Returning Antiguans Pose A Greater Risk Of Spreading Covid-19 Than Tourists – PM

Police Officer Giving Directions To Passengers

Prime Minister Gaston Browne has reiterated his view on the spread of the coronavirus by Antiguans returning home.

He has long maintained that it is among returnees and not tourists that the greater threat exists.

“A tourist doesn’t necessarily have to be a white Caucasian. A tourist could be an Antiguan who comes here on vacation and decides to stay at one of those bio-secure spaces. The protocols are such that, provided they are followed, the risk of transmission is extremely low [and] definitely manageable,” told POINTE FM.

“But when you have a returning national coming back here and going home to quarantine, not following the quarantine, going all over the place potentially to spread the disease, also exposing their family members, it is the most significant area of risk.”

He is denying that the treatment of Antiguans is discriminatory.

“They are saying that that is discriminatory as well [but] there is nothing discriminatory about it,” Browne said.

“If for example, as an Antiguan returning home, you stay at one of those bio-secure spaces, and we feel sure that the locals who will interact with you they’re wearing PPEs so they’re protected, that’s fine.

“But if you’re coming back home, what’s the probability of the people in your house wearing a mask or you wearing a mask? It’s an area of vulnerability and we have to manage it.

“The prevalence of COVID in the country today is greater than it was in March, in April, in May in June. So how can you now ask us to relax the protocols when the risks are far greater?”



  1. I dont really understand the fuss about this, the prime minister is right, those of us returning home, need to go to quarantine. Stop making noises about it

  2. Residents quarantining at home need more supervision from MoH etc. They should have unexpected visits from health officials and someone at least signing off the quarantine period and taking the final temperature. People will always take the risk no matter how great and break protocol if they’re not supervised. The numbers are becoming alarming and stricter rules should be applied

  3. Worker leaves hotel go to supermarket.

    Worker got ride from man that work at hotel.

    Same worker go to KFC to buy chicken for children.

    Same worker drop grocery for parents before going home.

    Same worker stop and converse with friends before going home.

    Worker gets home.

    Three children in house that plays with neighborhood children.

    Boy friend comes over and leave for work at police station in the morning.

    Same worker goes to early morning mass at catholic church and goes to confession.

    Same worker takes crowded bus to town to catch work bus.

    Three days later worker feels sick goes to private doctor office.

    Worker goes to hospital to check for COVID19.

    Worker test positive and fall badly sick and is hospitalize. Worker is unable to speak.

    How do you do the contact tracing when worker cannot speak?

    For four days worker active in community so how come the tourist is a lower risk?

  4. One female tourist infected more than 5000 persons in one of those small Asian countries.

    It was not intentional. The story was on BBC.

    Contact tracing concluded that.

  5. Mr. PM so far you have proven to the world that your methodology of fighting the Covid virus is working well….. You are certainly playing your part, it is now left up to us to play our part. We need to let wisdom dictate…. According to the cliche ” A ounce of wisdom is better than a pound of cure……… As you rightly said Mr PM, if we adhere to the protocols, we are not only protecting ourselves, we are also protecting our love ones, friends & families…..

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