Lovell says ‘tried and tested’ teachers and nurses will be given priority for pay increases under a UPP Administration


Public servants are likely to see a salary increase under a United Progressive Party (UPP) Administration, Political Leader Harold Lovell assures.

During its two-term tenure, the Administration had increased the salaries of all its employees, including sizeable pay hikes for air traffic controllers, the Police, and the Customs Division.

This time around, priority will be given to the teaching and nursing fraternities, who were tried, tested and pushed to the limit during the COVID-19 pandemic, Lovell promises

During the UPP’s time in office, its Ministers accepted a 10 percent cut in pay since it had inherited a struggling economy.  However, ministerial salaries were increased when the Gaston Browne Administration took over.

Since then, Cabinet members have complained that another pay increase is in order, although Prime Minister Browne has said this will not happen until public servants’ salaries are addressed.

Meanwhile, one resident is asking why the sitting Ministers cannot live on their salaries when the UPP Cabinet was paid less.

She says no Minister should even consider a raise in pay at this time, since they enjoy free utilities and other perks, and many are business owners who claim to be already well-off.

The woman fears that if the Browne Administration is re-elected, then Ministers will increase their pay, while perhaps giving public servants a minimal raise to “shut them up.”

If the general elections were not so close, she says, she believes the Cabinet might have already given itself an increase.

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    • Mr. Lovell we are tired of hearing about giving, giving and giving. Dont you think it’s full time to offer us empowerment? Why not think about a program so that the old & young, boy and girl can be forced to aquire a higher education / skill so we don’t have to depend on hand outs from the govt. An educated nation will make a wealthy nation. Just a fruitful thought if you are seriously thinking about maintaining your position as the nation’s opposition

  1. Ha ha ha…this thing is beyond comical. Mrs Wickham came off her marital bed and said Harold Lovel is no good as leader. Ofcourse Lovel disagreed because as you know once a statement is not in his favor he becomes critical.

  2. Still trying to FOOL Antiguans and Barbudans. LYAD LIMPY JOE Lovell. You are a “SPENT FORCE “. Your days are DONE. You and your AWFUL Candidates. 80 % of your Candidates are UNEMPLOYED. Murderer , Bounced cheques , Living in house and pay no rent, SPOKESPERSON went to jail for MOLESTATION. What a bunch of UNSUITABLES.

  3. Excellent news for our teachers and nurses, who are the backbone to an educated and healthy society.

    Lovell seems to REALLY care about these professions; whereas the current incumbent is doing his utmost to undermine them (as witnessed recently, by nurses demonstrating about their pay, conditions and illegal mandates).

    UPP are making the right moves for GOVERNANCE …

    • The same Lovell who between 2009-2014 had a track record of paying people late? Gimme one phucking break i still have the picture of when the bank RBTT bank put a notice on their window advicing customer government is paying later!!

      • Hey PRIM, and if you knew how to debate nobody would pay attention anyway.


    • Hope you have enough money’s to lend him. Maybe you and Harry have a money tree somewhere. IMF enjoyed when Governments reduces their wage bills. I am know convinced that you are a Butt licking UPPITES insane hypocrite. Anyways, you deserved the crown of Garbage for the day. You will be better serve to ask this liar that’s says Wadadli is broke. Where in Jah name’s he is going to find all these money’s to pay all these bills he claims? Oops, I forgot from the money’s tree that you hypocrites UPPITES have in your warp brains. You all have no credibility and integrity.

      • @ Colombo, I was Gassy’s biggest supporter when he first came into office, but he’s broken too many promises (I.e, promising back pay to workers and pensioners, lowering the cost of living, and trying to stop Antiguans living abroad from their voting rights. I could go on, but you get my drift).

        And, by the way, if you want to debate with me let’s DEBATE, but name calling shows a distinct lack of education – I’M SURE YOU CAN DO BETTER … OR MAYBE NOT?

        • I don’t debate hypocrites butt licking to liars like Harry. It’s doesn’t matter to me who you support but one thing I know is a classic Nincompoop and hypocrite that have lost their brains in the toilet. All UPPITES are full of deception and lies. The UPPITES was the worst government in Wadadli history. Just imagine they fired plenty Wadadlians and took back lands from poor people.

          • Wow….my education is limited. Wha happens to Ms Foots, Mr. Greatful and Mr. Maskses? I forgot the blind leading the blinds. You are a classic hypocrite.

