National Footballer ‘Peter Redz’ And Two Others Bid For UPP St. Peter Ticket


The DAILY OBSERVER is reporting that three individuals will be making a bid to become the United Progressive Party (UPP) election candidate for the constituency of St. Peter during an imminent primary.

Colin Isaac – who was the UPP’s candidate in the 2018 general elections – Chaneil Jackson-Imhoff, and national footballer Tevaughn “Peter Reds” Harriette have indicated their interest in running on the main opposition party’s ticket in the next polls.

While making the announcement Friday on Observer AM, the party’s deputy leader Jamale Pringle said that would be the final primary to determine the UPP’s full slate for the next general election.

“The date is not finalized. We are just putting the necessary plans in place to facilitate a primary. [Harold Lovell] is not going to change [from contesting St John’s City East seat.] St. Peter’s is the last primary we are looking at. I think at the end of the month all the candidates will be concrete,” Pringle said.

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    • @Gwen:When are you going to run?Good luck Colin in this Primary for the UPP.I hope this time you destroyed that Politician.The one who was arrested in London,England by Metropolitan Police.The one who was shaking down a person for a Rolex watch among other gifts.Just hoping the people of St.Peter Constituency wake up from their very,very,long slumber.A slumber of great neglect of a very beautiful area of Antigua.

      • Hahahahaha they could have put one dog to run in St. Peters the UPP aint ever going to win that seat. Just like ALP ain’t ever going to win in All Staints East and St. Luke.

        • ABLP will win ALL SAINTS ESST and ST.LUKES next election. Jamale would not win in my Constituency again. Jamale is an AWFUL Representative.

        • @Hahahehe::That is why the center of the Constituency looks that way.Because you folks had a dog in red running all of those years.That Parham area is a very beautiful place.Until you entered.It is like going into the belly of the beast.And you put a DOG into a Red shirt to run.How is that Rolex watch working.

  1. Is this the young lady who is a member of Gaston Browne’s Youth Parliament? UPP, you surely know how to pick them?
    BTW, is Shawn Nicholas still going around with a petition in St Phillip South asking people to reject Sheffield Bowen because he has a suspect past, because he bang her off? Has Shawn forgotten a little matter about a restraining order?

  2. Is this really what UPP come to….. Retribution is a funny thing…. Clearly, this is an indication of self implosion within the UPP…. This just a word to the potential candidates for the primary……. Politics is not a dolly house thing neither is it a place to fill your pockets. People’s lives and wellbeing are at stake so
    make sure you are properly qualified for the job…..

  3. Who are these PEOPLE trying to run for POLITICS ???.UPP REALLY HITTING THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL. This is a BIG joke !!!!! What say you TSBOR!!!?????

    • ERIC CARDEN I say that these are three young talented Antiguans and Barbudans who are answering the call of public service for their country.

      • Thank you is a shame these ppl in the comment bringing down young ppl who is trying to make a change. What happen if he is a footballer??? Anybody can run for politics. Antigua is really a sad place that’s why we can’t reach anywhere. Such a shame!!

        • @ ANTIGUA

          These Persons should try running at a Community level before trying to run at this level. This is NOT a JOKE. Nobody is crying down these People but The UPP should attract better Candidates before the UPP can be taken seriously. Try and Understand this situation. Thanks.

  4. @ TABOR
    I was talking to One of your UPP Supporters. The Lady told me that the UPP has failed to attract WINNING Candidates. She went as far as saying that UPP will lose ALL the seats.

    TABOR which one of these CANDIDATES could hold a MINISTERIAL Position.I know you are NOT happy with the Selections.

    By the way I am hearing alot of information will come to the Public about St.Phillips South and St.Pauls. UPP still having problems with these Mediocre CANDIDATES !!!!!

  5. ABLP will win ALL SAINTS ESST and ST.LUKES next election. Jamale would not win in my Constituency again. Jamale is an AWFUL Representative.

  6. @ TABOR
    With all your talent….Why are you afraid to thow you hat in the ring and run for politics ? Are you afraid of your TROUBLED past ?? The skeletons will sure fall from the CLOSET. When will the UPP get FORMIDABLE CANDIDATES and stop this circus?????

    • MARTIN.F. are you really serious? What troubled past? Please inform me of my troubled past since I need to see some of those skeletons.

