Man gets suspended sentence for unlawful sex with minor


A man was spared jail time after admitting he had sex with an underage girl.

Jamacey Downer received a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to sexual intercourse with a female under the age of 16.

Downer was 22 years old when he had sex with the then 14-year-old girl in September of 2018.

The girl said the man first met her at a pool party and blew kisses at her.

On the day of the incident, the two began talking under a tree shortly after she came off a school bus.

The man then took the minor to his home where she agreed to have sex with him.

In his defense, the man said he thought the girl was 16 years old.

Downer, a first-time offender, was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment suspended for 18 months.


This means the 10 months prison sentence will not be enforced unless the defendant commits another crime over the next year and a half.


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  1. Just throw away the whole sexual offences act. Why have this law on the books if it is not being fully enforced. This is why these big nasty men will always prey on little girls.

    • The young man was 22 years old when it happened -the claim that the young lady told him she was 16 could very well be true.Even she is in School,the law says 16 is legal . I would not label a 22 year old having Sex with a 16year old as Nasty..These young girls need to act their ages and not like grown ups-and their parents should insist they carry themselves like their ages also.. In this matter,i do believe the Court had to have some evidence of innocence why he got a suspended sentence.. I am a Woman,but the Men cant be always wrong..

  2. Without knowing the full facts, and what was said by the girl with regards to her age… It still seems clear that this man knew she was a school child, and therefore probably under age. My understanding is that if you are an adult (over the age of consent), and have sex with a minor (under the age of consent) that constitutes rape, as the minor cannot be deemed able to consent to the act. Certain mitigation is given if ‘both parties’ are close in age… but an eight year age gap does not appear to be a mitgating factor here. Morally, a 22 year old man should be seeking people of his own age, but that’s neither here nor there. Am totally surprised by some of the sentencing coming out of the courts at the moment! Especially those surrounding minors. In my opinion, it seems as if the judges have lost contact with reality and the thoughts of the population.

    • Take a wild guess or research
      at how old VC 🐦 senior wife was when they got married! Lester and all a them mommy.

    • Not exactly….the law also states, that if the alleged perpetrator is lead to believe that the supposedly minor is above age then it takes a different turn.

      Read the laws and understand them.

      • Read my first sentence! I’m sure I probably know more about the law than you do.

        Sounds like you’re probably someone looking to use this as a defence.

        • 16 years is the legal age here to have Sex isn’t it? Until that’s changed legally,the Man cannot be punished because the young woman wears a uniform,unless she was raped…A 22 year old Male is not exactly all grown up, You had better believe that lots of these young Woman go around fooling Men about their ages..

  3. I am surprised though as to how easily this young girl said yes. I do believe that she is old enough to say no. Our young girls need to be taught how to vaule themselves and know that they are not to be used like that.

    • What kind of people do you hang around with. There are hundreds and hundreds of fine Antiguan women with values, principles and morals. They probably wouldn’t hand around with you. The girl is a child. The guy needs to be casturated.

  4. I am confused now Mr Pompey please help….

    I thought neither party’s name should be publicized….

    Well lawd does it depends on who did the crime?

    • Perhaps Mr. Pomp can clear this up for us. Mel, don’t you know the answer? You are usually on top of things like this. Maybe Ras knows something?

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