May 1st announced to activate work permit waivers for CARICOM and DR Nationals



The Minister of Labour informed the Cabinet that all regulations and amendments are in place to activate the waiver of work permit fees for Caricom nationals and for nationals of the Dominican Republic.

The effective date of the implementation will be May 1st, 2023.

The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) made a promise to eliminate work permit fees for these two groups during the election campaign.

The Government has now acted to make good on its promise.MA

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  1. Now they need to keep their promise of the back pay and pay increase. They need to start pay the small contractors at least once monthly since the Big Men have specific days every month when they get huge sums. That would be a better headline. I work through the Caribbean so I can say first hand many other islands do not require work permits for work so we’re far behind. I’m grateful they finally implementing it though

    • Don’t forget that it was the UPP who suggested it in their election campaign and that the ABLP picked it up.

      The ABLP have copied all the policy suggestions of the UPP.

      Nothing is wrong with that but credit where it is due.

  2. Wonderful. Now clear up the backpay from 2018. Oh Lord have mercy waiting 5 years for $3311 murderrrrrrr!!!!! Help! Help! Murder

  3. She was a born and bred Antiguan. No work permit required, but she was snuffed out. No possibility to work to provide for her (unborn child).

    Life cut short. Unborn fetus crying from her womb beyond the grave. 1 coffin for 2 bodies.

    • lol lol lol c’mon my friend. No love for the CSME? No “One Caribbean” vibes? Different slave ships, but We are one Mr. Byam

      • @Hmmmmm: We are not one. Remembered the days of the West Indies Federation? We were supposed to be one then. I wondered what happened. We as a people would never be one. The Political Leaders in the respective jurisdictions made sure of that by dividing us. Not even that Continent known to all as Africa is united.

  4. When will the Constitution be amended, to give #ALL ANTIGUANS, BARBUDADANS & REDONDANS the right, to sit in the Parliament, and represent the People regardless, of any other #oath of allegiance they take living in another Nation?

    You have African Refugees, Mercenaries and Guerrillas dictating how they want to be treated, and as far as we can see and tell, it appears as if, they’re becoming a #Private Army.

    You have CIP’s, others from the Commonwealth, expats, gangsters building communities that only serve their best interests.

    Therefore, #ALL, EBRIE SINGLE ANTIGUAN, BARBUDAN or REDONDAN MUST be free to represent the Nation, as a Member of Parliament.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  5. Did they mean to say April 1,2023. Oh no,that is ALL FOOLS DAY as we used to say inna Antigua.Let us see what really happens on May 1st.

  6. These IDIOTIC POLITICIANS, so what about
    1 The back pay from years ago, people still waiting.
    2 The recent back pay.
    3 Customs over time.
    4 Public works over time.
    5 CBH over time.
    6 Solid waste truckers payment
    Etc etc
    The nonantiguans are moving ahead and getting more from the politicians than Africans from this 170 soil.
    The same POLITICIANS could not remove the Spanish people from Perry Bay but look how they dealt with the people of Point, threaten them and take them to Court in the mean time the POLITICIANS cannot touch the Spanish people.

    Never ending Amnesty all now people still getting Amnesty all now.
    Somebody hafffu work obeah pan dem, who in their right mind do not take care of their own first, who?

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