  7. Charles Tabor these persons might be talented in repairing cars, playing football and perhaps in taking part in beauty pageants but are they really talented in running a political ministry which subsequently impact on the lives of us the residents & citizens of this country?? Remember cockroaches have no right to be in a fowl coub. I will echo the sentiments of one of our great politicians….. ” politics is not like running or operating a sweety shop ” During the term 2004 to 2014, it was mentioned that the period was used to learn the logistics of running a country….. Of course it was the electorates’ biggist mistake to vote UPP in office. Opportunities usually pass once….. The electorates will not make that second mistake again.

      I shall ECHO these same SENTIMENTS. If the UPP is NOT learning the BIG BIG mistakes that JAMALE is EMBARRASSING the Island with His Representation in Parliament something is wrong. These Persons should start running COMMUNITY Organizations and stop this FOOLISHNESS. HON.Gaston Browne turned down SHEFFIELD BOWEN and He ended up with UPP. DNA would not accept these Candidates. THE MOVEMENT ORGANIZATION had SWALLOWED the UPP. Where are HAROLD LOVELL and D.GISELE ISAAC. I heard Jamale Pringle Supend Them from the MEDIA because nobody wants to hear Them. UPP really struggling PARTY. There is no UPP. UPP change the name to THE MOVEMENT and FAITHFUL NATIONAL PARTY. What say you TABOR.

      • RUPERT MANN I say that everything that you say there are pure nonsense and deep down you know it. It is all a part of your ABLP propaganda and I cannot blame you for your propaganda on behalf of your party. I only hope that people will see your comments for what they are – pure propaganda. Now, just an example to show how silly and nonsensical your comments are — how could Jamale Pringle suspend Harold Lovell or Giselle Isaac from the MEDIA? Following your logic it would be similar to Molwyn Joseph or Chet Greene suspending Gaston Browne from making MEDIA statements. Do you see how ridiculous your comments are?

        • @Charles Tabor: I do not know you.Because I left Antigua,long,long ,garling time.However,I do come to Antigua every year.One of the things you should realized by now.There are many two legged jack asses in Antigua,not Barbuda.

          • I really cant believe that the monirators of this blog allow that disrespectful comment from “BLACK-MAN” to pass. He damn well fresh and forward and pass he place.

  8. @ TABOR

    GLAD to know that my comments are getting under your skin. I am hearing things from inside your UPP that you have not heard .It only shows how DIS-CONNECTED YOU are from your Party. TABOR ..Did you hear of the BIG curse out between D.Gisel Isaac and Jamale Pringle. Shows how connected you are to UPP. YOU like to chat without SUBSTANCE.Iknow that you would not response.

  9. @TABOR

    Why the UPP choosing Candidates that We always have to defend for some reason or the other ? Please Mr. Tabor I am speaking as a UPP Supporter.

  10. @ STEEN P.
    You hit the nail on the head. I have asking myself the same question. Bowen should be vetoed. We cannot go into a ELECTION with this type of BAGGAGE. It does not matter about the legal system. The action took place. I hope the legal minds within our Party will address this matter. My ears are on the GROUND and I am a resident of FREETOWN. The talks so far are not sounding good. Also I heard Jamale on the Radio saying UPP will win 12 seats. I do not believe He is honest. As a UPP supporter where the are these 12 seats. Would like UPP legal mind to take this serious.

  11. STEEN.P. I am not for one moment saying that you are not a UPP supporter and might be genuinely concerned about some of our candidates. However, I would say to you that all our candidates so far are quite good and would be able to do a very honest and credible job in government. The noise you are hearing from the other side comes from the fear they are feeling with the candidates announced so far. It is their job to try to discredit our candidates and they are trying already, almost there years before the next election to do so. It is for us to understand that, since it is the nature of politics, and just dismiss their propaganda. Just one example will suffice. With the candidacy of Sherfield Bowen in St. Phillips South you are hearing all sorts of nonsense such as a petition to remove him (organized by the ABLP), that he wanted to run on a Labour ticket and Gaston Browne rejected him twice and his criminal charge a few years ago (for which he was exonerated). Why are you hearing these things? You are hearing these things because the ABLP knows that Bowen is a formidable candidate in St. Phillips South and will win that seat for the UPP. If in fact, you are a UPP supporter we can talk privately since one cannot take seriously what is put on ANR by all the commentators in this medium hiding behind aliases. The UPP candidates have struck fear in Gaston Browne and some of the Neanderthals (who have been around forever) in their Party. They see that the day of reckoning is coming and they are going crazy already.

