Letter Urges Hon. Ralph Gonsalves’ Support for LIAT Headquarters in Antigua


Hon. Sir, 

I seek your support in my bid for the LIAT Headquarters to be located in Antigua for the following reasons, and, not apologizing for my self-interest in inviting LIAT to utilize lands we hope to invest through our company Antigua Hangars Inc. 

I am sure you know that the cohesion which LIAT exuded during its lifetime, was not a mistake; recent fury and disappointment in the aviation industry in the Caribbean has enlightened many, of the importance of LIAT to the entire Caribbean.   

My company wishes to supply the missing component for continued LIAT success – Private Investment. 

Sir, as you see I am not even assuming that you would plan any regional airline when the LIAT brand is not dead and buried. It is my honest opinion that LIAT will be restored to its former glory and beyond with a Private Sector shareholding.   

All in Aviation know the many mishaps LIAT was forced to endure, which cramped its ability to show a profitable bottom line. We all also know that LIAT was run by Ministers of our Shareholder Governments’ and Chaired by yourself Hon. Prime Minister, respectfully Sir.    

I have chosen to address your bid for the airline headquarters in the form of a Press Release by a public letter. Additionally I have enquired to whom I should address my bid, but no one seemed in charge yet. However, not wishing to lose the momentum, we want to be up front with an offer of 6.83 acres of land and assistance in sourcing finance for the LIAT Headquarters, as portrayed in the attached plan on Runway 10, V.C. Bird International Airport.  

Please allow me to give my opinion on why LIAT, in order to be successful and lift off quickly with a rapidly increasing fleet, MUST be located in Antigua. 

Mobilization in a new Airline establishment is an expensive and lengthy process, and it is clear that we do not have that luxury in time. Currently, only Antigua can pull together experienced human resources in all departments(including its pilots, who love LIAT). 

In the area of logistics, Antigua is considered the northern gateway of the OECS, with LIAT routes being the most important links to the USVI, BVI, and PuertoRico. 

Antigua offers a larger and more efficient base for the Headquarters of LIAT, whose engineers and mechanics surpass many in the region, and are responsible for LIAT’s safety record. 

I rest my case Sir, and again request your help in having my investment proposal considered; we also request your conjoining private investment from St. Vincent and the Grenadines & the OECS to comprise a LIAT Private Sector Shareholding. 


Respectfully, Sir, 

Makeda Mikael 


Antigua Hangars Inc. 

V.C.Bird International Airport, Antigua. 


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  1. Makeda is becoming so desperate. No one wants to do business with her because ….woman. Many investors and developers came and left because she does not know how to do business

    The government needs to bring LIAT HQ to their land once Gaston takes all of Makeda’s land away from her which will be coming soon

    • Idiot you don’t realize what is going on? She hootzing the three Top Dawg! Ralph, GB & MIA! And Antigua have to get LIAT!

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  4. I support the idea of LIAT headquarters to be located in Antigua simply because Antigua is the most central point in connecting people throughout the Caribbean and beyond. However Makeda I am not sure you are the right person to be fronting this venture because a lot of people who dealt with you on a business level have said that you are not a pleasant person to work with (and I am putting it nicely) so while I have nothing against you I think you should look at the way you deal with people and start from there or work from behind the scene for the good of all. Your ideas are solid and again I agree with your reasoning (don’t let power get in the way) but without human resources it’s just an idea. LIAT should definitely be headquartered in Antigua and yes be run privately I think we will all benefit from this.

    Antiguan to the bone

    • Why don’t you deal with the work put into keeping that important land from the profiteers, and working to restore it to the airport. do you really expect that old woman to do the work also. The Government needs to get smart and support a Private sector OECS investment Group like they did with WIOC, LIAT or (WIAT – dead in the water) will fail again without Private Investment and business direction.

  5. LIAT HQ in Antigua! In the years of LIAT existence, there were corruptions and nepotism etc. Every Antiguan believed LIAT was their. The operations of LIAT should be completely moved out of Antigua.
    Mr. Unnamed

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