  4. JUST SAYING when I saw this article before even reading it I said to myself JUST SAYING must have a comment on this. I think it would have been better if Mrs. Wickham (whoever that is) had stayed on his marital bed. Anyway, I am looking forward to see if this is another one of the brilliant ideas of Harold Lovell that the ALP will cog. JUST SAYING do you use to cog in school? The ALP needs to stop cogging and develop their own ideas

    • Mts Wickham said basically that Lovel is a waste. He does not have a good track record in politics lost more than he has won. He lacks leadership qualities. He was quick to commend the honorable PM for steering the course during the crisis. If it is for once there is any belief in the adage that the voice of the people is the voice of God then certain the people have responded in having PM Browne and the ABLP at the helm.

      By the way are you game for a strip club lime tomorrow? Have a slimmaz line up for you.

      • JUST SAYING you know I do not understand your strip club and street language. What is is slimmaz? Is that a nice slim woman? In any case, you know I leave the strip club lime to you, FROM THE SIDELINE, ERIC (THE RED), PETE, TENMAN and BEEF.

        • Are you saying you are not prepared to support a business that was the brainchild of a former UPP politician?

  5. I heard ANA SALOME did NOT receive Her payment from THE BLUE ORGANIZATION. SO ANA SALOME QUIT. How patriotic…ANA ( INSANE ) SALOME CAN BE. I missed you in the chat. Please pay ANA SALOME…She needs the cash.

    • She went for a ride on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌😂🤣

      The official campaign transportation for the UPP. Next stop is the crossroads to put down another calabash!

  6. 😯🤨 “tried and tested teachers” that the same UPP admitted it made a MISTAKE in offering them a package to exit the system???? This 🤡 gets worse and worse with each utterance!!!!!

    The Rag-Tag queen Education minister LOWERED THE PASSMARK. And Franz DeFreitas beggy beggy self can’t spell or conjugate verbs correctly and he is the UPP Shadow Minister of Education????????

    One big JOKE AND CLOWN SHOW 🤡 🤡 🤡


  7. “… he says the UPP’s major deficit is its leader HAROLD LOVELL.”

    “UPP’s MAJOR HANDICAP now is LEADERSHIP and when it comes down to it you know Gaston has his shortcomings and he’s been challenged in the public domain on many issues. But in the final analysis his CAPACITY TO LEAD, LEAD THROUGH A CRISIS CANNOT BE QUESTIONED. Um you compare him to Harold Lovell who is UNABLE TO WIN A SEAT um while leading a party. UNABLE TO WIN A SEAT while not leading a party and the idea that he could miraculously take over and win a government next time is something that I struggle…” ~ Peter Wickham 6/apr/22


    • The same Harold Lovell who BADPLAY Joanne Massiah and Ricahrd “BULLY BEEF” Lewis for party leadership?

      “Bro. Harold Lovell told me he was done with elective politics and ask me if I would lead the UPP. To my surprise, Bro. Harold changed his mind and decided to run, but DIDN’T SEE IT FIT TO EVEN INFORM ME. Instead, I received several calls from individuals suggesting that I back down.”




    Ana Salome…We UPP need you. ERIC ( THE RED ) will take over this forum with His POLLING for ABLP. ERIC ( THE RED ) election polling is the talk on the street.

    • BIRCH you should know better than to take the ridiculous unscientific poll of ERIC (THE RED) seriously. Tell the ALP to publish the results of the latest Peter Wickham poll which shows the UPP winning the election, including the St. Peters seat.


        Tabor why tell lies ? The Latest poll shows the following.

        ABLP 17 SEATS



        BARBUDA 00 SEAT


        • ERIC (THE RED) all your polls are always the latest that is why ANA SALOME had to show you up by indicating that your so-called poll you said was done in March over a year ago. We know your poll is just a figment of your imagination, however, the unsuspecting and not too smart person might give you some credibility. So when was this latest poll done and you still refuse to answer my simple questions about your sampling methodology and sample size.

          • Interestingly, you mentioned Anna. She says that the UPPITES will win 10 seats. Do you believe her? If so tell the world which ones you’ll will win? Why keep it a secret? Reds says 17 to 0.

  10. Smarty Jr. has a song, “we catch them a lie”. Lovell should listen to the words. They are relevant up to this day. The UPP will tell you, they can wipe the ocean dry. Lovell trying to be relevant. But all he is doing is showing how desperate he really is. People are not stupid to see all this as blatant lies. Promises promises. We’ve been there before. Can’t fool us three times. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

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