LOVELL: Gaston and Maria partying in Dubai while Antigua people sucking salt




  1. Lovell is showing himself to be more and more DESPERATE!! Clutching at straws as the water enters his nostrils 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不

    Chaku Waku can’t rescue him cause Chaku Waku can’t even swim 不

  2. Bad mind is a hell of a thing. Some say its a disease!!!

    Guess what you will NEVA represent Antigua and Barbuda as head of state.

    • “Just Saying”…just a slight correction. Harry is running to be the HEAD OF GOVERERNMENT, not the HEAD OF “STATE”. That positioon is already taken. The “Head of State” is Elizabeth II, and the Governor General is her appointed representative. The “Head of Government” is Gaston Browne. Read your constitution and learn.

  3. Harold Lovell really grudge PM Gaston Browne-
    He sound so shameful- just wish he was there doing something important. Harold Lovell go look work fa do. Just imagine you Harold Lovell collecting a full pension from the People of Antigua and Barbuda- you Dat na do nuttin fa Antigua and Barbuda since ya born. That’s shameful

    • Nobody pays any attention to him any more. He is from another time and place. A new leader might give the UPP the push forward that they need, especially if it’s a young person…somebody charismatic and bright. It’s time. I like Lovell on a personal level, but his leadership skills have faded. He can’t win elections!!!! This time when he is defeated again perhaps he’ll finally be retired, and replaced. I understand the fight is already brewing. In som In some ways I feel sorry for him. He’s just not todays man.

  4. Instead of spending time insulting each other and focusing on their jealousy and hatred for each other, wouldnt it be much better to focus on what you job is which is to improve the lives of the people of Antigua and Barbuda???!!!!! Throwing out shady comments about your competitors does nothing to move us forward, they never have our best interests at heart, their only interest is enriching themselves and making their personal lives better, time for some young fresh educated antiguans to rise up to these positions and rid these old lousy guys out of office. That would be a breath of fresh air

    • @ Kendra, I’ve said all along that the current political system isn’t working for the common man or woman.

      As you mentioned, I’m also hoping that the up and coming political students will put Antigua 佞 first and clean up any corrupt practices that they come across.

      I’m very optimistic for our future, however, greed and avarice at the top has to be tackled NOW!!!

      • I, too, am “optimistic” for the future of Antigua and Barbuda. Just don’t bring in any of those right wing TRUMP-ITE ideologies or philosophy, or centre-right stuff. Antigua and Barbuda was a workers’ state from the beginning, always centre-left. That is what is best for the ordinary people, and welcomed by the labouring masses and their allies.

        • Why do people keep on mentioning Trump’s name in everything. In Antigua, I want to believe that we historically judge ideas on their own merit not based on whether they fit some label of “centre-right” or “left” etc. Both “left” and “right” in America have both good and bad ideas, but many people are too caught up in their political cult to be see and be honest about that.

  5. … And Gassy 斥 had the AUDACITY to curtail the travelling arrangements for the diaspora who also had to conduct their business affairs.

    One rule for the FINANCIAL ELITES, and another for the rest of us.

    Remember, when Gassy 斥 smiles to your face, he doesn’t necessarily mean you well.


  6. Poor Lovell. He is so desperate. He misses the frequent flyer he used to enjoy. All that travelling he did when being the minister of tourism and nothing to show for. And I don’t recall Lovell ever traveling with his wife. Leadership really matters. Lovell, Gaston is doing the work of the country. Proper representation. That is why he is invited to these meetings. All over the world they always request him to be a feature speaker. Something you have never achieved in your entire career. Envy and jealousy will get you nowhere.

    • Yup co-chair of a UN Body and Set to receive the LEGACY AWARD from the University of the West Indies.

      The Hon. Gaston A. Browne


      • University of the West Indies done give awards to almost all the Caribbean leaders. He is probably the last one left so what is the big deal.

  7. Poor “Brix” YOU REALLY have a problem, don’t you? You need prayer. Just relax. See a priest.

    • I’m sure @ No Need, that if you KNEW anything about running a business, you would understand where I’m coming from – HOWEVER, THANKS FOR YOUR CONCERN

  8. All I am saying is that local contractors need to be paid. One more week of disappointment.

  9. Harry you just miss them days when you would fly all over the world不不不. We all remember when you be on a every week. Jealous much Harry不不不不不

    • Yep. He def miss dem days of jet setting 不不不不不不不不不不不 He can try bus setting on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 不

  10. I want to ask how much it costs the nation for all the first class travel, hotel and per diem these politicians and other government officials have incurred travelling over the globe since the pandemic. The poor nurses are waiting for their money. The teachers are waiting for their money. The the ABS employees are waiting for their money. And the PM and his wife are partying in Dubai. All the money being spent could have helped the unpaid Antiguans. Gaston has no empathy for Antiguans. Just his show off self.

      • His goal is to spread falsehood and deceive and mislead those that cannot think for themselves. Hope that is not a great number of people. But we will keep on rebutting and exposing their lies relentlessly.
        They cannot and should not win any election in this country, based on the lies they spread like what they did in 2004.

  11. People need to understand if hes on business for the country his wife is not supposed to be with him. Her place in the administration is not his assistance she has a department to run. So who is paying for this family trip is it the tax payers of the country. These dum kool aid drinkers need to stop talking about jealousy and take they head out of their a$$$ and think about country instead of color.

