Motorcyclist Killed In Bethesda Accident



Road fatility victim identified as Shane ‘Yellowman’ Wellcome


Motorcyclist Killed In Crash In Bethesda


A male motorcyclist has become the country’s latest road fatality. He died on the spot after slamming into a lamp post in Bethesda.


He reportedly lost control of the motorcycle. Police are now on the scene of the crash.


More to come.


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  1. APUA needs to move all these long post by the roadside. Everytime there is an accident some long post is always involved

    • The long posts are not the issue, people refuse to take their time on the roads which leads to their fatal death most of the times smh


        Absolutely correct.

        The darn Lamp Post, never moved from where it was planted.

        Ride stupidly – Die horribly.
        Who aint like it may complain to ‘…Sir Robin.’

    • My sympathy goes out to his family & love ones… I will certainly accept in 21st century that our electrical wires should no longer be on post but running underground. However, I am not agreement that the lamp posts are causing the accidents. The ridiculousness of our drivers & our cyclist are causing their own demise…. Getting excited & showing off while driving or cycling tend to be the driver’s or cyclist’s nightmare. Yet persons failed to understand such. The motorcycle & vehicles only act upon the commands they are been given

  2. this man has been repeatedly warned by different people about the manner in which he rides his motorcycle

  3. Who will not hear must feel. Very sad though and lamp posts do not trouble anyone, they are stationary features.

  4. Most of the time people end up is accidents because we panic. I know it weird for me to say but it’s true. I ride motorcycles myself but not carelessly. I believe when you panic and focus on a object in our way is exactly where we headed reason way most accidents people hit those telephone polls where there is enough open area to run through… I have experience accidents myself.. Everything happens really quick and it is a quick thinking situation…… it’s sad that l lost a friend will miss you bro…. I’m lost for words….

  5. I wonder is who… the post aint got nothing to do with accidents. If you cant take your time on the road and you think speeding makes your vehicle or motorbike look sportive then kill off yourself then. Ever so often…and every single day is an accident. I saw one on All Saints road a while back where a guy run into this lady he was driving a black lexus and she was driving a white honda i think. The speed and rate in which that man was driving i say suppose somebody was crossing the road damnnnn. He hit the lady then hit a lamp post. He shouldnt be alive. When theu drive reckless nobody should be sorry cuz they put pedestrians life at risk.

  6. That same sunday they were driving extemely fast on factory road. I was saying to myself that I hope they donot collide with any other drivers on the road.

  7. reckless driving and speeding is a danger to pedestrians and all road users, please be wise and careful on the road. sympathies to the family and loved ones.

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