Only a matter of time before more COVID cases- PM


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned residents that there will be more cases of COVID-19 in Antigua and Barbuda.

There are no known COVID cases but Browne says this does not mean that there are no cases on the island.

Browne was speaking on Pointe FM today.

Listen to his warning against COVID here:

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  1. And at some point soon they will have to count some of them

  2. Don’t let them fool yu or even try to school yu!

    A healthy immune system is the answer to any an all variants. Most important for your immune system is sunlight between 10am -3pm. The darker your complexion the longer you should stay in the sun. Take vitamin C, you innate immune cells accumulates it. Take Zinc, it stops viruses from replicating. Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, exercise if you can.


    PM says expect more COVID-19 deaths reflected on dashboard://

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    PM Browne COVID-19 risk now at its highest in Antigua & Barbuda:

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    PM says Returning Antiguans Pose A Greater Risk Of Spreading Covid-19 Than Tourists

    PM says there Will Be New Cases Of COVID-19://

    PM Concludes That There Is No Community Spread Of COVID-19 In Antigua://

    THE PM SEEMS TO BE IN CHARGE OF THE COVID DEVELOPMENTS…..Strange thing very strange. And I am sure there is more….

    • @Melchisedec…🥸🥸🧐remember the PM gets #Top Secret info and intel from his Chinese counterparts from Yidatown to Wuhan.

      But, strange things are happening, strange!

      • Ras Smood
        Something is not right with that narrative. Journalism in the country seems to be in a coma. And the people are displaying Zombie like symptoms which is side effect of the vaccine.

        Cant put my finger on it but the atmosphere in ANU is strange.

  4. You noticed he said CASES not deaths. The pandemic isn’t real because it is based on CASES created by false positive PCR ‘tests’.

    The rationale for the pandemic’s existence is based upon the PCR ‘test’. We don’t have a covid-19 pandemic rather we have a NUMBER OF CASES driven pandemic that is based on faulty PCR testing.

    Any PCR ‘test’ that is amplified over 24 times results in a 96% false positive rate – The PCR ‘test’ is useless for the detection of covid-19. According to several studies, the false positive rate increases amazingly after that point, from around 25% to almost 100% at 34 cycles.

    Therefore, There is no justification for the EMERGENCY ORDERS because there is no covid-19 pandemic.

    Also, there have been NO EXCESS DEATHS. If you look at the death rate statistics for Antigua and Barbuda you will not find any significant increase in deaths in 2020. In fact, there was a large spike in deaths in 2004 but then declined since then and have remained stable.


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