    • Nothing wrong with a wife accompanying her husband wherever in the world he is. Doesn’t have to attend business meetings but can attend social functions. Better for the family not to be apart for many extended times if avoidable.

    • You think Biden doesn’t travel with his wife?
      It is sending an exceptionally good sign when a man travels with his wife. Shows he is a family-oriented man. Same thing when the Governor General Travels. He travels as much as possible with his wife. Even Prince William traveled the other day through the Caribbean with his wife.
      The PM is setting a very good example for many young people to be seen with his wife almost everywhere he goes. I’m proud to see that from our Prime Minister. Wifes should not only be there for the photo up when being sworn in.

      • @From The Sideline…there are very few similarities, which put Professor Dr. Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden, Americas current FLOTUS, and Maria Browne Bird in the same category.
        A few of these are…
        a)…theyre both female!
        b)…theyre both presently married to the leader of an Organization which is the pseudo leader of many Nations today. This has no real significance, in comparing Jill Biden and Maria Browne, its just the case, for now!

        On the other hand, in terms of knowledge, diplomacy, experience, INDEPENDENCE, etc, Jill Biden is light years ahead of Maria Browne, who still has her training wheels on, as she continues her #On The Job Training, under the watchful eyes, of her husband, mentor, manager PM Gaston Browne.
        I do understand, and get your fanaticism as the number one #Fan(I dont know, Washie might be doing, better sucking up than you, or you are #The Behind Da Screen Man, with no script to follow)., as I said, as #Fanatic of the PM Browne, I can fully understand your protecting of his #Cult Like Image. Heck, any Rags to Riches, Cinderella, Ugly Duckling Fable/Story always gave their admirers and #Fanstics. Our present PM is no exception, so, I do get your protection, as a #MOMAGER.

        Anyways, what the Nation of Antigua, Barbuda and Redonda needs, and we should focus on, in terms of the USA and A,B&R is #ACCOUNTABILITY from all and sundry. Not just ABLP, but UPP and any other organisation which will become the Ruling Arm in the Parliament.

        Just like murder, kidnapping, and other violent crimes which affects their victims adversely for generations, with no Statute of Limitations, so too must embezzlement, fraud, theft, forgery while being a Member of Parliament. Forensics, Forensic Auditing have come a long way, to prove many Cold Cases.

        I pray for the day, when Asot Michael will find the courage, to do, a Tell All Book. It may not stand up in a Court of Law, but in the Court of Public Opinion it will surely expose more than just, #Trophy Wives of Paradise!

  12. Gaston took his trophy with him to Dubai. She would be the attraction for donors to Share,Inc. That Charity has not done one damn thing for anyone,in Antigua and Barbuda. Where is the money from Share,Inc. garne.It bought building and lands on Lower North Street in Point.I am wondering in whose names those real estate are listed Share,Inc or THE FAMILY. Sure operates like La Cosa Nostra.

    • Only a low-class SOB would make a comment like that.
      And of course, not surprisingly allowed by the editor. How low can we sink, before we understand the difference between freedom of speech and defamation of character. Should a woman endure this just because of politics. Have some standard. It could have been your daughter, or sister or mother. There is a place or everything. Shame on you guys.
      And you may choose not to publish my comment, I don’t give two hoots.

      • @From The Sideline…
        …its no doubt, that were in #Funny Season,
        …when the politicians fan base,
        …will do many things, without rhyme or reason!
        …you can chalk it up, to #Fanaticism
        …which these days, its powered by #Ganstarism
        …so, whether you shout #ABLP
        …DNA, Go Green, BPM or UPP
        …one can clearly see, that no matter the tactic
        …the logic, reasoning or rhetoric
        …all of you are the same,
        …simply playing the Dirty #Political Game
        …by, calling each other derogatory names
        …and, you all have no one else to blame
        …because, many of you are #Fanatics
        …blindly following these blood suckers, vipers and ticks
        …thats why, I pray for someone like a #Walking-Tall
        …to show up with the #Big-Stick
        …clean the house, by putting a whopping,
        …a grown folks beating
        …on all of you, #ALL.

        • We just celebrated International Women’s Day. But I guess it does not mean anything to some people. Just to be respectful of women would go al long way. And as I stated before, it could be your daughter, sister, mother. You do not denigrate a woman by talking about her in such manner. And the publisher is as guilty as the writer. But then again, perhaps he/she isn’t a trained editor.

    • Its typically of all you idiots including your leaders of the UPPITES to insult and cuss females. Anyways most of you fools have lost your brains in the shit house and always spout nonsense and ignorance. You all have no decency and integrity. No one that have any credibility will follow all you ignorant people. From your inception most of you enjoyed abusing women like Harry your leader. No one expect better.

    • @ Bugsy, what do you mean by your derogatory term “trophy” ?

      Are you a misogynist by any chance?

  13. So for do them gaston. Mek them suffer while u live like king…lol. you should turn them into slaves like them ancestors

  14. If you are going to take a Limousine in Dubai soon, remember that the use of the mask is mandatory in any scenario. Despite the fact that up to three people per row can travel in vehicles with up to nine seats as long as they live under the same roof,

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