Lovell says the time has come to provide more incentives for electric cars


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  1. The time has come?

    well the time is LONG PAST for this joker to give it a rest and tap BADPLAY Joanne Massiah and Richard Lewis for party leadership!

  2. Steady yourself Mr Lovell, the country can just about find enough electricity for their homes 🏡 let alone electricity grids for cars 🚗.

    UPP are doing well at the moment, don’t lose the momentum with this nonsense that Antigua cannot afford. Careful sir!

  3. Mr Lovell is the biggest joke with all his promises, promise this and promise that and don’t do jack ****. Although I don’t care for Gaston at least he does carry through with some promises, not this joker though.

    • Me sure ppl like u a benefit.from uniform for ur meal…raise of pension..pdv for ur grand parents …and so much more that lovell put in place which the alp never taught about but a run with all upp don concrete..all u ungreatful.tell gaston give us pay raise.we cant keep up with the bills and the supermarket.wicket set a ppl


  4. Any idea what to do with the lithium ion batteries when they expire in 10-15 years? Or will they just be taken to cooks landfill, and mysterious fires occur in that area every few years?

    • Please know as a company specializing in this kind of technology, Megapower and Megapower Antigua, lithium batteries can now be fully recycled and encouraged to do so.

  5. @ Stanley Barreto, I’ve not heard of this ‘recycling’ development (especially with lithium batteries) Can you PLEASE elaborate for those of us who aren’t in the loop?

    • An earlier post mentions Megapower Antigua. They appear to be the company here that does the battery recycling.

  6. Start small Mr. Lovell. Great idea whose time has come. You have to build out the infrastructure first. Reliable electricity, public charging stations, technicians who can service these vehicles, continued improvements to road networks. Electric vehicles are not cheap. The maintenance costs are excessive. One of these vehicles drop in road pond. The owner is going to cry MURDA!!!

    • You make some excellent points about building out the infrastructure first.
      Another thing that is rarely mentioned on this subject is that the electricity to power these electric cars come from powerplants burning FOSSEL FUELS. It seems to me that all we’ve done is to CENTRALIZE where the burning happens. Instead of the fuel being burnt in the car’s engine, it is now burnt at the power station where the electricity is generated. The amount of fuel burnt remains the same!

  7. Old man Lovell is just grasping for straws. He knows his career is just about over. New leadership will arise and the UPP just might be a real force. Bring on the youths. Put the old man out to pasture.

  8. What percentage of people in the country right now can afford to buy an electric car ? The cost of electric vehicles needs to go down drastically.

  9. The technology no where near ready. Many issues with the current batteries. That not happening any time soon.

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