Opposition parties in Antigua are tired of being denied access to state-funded ABS

Chester Hughes

Chester Hughes, Deputy Chair of the United Progressive Party (UPP), says the Opposition has grown tired of trying to access State Television and therefore has sought alternative ways to get its message out.

Hughes’ comments come after the Antigua Labour Party’s strident objections to the removal of Government spokesperson Lionel “Max” Hurst from a prime spot on the privately owned NEWSco/Observer Radio.

Hughes says the UPP’s last attempt to access the tax-funded ABS-TV was in December 2021, when a message from Political Leader Harold Lovell was refused.

The station’s management would allow only a message from the Leader of the Opposition, Hughes says.

This has been going on for years, Hughes says, but the UPP will not be deterred from broadcasting.  Accordingly, new and innovative ideas have been put into play to get the Party’s messages out, including to the Diaspora.

Refuting claims that Labour Party members were not afforded airtime during UPP’s tenure in government, the UPP’s Deputy Chairman has this message for the Browne Administration:

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  1. They all do the same damn thing at ABS depending on whichever party forms the government. They read the same script….nothing new here. Politicians and their Cronies are a bunch of hypocrites and parasites that prey on the Public’s purse through the Statutory Boards and then when whichever government go after them they say its witch hunt and victimization.

    • 👍 That is because there is only ONE PARTY masquerading as TWO parties.

      So… what do we do about this awful situation?

  2. The Hon. JAMAL PRINGLE is the DULY ELECTED Leader of Her Majestys Loyal Opposition. Why does Lovell insiston usurping the young man´s position?

    Let the Hon. Jamal Pringle be the one to appear on ABS. UPP did the same thing and worse to the labour party when they were the “sunshine government”

    • If we follow your logic then Max Hurst should not appear on Observer because he is not duly elected.

      Bet you did not think of that!

      • surely you know the difference between a Chief of Staff/Spokesperson who is accustomed to speaking on behalf of the Cabinet on a radio station vs a one off statement to be issued by tyhe Hon. Jamal Pringle.

        Tell your little wannabe be Min. of Agriculture to get our his feelings and think rationally – about CENSROSHIP and about the *26 Acres* of narsee, dutty, wutliss, abandaoned farmland.

  3. ABS is not a station for political campaigning and messaging. That is why the PM uses Point FM. ABS is only for government information. And at this time the ABLP is in Government. When Election is called, they will all have equal access to the station.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE don’t Gaston use Pointe FM to promulgate government notices and polices. I agree with you that ABS should be used for government information and that is why Max Hurst Cabinet Notes should rightfully be aired first on ABS and no other station.

      • To this day Charles Tabor has REFUSED TO COMMENT on the *26 ACRES* of farmland abandoned and mismanaged by his Shadow Minister of Agriculture. Why is that Charles? you couldnt come up with any spin no matter how much you flipped it on its head, squeeze it, toss it eh?


        not a single comment from Charles who is always so quick to comment. I wonder if it was Joanne Massiah or an ablp minister if he would have been so quiet?

        • Hmmmmm I thought Serpent gave a very credible explanation as to why his farming activities have been put on hold. The man is busy running his campaign. Have you forgotten how the market was saturated with his melons and other produce from his farm. What better explanation do you need than that? Even if he wanted to employ a few agricultural workers to manage the farm, I am sure you are aware of how difficult it is to find farm workers.

      • So what is your point? Pointe FM isn’t a Government Station. he can do as he wishes there. The fact is ABS is not being miss-use and above for political propaganda. It is simply used to disseminate public information from the Government. And Max and the Minister of Information come religiously every Thursday after Cabinet to report to the country on decisions made by the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda. And from time to time a minister is invited to speak on a topic related to his ministry. Be it Minister of Health, Sir Molwyn or any other. I can say that the UPP did the same. They didn’t even have weekly Cabinet Briefings.

    • oh it is a “man”? Well powdered and smooth face, eyebrows on fleek, lipgloss on point, nose contoured and setting spray keeping shine at bay.

    • I distinctly remember it was the UPP who took this country to the IMF! Oh what a legacy! Can still see thousands marching in the streets at the White March to beg UPP not to do it, but seen as they dont give a shit about the people, they plunged our nation into IMF latrine.

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