Nicholas: China an important partner


The Antigua and Barbuda government says China remains an “important development partner” and has condemned “persons who ought to be more responsible” for seeking to spread paranoia with the relationship with Beijing.

“They are an important partner of ours,” Information Minister Melford Nicholas said, insisting that there are people “why are trying to give an impression the sky is falling”.

Nicholas’ statement comes following the arrival here last week of more than 150 Chinese nationals on board a chartered flight.

A statement issued after the weekly Cabinet meeting had said that the 56 Chinese, who arrived here on a China Eastern Airways Charter last Wednesday “was a routine rotation of employees of CCECC – the firm which is building the [Chinese] Embassy on Marble Hill, and the Cargo Port at the Deepwater Harbour”.

The statement had noted that “social media became abuzz with speculation and false reports, which the Cabinet feels compelled to address” and noted that Foreign Minister, E.P. Chet Greene, apart from informing Cabinet on the issue, had provided a 15-minute radio interview to clear up the issue.

“The charter, following its discharge of passengers, left Antigua for China with 163 Chinese nationals on board. There was a routine rotation of employees of CCECC – the firm which is building the Embassy on Marble Hill, and the Cargo Port at the Deepwater Harbour.

“CCECC has also been involved in construction projects in Antigua for more than 35 years, including the Creekside Bridge, the Multi-purpose CentRE, the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, the V.C. Bird Air Terminal, and other construction projects,” the statement said, adding that the Chinese company is also building its Americas and Caribbean Headquarters here “to which several of the arriving workers are assigned”.

Nicholas, speaking on a local radio station, said: “China remains an important partner to the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda and there is a growing level of paranoia that is being stoked by people who ought to be more responsible and to try to give an impression that the sky is falling.

“We host World Cup 2007 in the Caribbean of which Antigua was very much a part of the proceedings. That brand new stadium was a gift from the Chinese government and there are a legion of projects that have been granted to us and have been supportive of us from the government and people of China.

‘We want people to be mindful and we can go back as far as the 1950s where the Chinese have played a role in the development of many aspects of the Caribbean,” Nicholas said.

The United States has been urging Caribbean countries not to accept gifts from China and, on his recent visit to Guyana, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo reiterated the message.

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  1. We will chose our own friends, and China is one of them. The U.S. may not like it, but we are a free and independent nation, non-aligned and open to friendship with all. China has proven their friendship, and the people of Antigua and Barbuda are very thankful. We are a people deeply rooted in Black Democratic Socialism and social-democratic values in the tradition of V.C. Bird and those who went before us. We are not and never have been communists, but we value true socialist solidarity with labour and workers worldwide. Yes, China is an important part of it all, and the Government and People of Antigua and Barbuda have been blessed with this relationship. We value and friendship of all nations. Friends of all and enemies of none. Gaston Brown is leading the way.

    • @Conrad the Red…you style of writing, and your “comments” reminds me of another blogger, CErmle. You seem to sing the same tune, from the same song book!

      China is in full war mode, and is advancing so stealthily, by using the Art of War as, their song book, and is using our politicians, as the #Trojan Horses, in advancing the policies of the PROC.

      You can say what you want about America, and some of her dirty ways; but, one thing is guaranteed, we as People of a darker HUE from the Caribbean, could not be doing in China, what we are doing in America.
      No phucking way! At no time, of any day, of any week, of any year!

    • Conrad the red
      You name speaks volumes. You’re a communist aren’t you! We aren’t fooled by your rhetoric and slippery speech.

      The Chinese are not our friends. We all better wake up quickly and realize their ‘gifts’ come with strings attached.

      Our political leaders who are now enriching themselves with Chinese money, realize this… the people are watching you and we will not be left holding the bag to pay for your sins.

