OPEN LETTER: To PM Browne, Sea Pollution In Antigua (With Photos)


Dear Hon Gaston Browne,

This is a follow up to my previous 2019 emails sent to you and the Minister of Health and the Environment concerning the blatant/unlawful sea pollution that continues to take place at the Cove/Dredge bay area.

This sea pollution continues to also affect the waters of the Deep Water Harbour and the beaches on the western side of Antigua. – Please see below my 2019 emails with attached documents/pictures/videos concerning this ongoing issue.

It appears that the Minister of Health and the Environment is not welling to or is unable to stop this sea pollution.

As Antigua and Barbuda’s Chief Servant I am sure that you will use your good office to take the necessary steps to have this blatant/unlawful sea pollution issue stopped permanently.

Please see also satellite images from Google earth that show that this sea pollution issue continued even after you and the relevant authorities were notified in March 2019. Up to yesterday this pollution could have been seen in the Cove/Dredge bay area and is now making its way to the beaches.



  1. Where is the Ministry of Health?Where is the Chief Officer for the Environment?That is very disgusting. ADL should be held liable for that correction and clean up of that waterway.No wonder there were thousands of dead fishes in that Dredge Bay area last year.I know that are very well.Having lived in that Cove Head part of Villa Area for 8 years back in the 1970’s.Do something about it Ministry of Health.Go into that Establishment and do your Inspections up to code levels.

    • And I guess the so called environmentalist groups only have eyes for YIDA or any new developer that comes in

  2. if these pictures are real the environment division is sleeping behind the wheel.
    Quick action is needed.

    • If UPP was in power, the director of the environment would have been all over them to cease and desist and clean it up. Now! Now! Even including taking to the opposition radio station to voice objection.
      Well, well, well. The cat is getting a lot of people’s tongues these days. Or they are too busy over in Barbuda carrying out the Darg’s agenda.

      • Which UPP. you seem to foget thta Harold move Dianne Black-Layne the minute she stood up against a project that she was opposing. You want to come here and tell nancy story. Come one you should know better then that.

  3. In St Thomas you chop off a piece of mangrove tree and the right people see you you could be fined $25000 or jail. That speaks to the dedication of people who are professionals and care about the environment.
    St Kitts/Nevis and Antigua government workers have their jobs just for pay they aren’t ready yet to serve.

  4. Back in 1982,I bought a house in the town of Teaneck,New Jersey.I could not trim the trees at the front of my property.Without the Town Inspectors coming to see for themselves.Then based on their reports a permit would be issued.To this day,no one could cut a tree without a town permit in Teaneck,New Jersey.

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