    • Tabor just stop campaning for that AG or Sentor job. If the UPP was so wonderful then why the hell they lose 2 whole elections back to back and they going to lose this one as well. Granted they may pick up a seat or 2 but the UPP not going to win not with that waste of a leader and snubbish chairperson. Most of the candidates thus far are not people friendly they should scrap the whole team and wheel and come again.

    • @ TABOR

      Hope you see this posting. I was at a gas station and People from St. Phillips South were signing petition to get rid of BOWEN. This is serious. Tabor I read that you have been defending BOWEN on this medium but the PEOPLE in St. Phillips South does not want this Guy. You must listen to the Electorate.Take off the BLIND FOLDERS. Give the People who They want. Stop defending for your POLITICAL satisfaction. Tabor listen to People and stop yor CRAP. Very upset with you Sir.

      • Ms. Jordan politics is a very strange activity where all sorts of machinations take place. Yes, I understand that a petition is going around in St. Phillip’s South to have Bowen removed as the candidate. Do you really know who is behind that petition? It could be any one or any organization who sees Bowen as a political threat to their interests. Until I have information that the petition is genuine and is not promoted by misguided persons I will stand with Bowen.

      • @ TABOR
        Please listen to me . I live in FREETOWN. I voted UPP in the last election. I know the Persons with the Petition . They are strong UPP Supporters. UPP Executive should take this serious. Why would ABLP start Petition on BOWEN ? SHAWN NICHOLAS is more of a threat. UPP is fooling around. I do not believe that UPP about St. Phillip South. This should be addressed immediately before the intervene. Just a word to the wise.

  12. Oh please I see that you are at least somewhat optimistic or objective and you concede that the UPP will pick up more seats than the last election. However, given the lack of performance of the government, the exciting candidates and the policies that will be put forward by the UPP to save this country from the bankruptcy of the ABLP, the UPP undoubtedly will form the next government. By the way, sorry to disappoint you but I am not campaigning for anything. I am just one of those nationals who wants to see the best for the country.

    • Tabor please! You are not campaigning? From your various post to the way you argue with the trolls beg to differ. There are so many issuses outside of politics you as a lawyer could blog and but instead you use your legal traning to chat politics! And before you come at me the answer is I am not an “ABLP psycopath or paid operative”. The government is full of crap but the UPP is not better. Again they may pick up a seat or two but they are not wining the next election.

  13. Oh please there are so many issues other than politics that I have expressed my views on. The last issue that I commented on was the homeowner in English Harbour whose infinity pool the DCA demolished. The homeowner said that he was going to rebuild the pool because it was in the sea and not on the land therefore the DCA had no authority to act as it did. Of course the homeowner was dead wrong and I advised that the land bordering the coastline (littoral land) was treated no differently to the land his house was built on. There are many other examples where I commented on issues other than politics of which I am sure you would agree. Anyway, I will not bet you on the outcome of the next general election, but I believe I will win and the government will be booted out of office.

    • Mr. Tabor 90% of the thing you post on this news potral is POLITICS. Whenever a person does not argee with you, Mr Tabor you get very up set, write some long winded paragraphs call people names such as retarded, dunce, psycopath ect. I’m not about to get into it with you Mr. Tabor but however I stand by what I said. The UPP may gain a seat or 2 however under their current leadership they won’t win the next general elections.

  14. @ TABOR
    Please listen to me . I live in FREETOWN. I voted UPP in the last election. I know the Persons with the Petition . They are strong UPP Supporters. UPP Executive should take this serious. Why would ABLP start Petition on BOWEN ? SHAWN NICHOLAS is more of a threat. UPP is fooling around. I do not believe that UPP is serious about St. Phillip South. This should be addressed immediately before the MEDIA intervene. Just a word to the wise.

  15. MS. JORDAN I just left the police station on Newgate Street since I was organizing station bail for a client. At the door of the station I noticed that the list for electors for the 2018 elections was hanging on the door. Being curious, I decided to go through the names on the list for the constituency of St. Phillip’s South. I must tell you that in neither polling districts A, B or C is the surname Jordan listed. I am certainly not accusing you of lying in the comments you have posted, but I just want to underscore the point again that some of the comments on ANR are placed by fictitious persons hence the numerous aliases.

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