Locks, Rastafari And The Imperial Guard Of Ethiopia


by Makeda Mikael

Locks, Rastafari And The Imperial Guard Of Ethiopia

In the making of a people through the Revelation of Rastafari, a language has evolved, it’s music and diet has emerged, and the identifying mission to defend the Throne of Ethiopia manifested it self in the growing of the lion’s mane (locks).

Assuming the role of the Imperial Guard of Ethiopia, Rastafari grow their lion’s mane, even as the Imperial Guard of the Throne of Ethiopia wear the mane of the lion killed it said, with their bare hands.

In Ethiopia for centuries,The Imperial Guard also called the First Division, consisted of the bravest and the best, protecting the life of the Emperor, his family and his palace, whose qualification was seen on the crown of his head, the mane of a Lion!

The symbolism of the Lion in Rastafari life is based on the serious responsibility which rests on their community to uphold the Throne of David, & the Lion of Judah with all its spiritual values. Rastafari held the Emperor, the Throne of David and the Lion of Judah safe in the West during the fracture in Ethiopia.

Rastafari also, as in the ancient culture of the Essenes, are expected live a life of purity, in body and spirit where ‘no razor shall be used on the head including the beard,’and has been a male sect. As the Revelation spread and matured, what began as ascetic males has now evolve as tribes and people’s do, including its women, wives and children, all following the teachings of His Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.

The bible was the only book Rastafari had in the dark days post slavery, which gave any light on the history of man and prophesy on the future of the world. The last book in the bible, the mystical book of Revelations written by John on the Isle of Patmos, gave insight into the last days and pointed to the one who gave hope.

So when Ras Tafari Makonnen was crowned H.I.M Emperor Haile Selassie, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, post slavery men in darkness saw a light far away in Ethiopia, as it was written, and a God that they could recognize who looked like them.

Coming in from the dark of many centuries, robbed of their culture, their language, their manhood and responsibility of family, the ascetic Dread, borrowed everything holy, and looked to the culture of the Essenes, mystics and writers of the times of the Christ, who also swore that no razor would touch their head or face, they would touch no blood, and would have nothing to do with dead.

The biggest issue mostpeople have with Rastafari is their concept of man as God! Africa recognizes the divinity in man, as many of the Gods of African tribes were men of great history.

The mystic Rastafari like early Christians tend to be ridiculed for calling a man God, while at the same being required to acknowledge their slavers white (pictured) man as God. As Mystic Revelations by Count Ossie Groundation says in reference to God and man: ‘man say God is river, some say God is trees, some even say God is stone, but who is saying all this? MAN, so God is within Man when Man is within Love!’

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  1. Interesting. Would love to learn more about the current beliefs of the Rasta community. Curious – did Selassie perform any miracles or do anything that had been prophesied centuries earlier? Have any miracles reportedly occurred after praying to him? Have members of the community experienced any prophetic dreams? I understand people wanting a God who looks like them post slavery, but at least regular Christians have some reasons to believe in traditional Christianity apart from personal preference. Jesus’ earthly “race” doesn’t really matter and he wasn’t completely “white” anyway. He reportedly performed many miracles etc. Miracles are still reported today. He did warn about subsequent false claims etc. I like many aspects of Rastafarianism, but I think everyone should carefully evaluate each religion before making a final decision. It would be sad if persons follow the wrong path just because of racial animosity.

  2. Darkness not shadows! From the first conception in the womb, darkness until we come into the light, natural!
    The CREATOR made darkness, pitch black; And from which all color was created, could NEVER have been white.

  3. Religion and revelation are two different concepts. Rastafari is not a religion although the Court has deemed it so, it is a revelation which does seek to convert or to proselyte.

  4. So many praise this biblical character with long hair and a beard yet have a problem with facial hair and locks in their organizations

    gimmie a dam break!!

  5. It is always very important to check our sources. Everyone has the right to their opinion, but it does not make it fact. The photo is very questionable and has been debunked due to the time frame of official protocol. While I have deep admiration for Selassie – it is a shame that people think they need to use propaganda to bolster a claim that is obviously irrelevant.

  6. Questions ??? Why are they so many Rastaman and woman around the world and none of them are fighting to restore the Emperor’s grandchildren on his throne? Instead they are left to fly from country to country seeking asylum. And why do so many have so much wealth now … particularly in the Jamaican music scene and only “Chat” about going back to Zion but are not doing anything to repatriate themselves and their brothers and sisters ??? We are now in 2022 and they been chatting going back to Zion since the 70’s … over 50 years ago!!! Now nuff of them have enough wealth to go and come back and go again but none of them nah go !!! Fake set ah people !!!

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