior ranks.’

          If for nothing else, ‘…Denigrating the Officer’s Uniform.’

          Will speak to the law on what the picture shows later on.

      • @ Mr Pompey

        The new graduates are on the job solving the crimes you mentioned.

        Delegating or leading from the front which is superior?


          Where have you ever seen or known that a ‘…Dishwasher’ in the Kitchen is cooking?

          If you see a ‘…newly trained and graduated Kitchen Staff’ around a stove at a Hotel, know that he/she is there for these reasons;

          (i) …To see what the hell the Chef is, going to, or doing or cooking; or

          (ii) …To clean the darn thing.

          On the first line of your comment, ‘Yes’ ‘…On The Job Training.’

          Might be on the job ‘…solving crime,’ but only from a general perspective.

          The incidents earlier referenced, require inter alia, ‘…professionally trained crime investigators; …listening, communication and interviewing skills.’

          These personnel are to be particularly ‘…tactful, courteous and tolerant of those with whom they encounter.’

          Newly graduated personnel are not so equipped.

          Not only like to ‘…bark insults, but also ‘…what goes with intolerance and anger.’

          This Superintendent in the picture has nothing to do with his official duties ‘…Prevention and Detection of Crime’ or ‘…Directing or Controlling Vehicular Traffic’ as the assigned responsibility describes.

          Really can’t lead or help graduates in ‘…Crime Detection.’

          Frank as it might seem, that is the point.

      • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “A man who has a language consequently possesses the world expressed and implied by that language.” ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

        “But to have ‘…Superintendent Elson Quammie’ attired in the ‘…prestigious Gazetted Officer’s Uniform’ deployed in bush ‘…Marking Derelict Vehicles.’ … //Now, if this is ‘…an Initiative of the Ministry of Health’ [Litter Act}, who may have so ‘…assigned; …instructed; …directed; an/or deployed ‘…a whole Superintendent’ to be ‘…roaming or combing the bushes ‘…Marking Derelict Vehicles?’ //By the way, if there are no police duties to perform, ‘…Why not make him the ‘…Superintendent of Derelict Vehicles or the ‘…Cooks Dump?’” So let it be said … so let it be written the Venerable RP!

        Why would ‘RP’s HR … Duties and Responsibilities’ draw Such ‘Uninitiated … Consternation’ with ‘complete … anger and insults.’ from the ‘… ‘Chat Room’ in the … ‘Bush at Cooks’!

        What’s The Strategic Imperative for Derelict Vehicles in this Green Economy! After the Collection and Storage where is the pecuniary graveyard!

        “Oh Gad!” Joanne Hillhouse! Nuff Said!

        “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

  2. ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS…. Talk is cheap, infact it is free…..
    We need to see that what is been said, is acted upon agressively and on going throughout the year…… MAN UP TO YOUR WORDS …… The derelict vehicles are endangering people’s lives one way or the other….


      Well, no one can ever say that this ‘…Dunce’ did not hear and understand what was told to him.

      But only a ‘..Bat’ would believe it though.

      Sounds like ‘humor’ or a ‘rumor’ though.

      Who the hell is ‘…Rock Head,’ ‘Bat?’

      And why Hurst?

      But then, who the hell would wants his/her automobile, especially a ‘…Precious Antique’ to be deposited at the ‘…Cooks Landfill.’

      Saw the automobile the other day.

      It is not only ‘…operable,’ but its engine ‘…sounds darn good.’

      But no match for ‘…Foreign Minister E.P. ‘Chet’ Greene’s ‘…posh-looking black BMW’ though.

      The truth is ‘…Duncy,’ Hurst appear not to be unduly concern about how his automobile looks.

      Emitting smoke, but still fuel-efficient.

      It takes him ‘…from home to work; …Church; …around town; and back home.

      Not sure if the vehicles so deposited, can and will be crushed.

      Do know a ‘…Tire Shredder’ is installed down there.

      No ‘…Metal Crusher’ yet. Can be rolled over, flattened and buried though.


    Either that he may have been guided or misguided or misinformed.

    However, it is quite possible that ‘…Recklessness’ not knowing’ or unfamiliarity with the ‘…Litter Act’ No. 3 of 2019], may have accounted for the Police Superintendent being pictured here at this news portal ‘…Defacing Private Property.’

    This, under the ‘…Small Charges Act’ [Chapter 405: Section 33] constitutes a ‘…Criminal Offence.’
    For ‘…edification,’ (CErmle) that Section states, ‘…Any person (Police included) who unlawfully and maliciously commits any;

    (a) …Damage;

    (b) …Injury; or

    (c) …Spoil, to or upon any;

    (i) Real (houses/buildings); or

    (ii) …Personal property whatsoever,’ (clothing/shoes, Cellular phones or motor vehicles etc.) commits an offence and liable to prosecution.

    In the instant situation, the ‘…Removal of Derelict Vehicles’ is not a function of Law enforcement.

    The ‘…Litter Act’ speaks specifically to two ‘…Local Authorities’ in which such power is vested.

    They are the;

    (i) …Central Board of Health (CBH);and

    (ii) …National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).
    [Section 2: Interpretation].

    Their power is exercisable under ‘…Section 13’ that speaks not of ‘…Defacing Private Property’ by marking or spraying red paint’ on such derelict vehicle.

    The law is unmistakably clear, and with familiarity, easy to understand. It unambiguously states; ‘…Where any derelict vehicle is left in any public place in circumstances as to;

    (a) …Cause; or contribute to, or tend to;

    (b) …The defacement of the environment by reason of the presence of such derelict vehicle, the Local Authority may;

    (i) …Give Notice to the owner; or

    (ii) …Last known owner of the derelict vehicle requiring him/her to remove the derelict vehicle from the public place within 24 hours of such Notice.’

    The only how the vehicle should be touched is stipulated in the law.

    It states, ‘…Where the last known owner cannot be determined, or cannot be found, a Notice shall be placed on the said derelict vehicle advising the owner that if the said vehicle is not removed within 48 hours, it will be removed by the Authorities.

    It is that easy to be understood’ even by my good, Na-a ah; ‘…disagreeable friends ‘…Nameless and House of Exile.’

    The ‘…Local Authorities,’ may have endless trouble if they cannot get a ‘…Name’ and an owner left his ‘…House’ and go into Exile.’

    Even without ‘…Giving Notice; they would just tow the darn derelict away from ‘…any public place or premises’ [Section13 (3): Litter Act: No. 3 of 2019].

    Given this law, still fail to see how the hell this Superintendent could expose himself to a law suit for Defacing Private Property.’

    This comment is not associated in any way or withthe body part, particularly where people ‘…normally Tart.’

    Only from the orifice (mouth) where people ‘…usually cough or belch.’

    Accept the information and accordingly guide yourselves and be compliant.

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