LIAT turned a profit? SMDH


That’s a very good chef…. for you Mr PM.

LIAT turned a profit? Staff have been paid for July and August? Mr PM, your LIAT staff are four months behind in salary payments at 50% Salary.

Are you going to tell the public that staff are still being paid 50% salary after 18 months of Covid? Do you know that staff receives no benefits? Do you know that staff has no life nor health insurance as was previously provided?

Come clean with John public. It was a good initiative to save LIAT but the same failed management team is at the helm making the same million mistakes, getting everything wrong, costing the company millions.

Those who put LIAT in the whole with their poor management skills and lack of knowledge and education can take it out?

There is an Executive [REDACTED] making a mess of the operations. Do you know how much this [REDACTED] and its poor management cost the company a week?

— Head Shaker

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  1. I blame you the workers for accepting this garbage. Four months behind in pay? The joke is on you. Technically, liat is dead but is being kept afloat by the ego of the PM. It may be noble to try to save liat but does it make financial sense? They need to pay the people their severance and move on.

    • It make sense to have the airline up and running. The airline is necessary for the Caribbean it just need to run properly and staff must be loyal to there company in good and bad times dont blame staff for looking out for the company and keeping airline up. The Government needs to keep their end of the bargin or let someone else run the airline.

      • Liat is the only company that I’ve ever heard failed and people are blaming the staff as for antiguans it seams to me like bajans is to blame but common sense would tell you how could it be staff when before the plandemic the amount of flights liat would be doing in a day from 6 am to 11pm every day so how could it be a staff problem for my concern any staff problem was in Antigua with 600 + staff when it should have been 200 + it was only a matter of time before it would crumble paying out more than what was coming in I really hope that st Vincent Barbados st Lucia and the rest are collecting all of they fees on a monthly basis and not letting Liat run-up huge sums of money again. And what about all those millions owed to hard working paying customers remember it’s some 11 million us dollars collected from tickets sales during the lockdown.

  2. ANR investigate these facts before you make its a news item. Liat staff are suffering. No insurance in a dangerous environment with half pay, montly and weekly contracts

  3. The incompetence is real. Not one single Travel agency in the Region are booking liat. This is not because they do not want to. LIAT is not in the GDS Global Distribution System. Not in Sabre, not in Amadeus the world leading system. Travel Agents support Air Antilles and interCaribbean airways but not LIAT because they cannot book it. Wake up. Buy in to a decent booking system. Basic ABC

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