      • Will, don’t you know the difference between democratic socialism and communism? You should do a little research. Some of the better known DEMCRATIC SOCIALISTS include people like Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr., Kwme Nkrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Vere Cornwall Bird, Senator Bernie Sanders, Prime Minister Michael Manley, Cheddi Jagan and Burnham of Guyana, Olaf Palme of Sweden, Tim Hector of Antigua, “The Comrade” from St. Vincent, Willy Brandt of Germany, and numerous leaders in the Caribbean and Mother Africa. Google SOCIALIST INTERNATIONAL and be educated. COMMUNISTS include people like Lenin and Stalin of the Soviet Union, Eric Hoeneker of East Germany, Chairman Mao of Red China, Ho Chi Mihn of North Vietnam, and the little fat man (Chairman Kim) running North Korea. Democratic Socialists and their allies in the International Labour and Social Democratic and Progressive movements are NOT Communists. One is democratic and other is not. Most democratic socialist parties belong to the SOCIALIST INTERNATION or the PROGRESSIVE ALLIANCE, which are thoroughly democratic and have nothing in common with Communist dictatorships. Read and learn. Study and be educated. I wish you well. Red is the colour of international labour, the very backbone of democratic socialist and social democratic nations. Long Live International Labour.

        • Social Democratic and Progressive movements are all Fabian socialists which are essentially communist in as they all slowly erode freedoms from the people over time. Their big tell is the phrase, “for the common good”, NOT for ‘individual freedom’. That is the hallmark of the communists, whatever you name yourself. I’m not fooled by your word judo comrade.

          • Poor Will. Again, you are displaying political ignorance. “Fabian” Socialists have always been ANTI-COMMUNISTS since the beginning, and still are. Communists have done everything in their power to quash and destroy Democratic Socialists, Social Democrats, “Fabian Socialists” and Progressives. Study the history, Will, and you’ll be amazed. Socialism is democratic and Communism is not. They are essentially opposites.

    • China then and China now are two different mentalities. You will be China’s friend, but China will not be your friend. Instead it will be your master. It will determine when you sleep and wake, work and rest, talk or hush. You will not know what struck you because right now you are not willing to confront your future. You will run to MacNish mountain to hide but you will meet them already up there. They would also be in charge of the obelisks, etc in Jennings. You might cry and decide to leave. And go where?
      You would then get violent and act out, in which case they will send the police, which will be their police, to lock you up. Don’t expect to get your representative to help you out. They will have already been brought to heel and will be kept sedated with “gifts”. You will be voting for a representative with a strange sounding name. Did I say vote? Sorry, they do not vote. You will be told who is to rule you.
      End of Part 1.
      The Top Darg will be sent into retirement by them to a place of his choice. He will be delighted, but only for a short while. He will miss being the Big Darg and would want to return.
      But that is for Part 2.

  2. When the sanctions and travel advisory start falling. Please don’t complain! When we’re no longer to get visas to study, leisure travel and traverse to US. Please don’t start complaining. When your monetary transactions take on a greater scrutiny by the SEC,IRS,FBI and the DEA.
    Better known as the alphabet boys. That one mistake will find you in the custody of the BOP. Choose your friends wisely. All that comes free has conditions. This government better be ready when the conditions have matured and CCP is ready to cash in. Just an opinion!

  3. We stand with our hands out, palm up, begging from whoever will give… China, America, European Union.

    But all we are doing is trading physical colonialism for economic colonialism with the likes of China.

    Look at what they did to places like Palau that relied on Chinese tourist dollars; but when the government of Palau said sided with Taiwan on a political issue, mainland China pulled visas and charter flights, destroying the economy in a matter of months.

    Look at Fiji, where China gifted roads and a hospital, all of which came with the preferential awarding of government contracts to Chinese firms that used Chinese workers and were completed tax free.

    For Beijing this is systematic economic colonialisation of much of the developing world in a new version of the Cold War with the western powers.

    They are playing the long game, and we will be on the loosing side in the end.

    Be warned: your jobs, your businesses, your tourist sector, your overall economy will soon be Chinese dominated and benefiting Beijing much more than St John’s.

  4. How sad is it when politicians have to parrot what their superior tells them to say. China is not now, ever was or ever will be “an important partner to Antigua”. China/Chinese do not like black people or any other race for that matter. China wants to control the outside world for their own gain…not ours. All of the projects the Chinese have done in Antigua are sub-standard and a corrupt rip-off designed to catch greedy politicians in their debt traps. China owes Antigua many millions of dollars for the damage they have done by intentionally sending their virus out into the world to kill people and destroy economies so they can take over and pillage for all the resources they can get. Do the right thing and SUE THEM and send them home before they completely destroy Antigua!

