LOVELL: ‘I believe in listening to and respecting women’



“Strong, confident women have shaped me and moulded me. I have four sisters and was raised by my mother after my father died when I was very young.


And, my dear wife guides me and supports me to this day.


As a leader, I believe in listening to and respecting women. Women are involved as candidates and as leaders in our party.


And, in government, I will ensure that the voices of women are heard and the issues of women addressed.


To the women of Antigua & Barbuda – Happy International Women’s Day.”

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  1. Totally agree! My beautiful Antiguan 🇦🇬 partner is my equal and my friend. We laugh together, cry together, mourn together and appreciate each others SKILLSET; and when this all comes together WOW, WHAT A PARTNERSHIP!


    Happy international women’s day 💓 to one and all …

  2. Says the man who’s party pick a man who is responsible for a young woman death over a woman who is wayyyyyy more respectful. Just gimme a break anything to win the election.

    • Exactly!!!! Just think he can fool ppl with mere words. And a spokesperson/ frontman on Crusader radio who is a CONVICTED PEDOPHILE. The young lady was just 13 years old when the then 50 years old UPP radio host violated her and scarred her for life.

      • IF there are any “convicted pedophiles” on Crusader Radio, as you allege, I am calling on the Freedom Movement to march, march, march and don’t stop until this is rectified. NO CONVICTED AND PROVEN PEDOPHILES. Hide your childen.

  3. JOANNE MASSIAH got zero Respect!!!!! Nada. Zilch.
    Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd you BADPLAY JOANNE Massiah because you felt threatened by her. You chose to UNDERMINE her in your desperate thirsty quest for power. You called her a T-R-A-I-T-O-R!!!! When the UPP loses, you can take 100% credit for that

    You are reaping the fruits of your awful seeds and have more to reap up until general elections.

    You are a DISGRACE as a man, leader and human being. What goes around comes around MR. IMF ROMANTIC RHYTHMS WADADLI POWER CAN’T ABST HOTEL RIPOFF

    • no. He made certain statements trying to suggest certain things. I will NOT repeat them, because they are so untrue, uncouth, degrading and UNBECOMING of a married man.

      “And, my dear wife guides me and supports me to this day.”

      Harold Lovell is a MARRIED MAN and behave so? Where/Who is his “dear wife”?

  4. Well it’s a woman who controls your puppet strings anyway. You can do nothing without her permission. That’s why Missa Knight had to cuss her off so and she’ll some nasty dirty words under her. Because no upp candidate can go on his show without receiving clearance from the said woman. Missa Knight even say you must come out from under the frock….then he said pants suit- denoting the power she holds over you.

    This woman is like your crutches. You think you can’t do fart without her.

    Does your wife hold such a strong place in your heart/life?

  5. Harold the King of disrespect to
    Women. He must have selective memory. He forgot how he spoke about Joanne & Donna? He has no shame to sit with with a woman and lie straight to her face.

  6. Harold. You cannot be serious. What are you trying to do? Create yourself a new image. Sorry fellow not in your old age. After everyone done know you as a womanizer. Mr. Sharp. Armani and Boss suites. You forget how you got on with Serpent in the snake pit, making insinuations about your night with Donna Chaia in your Hotel Room in the late morning. You were a married man, yet you were boosting about that. Remember your advances towards Gale Archibald from St. Lucia as she was here working out of your office on the World Bank Project? I mean you are just not fit for public office. Let alone for Prime Minister. You are just playboy. Even in your mature years.

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 his REPUTATION precedes him. A renowned.. and economy wrecker.

      Lost his morning and trying to get back his afternoon

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