Michael Browne tells colleagues he thought he was going to die


Education Minister Michael Browne has said that he thought his current medical condition would have ended his life.

Browne who suffered a heart attack on Monday, gave insights into his medical condition in a Whatsapp message to fellow comrades.

He told Cabinet colleagues that he had a near death expereince after he drove himself to the hospital with severe chest pains.

The Education Minister said he was going in and out of consciousness throughout that night.

He said he thought this would have been his last moments on earth.

Browne was flown to the Cayman Islands on Tuesday via an air ambulance.

He has been released and will fly to Miami, Florida, where he will undergo additional tests at Baptist Memorial Hospital.

The government promises that the nation will be kept informed on the minister’s condition.

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  1. God is merciful. All thanks and praise to the Most High. It is in Him we live and move and have our being. #GiveThanks

  2. Let the name of GOD be glorified!!!
    Your party family frens materialistic possessions was ALL useless to you NOTHING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING could have saved YOU but GOD ..
    Had it not been for GOD on your side where would you be TODAY…..

    I hoped he thanked the staff and every medical personnel that assisted him ….



  3. Even if we have political differences and vigorous debates, we never want to see our opponents hurt or become unhealthy. Happy the Minister is getting the treatment he needs and he is getting better.

    Now we need to debate and consider why Antigua does not have the medical capability to handle a situation as a simple as a heart attack. This is a common emergency situation, so why do we have to airlift and air ambulance out of Antigua for something so common?

    Antigua needs to really develop its own medical and hospital capability.

    • Doubt it had anything too do with not being capable too handle a hesrt attack how many others had heart attacks and are out here walking that was just a decision they made I guess cause they don’t trust the hospital plain and simple

    • The hospital can handle simple hard attacks as you call it. Because really no heart attack is simple. Unless you know what the consequences are. We are not specialized to look at any further heart issues and do heart operations. Those are specialize doctors. Just like kidney transplants are specialize doctors. We are however in a position to stabilize a person as much as possible to ensue they can travel to a facility that offers such treatment. And that alone is very remarkable. just like when we had the burn victims we were able to stabilize them before flying them to Guadeloupe we did a splendid job at MSJMC. So please understand what it is that we do hear. Apart from that we have already have had a couple of kidney transplants here and cataract surgery those are great accomplishments

    • Guess the Doctors here were not sure what the issue was- hence the reason for sending him abroad..In the meantime he was treated as a Heart Attack patient and they did him well..It turned out it was not a Heart attack.. What may be lacking here,is a Diagnostic center-because no matter what treatment methods is used,if the patient isn’t diagnosed correctly it will all be in vain..MSJ has made some marvelous strides and should be commended for it,we need not always look at the negatives only..

  4. This guy is a clown pure clown thought he was going to die so y did he not …some people think god plays warry he dont time is everything…..dont see y this guy/fem is getting tax payers money ,he mean he have to find away to travel out of antigua just a waste dumb ..

    • @E Books Dead- Your comment is strikingly similar to one of a very Evil Person.. Hope you are taking your own advice and know that God never play games ..

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