    • Too late. We already got the money. Or better, the money has already passed. Remember when we went to China just after the elections in 2014 and cry to them about how our treasury was dry? And we have to get some quick cash to save us? Well, the money passed. China just was not ready yet. And none left to pay them back, so…………………………

  5. Where does all the country’s revenue go? To repay China for all the loans. Where does all the revenue from all the Chinese stores in Antigua go, China. The Chinese government is not a charitable organization but a shrewd manipulator and they like non white countries with clueless and corrupt leaders.

    • They know how to pick us. They look for vulnerable, preferably black leaders who must have big cars, big houses, expensive keep women, and wives who spend plenty of the money. They look for black politicians who must have mega expensive projects to show off to their peers in other countries. They pick black leaders who are as dirty and corrupt as a hyena stealing another animal’s kill.
      They can spot them, the black ones from a long way off.

  6. Partner until they become our rulers. Then people like you take off with your financial bribes and kickbacks and ride off into the sunset while the rest of us pay the price for you selling us out.

    All over the world we see the Chinese taking over. Places on Africa to right here in the Caribbean (Jamaica and now Antigua, Dominica etc) the Chinese are establishing world dominance and all you and your “partners” do is welcome them in because they are showering you with “free” gifts the rest of us have to pay for in the form of being pushed out of our country.

    Look at Yida as a good example. They have been allowed to kill the mangroves we have fought so hard to protect. To add further insult, we as Antiguans can’t fish in the North Sound area but you and your comrades have given the Yida people full access to fish and do as they like.

    You and your party continue to sell out our lands and our birthrights to the Chinese. However, so long as your “partners” continue to shower you with gifts and fill your bank account, you will say and do whatever it takes for you to continue practicsing what your leader said, “creative enrichment”. You and your political “partners” are a travesty to our nation and our people.

  7. Labour party always needs a sugar daddy. They suppose to be the best and brightest yet with CIP monies they couldnt manage. The problem with Labour party in any project they touch there is always a line item in the budget ie “Corruption” and its always significant.
    From rappaport to hadeed to standford to calvin now china they will always fail.

  8. @Truth Boi…The Art of War, is most definitely shadowed by, the Art of Deception!

    Yes, the handwriting is on the wall, but, it’s invisible to Our Government’s leaders who are China’ Trojan Horses

  9. Caribbean people must make decisions based on history, not what confronts now….

    Caribbean leaders are put in a position where they must choose a poison whatever the choice, the result will be a poison.

    Caribbean leaders must negotiate this position by choosing neither nor.

    At the top of your head know your value and never surrender your value….

    We have no friends….

    • @Melchesidec…Your, thoughts reminds me, of a couple of sayings…
      A…the devil you know, is better than, the one you don’t know…yes, we know china and America are devils!

      B…choose the lesser of, two evils…again, we know China and america are evilous Nations, in some ways, or more ways than one!

      Taking away, the “D” from d-evils, I am not only sending “evil,” I am also sending DEATH, to not only certain aspects of Our culture, but certain aspects, of Our Governing systems; and, this is where the chaff is separated, from the valuable grain, to nourish, the body(mentally i.e.), America were never interested in changing the Parliament System which we used, to govern the Nation. China, on the other hand, their mindset and principles want to be #Principal, as they advance westward, to the sounds of war, as in, the Art of War!

  10. Melford Nicholas, the Chinese have you where they want you, naive and stupid. Since when a debt trap is a partnership? Continue to take their money and when you can’t pay back the loan see what happens. Antigua needs to be rid of you and your government. Papa Bird would say they can’t take the country but the Chinese will.

  11. Why are the Chinese so interested in the carribbean countries?, is it because we are so close to the Us??, do we really think China is investing in Antigua because they care about our welfare, we will have to pay the piper sooner rather than later.

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