MP Pringle calls on PM Browne to come clean on alleged hefty commission for Alfa Nero sale


MP Pringle calls on PM Browne to come clean on alleged hefty commission for Alfa Nero sale

Minister of Finance Gaston Browne and the Members of Cabinet must come clean on the current negotiations regarding the sale of the Alfa Nero, says Jamale Pringle, Leader of the Opposition and Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Reliable sources have alleged to Pringle that the “gag order” on discussions about the yacht sale is aimed at preventing leaks about a controversial commission fee to be paid to unidentified persons.

They claim the Administration is considering the payment of a commission fee that is higher than 50 percent of the expected US$50 million sale price in order to get the vessel off its hands.

MP Pringle says he is forced to believe these reports, given that Government Spokesperson Lionel “Max” Hurst has said that the public is to be kept out of the loop in order not to jeopardize the negotiations.

The Opposition Leader asserts that, since the acquisition of the vessel was public business, and the upkeep of the yacht and crew salaries are paid by the public purse, then the public – all taxpayers and voters – has the right to know.

Accordingly, in the interest of the public, whom the Browne Administration is duty-bound to serve and to keep informed, the Opposition Leader calls on Prime Minister Browne to remove the cloak of secrecy and silence that shrouds this transaction.

Since the people have been shouldering the financial burden of the vessel’s maintenance – and the millions in legal fees that continue to accumulate – the people do not deserve to be presented with a “done deal” that leaves them at a disadvantage, MP Pringle says.

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  1. Everything this bunch of hoodlums do is shrouded in lies,secret and deceptions. Let’s all pay attention because when they are ousted from office, numerous investigations must be conducted to unveil the truth behind these underhanded dealings. As I heard a quote once: corruption in politics will not end until politicians are jailed.

  2. Negotiation fees are set by law. Just ask any lawyer. Especially Chaku can tell you how much commission he got for the sale of Royal Antiguan. And Derrick can tell you how much he got when settling the claim of the lady that fell from the roof of that same hotel. And Dr. Cort can tell you of his commission for the loan of MSJMC when setting up the loan document that was prepared by Stanford Lawyers. The Director of Social Security can tell of how much commission he got when he was Budget Director from introducing the budget program called Free Balance. This practice is how politicians and public servants fill their pockets legally. Finder’s fee as some call it. Is set in several tiers. For bringing the buyer to the table is one tier, for negotiating the sales price is another tier. So anytime you see an investor comes to the table someone is going to claim finders’ fee. That is why it is a rat race when an investor comes to the country and wants to have a meeting with the PM. In the past many investors walked away when they met the fight for the finders’ fee between the ministers. Lots of dirty games are played. Bad play is of the order of the day. One can remember the IHI finders’ fees that were paid to the persons involved. I believe ot was 10cent on every barrel imported oil product.

  3. @less we forget. Trying to muddy the water here. It should not matter who got and who did not. You should have spoken out then and let all be aware of what allegedly you claim has gone on.
    But, now we have a present crisis. If indeed people are making money off of the Alpha Nargo, then as Burning Flames said, “we need to kick dem in their face and bruk up dem hand”. If what you claim to he true, we needed to do likewise. No wrongdoing should be spared.

  4. @ Less we forget

    What nonsense you talking negotiations fees are set by law? Dr. Cort matter was no negotiations that was legal fees for contract vetting.
    The same with Chaku. I know that everytime you folks hear that there are things that is not right you try the wat-about-ism.

    If the AlfaNero is being sold and someone stand to benefit significantly why can’t the public know the fact?
    That requires politics or just public transparency?

    How we going to more forward if we can’t even agree on a basic think like public accountability?

    I keep on saying Antiguans really don’t want change. We have become num to corruption over blind party loyalty.

    The politicians knows this so they keep pitting us against each other while they laugh and drink and get rich and fat and we cuss and fight over them.

    Let us all agree on a few facts:
    1. Government is accountable to us
    2. We expect fairness for all Antiguans and residents
    3. Self enrichment must stop
    4. The politicians are our servants and they work for us
    5. We are all Antiguans first and our country comes first.

    Is it too hard for us to agree on a few principals regardless of who is in power.

    Just Fed Up!!!I

  5. The only thing transparent about this govt is it isn’t transparent. A govt is only as strong as the people that allow it to get away with everything and anything. Talking about it and doing nothing about it and still voting them back in gives the govt all the power they need. Take away their power and you have a govt that will work for the people.

    We want to know how much this yacht sell for and how the money was divvied up. Nothing but full transparency would be acceptable. If that doesn’t happen, the creative self enrichment dictator Gaston Browne and his cronies like Darwin (Think he a some king) Telemaque and all the rest will pocket funds that belong to Antigua and should be in the Treasury. Dictator Gaston Browne can never be trusted. How can anyone in his position making his salary become so wealthy?

    Answer that question and vote accordingly. Gaston Farmer Browne even competes against the small farmers and can sell his products cheaper than the regular farmer while making a bigger profit at the same time. Is that who you want for PM?

    Gaston controls not one but two constituencies and you allow that jackass to do so. Not only that he throws his own people under the bus in order to avoid shit coming back to him. That’s the kind of PM you want?

    Nothing but complete transparency must be accepted, anything less should warrant a complete investigation and by and third party body not associated with any political party as well as not local including the Caribbean. Send in Scotland Yard, RCMP or CIA to investigate.

  6. @ Less We Forget

    I always thought you are GB talking/writing and you have just confirmed it. You are confirming what Pringle is saying and then justifying it.

    Have mercy Lord.
    How much longer can we put up with the ABLP government.

  7. @Zackie June 26, 2024 At 10:23 pm
    You seem to be missing the point. Getting commission is not illegal as I said. It is the law. So if you have a buyer for the Alfa Nero, just bring your client forward so you can get the commission. Why do you guys and girl always think making money is dirty. It an international practice. It’s not an Antiguan practice. We use to call people that make a living on commission, commission agent. I was registered as a commission agent in the 80s. Real Estate Agents are commission Agents. But I guess because this is the ABLP government making money is a bad word. It cannot be transparent because private people do not want everyone to know how much they earn. They have their right to privacy. You may remember the real estate agent that took the Yida to Court for his commission he claimed Yida owed him,for%20a%20Special%20Economic%20Zone.
    I wish I had a buyer for the Alfa Nero. I could do with such a large commission.

  8. @take it to the grave, chances are,you’re spot on concluding that@Lest we forget is the DAWG. The man is such a predictable juvenile. His MO never changes. When caught red-handed with lies( which is the only thing he has a Masters in) or questionable doings,it never fails. He blames UPP. When that fails,he blames covid.
    Him and his cabinet of hoodlums are too dunce and arrogant to admit when they’re wrong.
    Rumor has it, the 38 projects were never about actualization but collecting finders fee. Really the only thing that explains why a man would regurgitate the same garbage when he can’t finish ONE.
    Remove them ALL from office, bring in outside,independent forensic auditors, exclude any local agencies, and let’s see what they’ve been hiding for 10 years.

  9. Poor Barbudans, why do I get the feeling that they won’t get one dime of the $1M US donated that they are owed? I was hoping this sale would be the way to right this wrong done to the Barbudans by the govt.
    There may be nothing left after all of the outstanding debts are paid and the pirates split up the balance of the loot among themselves.

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