OPINION: Barbuda People Poised For Decimation

New Barbuda Airport Runway

The immediate response of the Government of Antigua is fear of derailment of their Barbuda developments, by the environmental distaste of the Lords of the JCPC regarding the breaches made by the Government’s failure to consult with the people of Barbuda.

The Cabinet has discussed and advised today of another multi-dimensional tourism project planned for Barbuda which will continue to increase the imported working population of Barbuda, ultimately creating new citizens whose numbers will very soon overtake the less than 2000 Barbudans.

The people of this beautiful and peaceful island, Barbuda, have been in a state of turbulence since the changes being made to their island life as the Central Government seeks to monetize the lands of these unique communal landowners.

After 300 years, of living their lives and operating their small businesses based on their fishing and farming, which sustain the small population, they are now condemned to become second-class citizens by virtue of the nouveau rich seizing their lands for development.

When one considers the 495 villas and estates being built which right now it is reported that engenders work for 500 (mostly Mexicans & Belizeans); then add the newest hotel complex just released which is expected to provide 300 jobs, compared with fewer than 1500 adult Barbudans, the rich and their help will soon outweigh the local population in numbers, and later in political votes.

When one considers that one of the smallest members of the OASIS, has been subjected to such discriminatory treatment by one of the leading island governments of OASIS, it behoves the people of Barbuda to begin their protest now leading up to the OASIS summit planned to take place in Antigua six months ahead.

One main objection should consider how climate change attracts the wealthy to ecologically balanced little islands like Barbuda, where they corrupt the governments and take over their islands, reducing their small populations to second-class citizens in their own country.

Where the imported service resource ride roughshod over the local people, who are reduced once more to chewers of wood and carriers of water. Barbuda rise and defend your lifestyle of your choice.

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  1. Barbuda People Poised For Decimation. This is an opinion without any bases.
    Antiguans are more poised for Decimation that Barbuda people.

    First Barbudans fight like hell. They don’t just fight on the Radio and on Facebook.

    They fight on the Beaches as they recently did at Barbuda Cottages. They fight in the Courts
    as they have done in the past; they are fighting in the Courts as they are doing now.

    They make their case sufficiently, and they loose some and they win some.

    The projects being announced are projects approved when the ABLP had the majority on the
    Barbuda Council years ago. There is a long fight ahead for the entire south side of Barbuda has been given away already by the ABLP.
    What the opinion writer does not understand, the current fight is an environmental fight, not an economic fight.
    What the opinion writer does not understand is that The ALBP/GOAB knows that it has miseducated the population for 4 generations who do not understand how they are been fooled and keep begging for handouts as well as services they are entitled to as basic government services.

    The writer like many others took the bait on a project that have been in the works for 5 years, as something new. This announcement serves for the more jobs propaganda purpures. Ninety Five (95%) of the temporary construction jobs will be done by none Antiguans and Barbudans. The permanent seasonal jobs available to locals will be as dishwashers, cleaners, Landscape assistants and beach boys will be the only tear round jobs. Management and mid-management jobs will be handled by imported labor.

    Wonder why the level of poverty remains so high; its because the Nepo Baby trade school graduates issues declarations about GDP as another eyewash
    Barbudans don’t just curse using blasphemous language at each other, many times with profanities.
    They take action collectively. Their activism are not for short term selfish gain. Do Barbudans have serious issues? Yes they Do.
    Barbudans may not have the leverage of power but they use what they have in the Samson and Goliath fight. Along they way they are making mistakes with leaders who has the gift for the gab; sells them out and undermine their interest.

    When was the last time Antiguans got together to fight the Government in Court for a collective interest on the Environment?

    When did Antiguans garner sympathetic coverage for their cause in major international press such as BBC, the Guardian The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times.

    Did any Antiguan from (ABLP or UPP) refuse their honor when knighthood was granted to Rob Barrett, a person who has been most destructive and catastrophic of the environment?

    I can not write or speak of the outcome of the case before the Privy Council at the moment; but it has set a benchmark for things to come.
    Opinions are that: opinions. But many times in Antigua and Barbuda opinions are just hog wash looking for attention.
    Rise UP! Show Up! Stand Up ! Speak Up! Rise Up: This is your land

  2. Agreed Barbudans will not let their future go without a big fight, but will the numbers involved and the personal enrichment of those who rule override the Barbudans with rubber bullets mixed with real ones? Will the Barbudan protests cause the developments to fail?

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