Lovell warns of civil disobedience to put pressure on government (VIDEO)


The leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP) Harold Lovell says his party will embark on “civil disobedience” during the government’s term in office.

Since his party’s defeat at the polls in March this year, many (including the Prime Minister) have accused the UPP of “not doing their job”.

Addressing a crowd yesterday at Parliament Drive during its ‘white march’, Lovell vowed that the UPP, “is going to step it up.”

“You see the first three years, [the ABLP] got an easy time. But right now we’re going to march, we’re going to picket, we’re going to go to court. And if all those things don’t work, we are going to call for civil disobedience in Antigua and Barbuda!”

Lovell promised that from here on that his party will be a, “fighting opposition… we’re going to be a strong opposition… we’re going to be a no-nonsense opposition,” to which detractors in the crowd yelled, “too late.”

Also lending their voices to the call was general secretary of the Barbuda People’s Movement McKenzie Frank.

“Some of the people in Antigua do not understand,” said Frank, “the direction in which Gaston Browne is taking this country.”

“He is creating a scenario in which Antigua will become a pariah in the world again.”

Frank went on to accuse Prime Minister Browne of having, “no respect for the people of Barbuda.”

“It’s best we say,” said Frank, “Antigua and Redonda, because Barbuda gone! We done with that kind of insult. We done with that kind of attitude from a leader of a country whose supposed to have the interest of its people at heart.”

The vice president of the Movement Cleon Athill joined the chorus of those in attendance displeased with the quality of governance by the present Administration.

“The country nar run good!” Athill exclaimed.

“When you look at the fact that the Prime Minister speaks to the people of Antigua any old how, we say the country nar run good. When the Integrity Commission refuses to answer the inquires of the concerned people of Antigua and Barbuda, we say the country nar run good.”

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  1. You are going to call for civil disobedience and could not garner 5% of your voters to march.. Harold,you are an Idiot and a very bitter loser….

  2. 5% you mean like 1% the UPP manage to scrape out over 13, 000 votes by uet they did not even have 300 persons at the march. Never mind it was made up primerly of senior citizens. When Harold Failure go wake up and smell the coffee that a long as he is at the head the UPP DEAD

  3. Right so a bunch of old people who not making any contributions to the island going be joinging the killing factor of the UPP to cause civil disobedience. Lovell please just take a backseat and let someone else run the UPP cause as you at the head the UPP will remain a it is a senior citizen club.

    • Correction! These persons ALREADY MADE contribution to their country and now are getting NOTHING for their services. Services, I might add you did not make because you were paid to pull out propaganda machinery. Every SINGLE person is a DIFFERENCE made!

  4. LMAO!! This poor fart still pretending that he is relevant to the politics of this country?? Has he no REAL FRIENDS who can tell him that he missed the flight??

    The longer he stays, the more weak, desperate, and powerlessly shitty he makes himself to be.

    Leave with whatever shrewd of dignity you have left. Even if it’s a scintilla.

  5. CHAKU looked a bit smashed. The beer he was drinking looked cold he might as well had given one to Harold so he could chill & stop talking foolishness.
    The march was a waste of time but then again the senior citizens needed something to do. That gathering was abysmal.

  6. Seems like Lovell was even having problems convincing himself. The talk seemed like a personal pep talk. As he jumped in one instance one could not help but hope he did not hurt himself. Only ignorant people keep using failed tactics

    • Guess we can at least commend him for getting some of our senior citizens to engage in physical activity which has tremendous health benefits. The Ministry of Social Transformation can learn a thing or two from him. Maybe they should partner with him for a week of activities to celebrate Senior Citizens Day

  7. Harold Failure Lovell would you please step aside and let Jamal do his work. U so selfish and badminded. U and Tabor need to ride off into the sunset of the Sunshine Governament and the younger hands run the UPP otherwise your event will be like this a gathering for old folks

    • Tabor need o quit or be shoved aside as the PRO. He is doing more harm than good to the party. Why not Shawn Nicholas?

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