LOVELL: PM took Moderna vaccine illegally and undermined national vaccination efforts (+AUDIO)

PM takes second dose of Moderna vaccine/ File Photo

Audio Courtesy Observer Radio:


BOOSTER: PM reveals he got 3rd Moderna shot

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  1. Boss get over it. You grasping at straws…Your continued utterance on this issue does NOTHING to help the process. I honestly feel sorry for you at times.

    • @ Just Saying as I feel sorry for you . Nobody gives a Rats Ass about your opinion which is never much even if they gave you all day.
      Truly a pity but always predictable someone like you that can’t see beyond party and Gaston’s ass .
      If the Theif ,Traitor and 2 Bit Dictator shot a man for no reason you would find a why he should’ve been shot .

    • JUST SAYING while Gaston has already taken his Moderna booster Dr. Fauci is today advocating that people should wait until the FDA gives its approval before taking the booster. Gaston is such a comical character it is sad and pathetic.

        • FROM THE SIDELINE it looks like you were away in space or something. Were you the first Antiguan to travel into space. Is zero gravity and weightlessness still affecting your brain. The Moderna vaccine booster that Gaston said he took along with the Governor General was brought into Antigua illegally. You should know therefore that Gaston was an accessory to a crime. Please stop burying your head in the sand and stop trying to justify all of Gaston’s bull shit and illegalities.

    Highly-vaccinated, but more cases than ever: Singapore shows the world what ‘endemic’ COVID might look like
    September 28, 2021 6:32 AM EDT

    Asia Pacific
    Singapore reports highest single-day rise in COVID-19 cases

    Singapore tightens COVID-19 curbs after seeing record infections

      • How many unsuccessful lawsuits Gaston file in the past 7 years? Wonder if Isaac Newton collected yet on the case he won against loud automatic mouth Gaston. Government by misinformation and intimidation me say!

  3. King Lyadd Lovell strikes again. Mr. ROMANTIC RHYTHMS and Butch’s bitch is always reactive. The PM sure knows how to push Lovell buttons. After all he is a battery operated robot. Gisele Isaac program him to carry out HER instructions. What a dam arse. Hoping against hope that ppl will lose the care of their brains and vote for his sorry losing libba.

  4. This government continues to lose the fight against COVID despite the curfews, SOE and intimidation, the numbers continue to rise. Yet Lovell who has been out of office for 7 years gets blamed! Straight from the Trump Playbook. Deflect to the end and then deflect again. Just unbelievable!

  5. JUST SAYING when your only response is 17 – 0 like ERIC (THE RED), it clearly shows that you guys are in a quandary and just cannot counter the compelling evidence presented of the incompetence of the ALP Administration and its mismanagement of the country.

  6. I’m just so tired of the blame game
    Gaston blaming Lovell , Lovell blaming Gaston. While the Country is in a crisis. its irrelevant who they think caused it. COME TOGETHER and stop behaving like little boys fighting about who’s marble should be pitched 😡a fed up

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