LISTEN: PM warns West Indies Oil workers not to risk their jobs by stealing oil


Amid claims that some staff of WIOC are cheating the company by stealing oil, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has issued a stern warning to the perpetrators.

He told them not to risk their job by stealing from the hands that feed them.


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  1. Gaston Browne,The WIOC has a Board. There is a General Manager,Managers and Supervisors in that place daily. If there is stealing going on. They should be the ones handling this matter with Law Enforcements. Not you and your BIG,BIG,MOUTH. You opened your big mouth in the CHOKSI matter and tory jumped out. You have to know when to shut your damn mouth up. Are you a one man Administration. A one man Cabinet.

    • Beach Bum, It seems like you are a very distruntled individual. Unfortunately, you seem to be a story-teller. Not sure (?) what is really motivating you. Often people who’ve been hurt will lash out at others, and they begin to see things irrationally. Are you okay?

      • @ Conrad:Do you Gastonites have any freaking ideas of your own? Many of sound like empty cans being kicked down the roads in St. John’s.

    • Totally agree!!!! He tries to give the impression of transparency by talking so much. Right now his talk means nothing because most of what is said do not come to past.

      • @N… your comment is so true. The PM keep talking but nothing has come to past. He is using his radio station 🚉 as a platform to distract the people and his opponents of his lies. He need to put his foot in his mouth and run the country. Let the management and supervisor of these operations to do their work and stop meddle in the operation. Yes, he is the Top Dawg but he need to allow the management team to handle the matter if there is one.

    • Clown, someone called in on the radio programme directed a question to the PM, the question was if he knows about the theft thats taking place at WIOC…. he answered and said he’ll ask The Managing Director Georges to check out their systems…. then he warned the worker not to loose their jobs over theft because getting another job would not pay them 25% of their current salaries at WIOC

    • This is true, but the same people who get fired will expect the government to take care of them. At least they now know that WIOC is on to them.

  2. Gaston share the wealth by stop collecting rent from government for south mart. Share the wealth by stop buying and flipping crown lands in your son name.

    Gaston is only the Browne’s must hustle? Y’all informing on the truckers them doing a little hustle all because you the person don’t want to pay for the the oil u purport that they stealing. You want it free. We know who u are mr So and so that owns the 2 trucks you went to Public Worksto see work for Last tuesday. Infact you’re worst than the man that you inform on about his hustle. Who hustle more than TOP DOG. So because his hustle is white collar hustle he’s right?

    No wonder some of y’all gonna stay a slave. All me have to say to that INFORMER please help us solve the murders rapes and white collar theft around here. Leave the little man to hustle because Gaston cant broke again.

    I await the endless Cussout from the self righteous on here.

  3. @ Beach Bum
    His wife is on board of the company it affects him also , it is a one man cabinet what ever he says goes them a yes man never challenge his decision. Something is seriously wrong if a person agrees with everything you say.

    The residents are urging the government to stop raping the country, selling out the little we have to full their pockets. Greed has gotten to them lovers of themselves, them despise the thief and guilty of doing far worse .

    A word to the greedy!
    Remember Allan Stanford and the world boss good friend Choksi, it is just a matter of time

  4. How many heavy equipment does the PM has contracted with Public Work’s? The Burma Quarry is full of those heavy equipments, while the poor man who has one equipment is struggling to put food on his family table and clothes on their backs. Anyone who has more than one heavy equipment and building contract with the government need to be canceled. Everyone should allow to get a chance by sharing the wealth around. That is what you call economic powerhouse everyone getting piece of the pie 🥧.

  5. I’m so tired of Antiguans crying about poor govenance and when they are given an opportunity to make a change, they cower and reappoint the same individuals they complained about for five years. Who really is to be blamed here? All of you just need to hush and take your blows.

  6. The PM said one of his members is corrupt and hide the corruption for a long time only when they fall out he talk about corruption. A corrupt man who decieve people pretend that he stand for good governance.
    Look at the trend of corruption:

    Money hold back for a customs auction they claimed their comrade M.F paid it back

    Forge signature, (only want back the money)

    passport scandal with a police officer(no case are they good friends who else is involved?)

    ,Abduction and execution of a customs officer, (3 captured out of the 4)

    kidnapping of choksi when choksi was here he said his fate is left to the court to decide as soon as he is in Dominica he said send him to India why he wasn’t that vocal for him to go back to India at that time? Could it be choski funded the election and while choski is here he didn’t want to look as if he is against him so he tried to act neutral

    Time to remove him from office, he is not for the well being of the people only himself, don’t be fooled no more people.

    • @ Warfare

      Well said. And still you have certain individuals whose lips dem Browne from kissing world dictator traitor tyrant Gaston Browne bottom. No need to mention their names, we all know who they are.

  7. Antiguans should be fed up with all the stealing going on in the country starting from the top down. Every person who steals the country’s assets should be jailed even government ministers. Paying $3 per sq ft for lands that is worth 4 or 5 times that amount is high way robbery. When people know that those at the top are stealing, they think why can do the same.
    Stealing is not going to stop until we get rid of this corrupt government and put one in place that will hold people accountable.

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