LETTER: UPP is the cause of their own downfall


Dear Editor,

For the past several weeks, I have been posting letters on this platform to express the sentiments that I have towards our upcoming election.

Interestingly, persons have responded to my letters indicating that they believe that I am a political operative.  Others, think that my sentiments could be a little more balance since I consider myself as one of those persons who is on the political fence trying to make up my mind as to which party I will vote for, when that time comes.

For the record, I have no obligation neither do I have any allegiance to any  political party. However, like any other individual, I have my own convictions  based on what I see, what I hear and what I have learnt from the talk shows, discussions & the reading of news articles.

As an Antiguan, the love of my country will always come first so I would not hesitate to express what I would like best for my country.

Initially, I thought DNA would have been the best administration to govern this country. I felt they would have brought a breath of fresh air to governance, since they are not in the mud slinging with their opponents & they strongly advocate that their policies & programs are based on proper accountability, transparency & integrity.

Unfortunately, after the declaration of their candidates I was left extremely disappointed. The youngsters in the DNA party have not convince me that they can manage the adminstrative affairs of our country. At the same time, I am still having difficulty to forgive & forget one of the party’s hierarchy who spent much energies during his time with UPP,  degrading our Caribbean brothers & sisters. As a result, as one may say, I am forced to select the best of the two evils, , between ABLP & UPP.

So far, according to my trusted instincts, I am of the firm view that UPP’s priority is not set right. Their PRIMARY focus, seems to be one of getting rid of the Labour party from Antigua’s politics at any cost. Governing the country’s affairs has become SECONDARY on the UPP’s agenda.  In my view, this was their downfall  during their tenure of 2004 to 2014. Now in 2022 they are repeating the same mistake. This has lead me to think that UPP is putting the cart before the horse.

Additionally, I am a bit apprehensive about their character of getting angry & aggressive when they are been opposed. Democracy does not teach us that.  Daren Matthew Ward & Peter Wykham, as professionals, were recently  victims of such behavior.  They were seen as public enemy #1 by UPP.

I also question why the good senator, Johnathan Joseph uses  the religious pulpit to politicize. Where is that line drawn between politics & the church?
As for Lovell’s age, I don’t think it should not prohibit him to make a contribution to politics but his track record as a Finance minister has proven to be a dismal failure.
I will certainly give Richard Lewis,  Cortwright Marshall, Alex Browne & Anthony Smith Jr, thumbs up for their intellect but they are surrounded & controlled by contaminants in the likes of Defreitas & Serpant who seemed to be filled with hate and anger coming from organizations like LUMP, FAITHFUL NATIONALS & THE MOVEMENT.

Dr. Cleon Athill and Alister Thomas are percieved to be lazy & not a people’s person. It is obvious that both are seeking a political pension. Pringle, Quinn, Potter & Peter Reds clearly needs to be educated or coached alot more. They are all shallow & need to enhance their political skills in public administration. Sean Bird & Sherfield Bowen on the other hand were labourites and now displaying that they have an axe to grind so they are both showing  a motive to seek revenge.

With all that been said, the Labour party is the only choice to govern this country, at least for now. Yes, they have made blunders, but it is clear that their plans & policies are benefiting the country & raising the livelihood of the masses in economic areas such as housing, education, transportation, health & entrepreneurship.



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  1. U BACK??




  2. Harold loveLIE is the problem! turn to page 101 in his BADPLAY HANDBOOK

    “Bro. Harold Lovell told me he was done with elective politics and ask me if I would lead the UPP. In a subsequent conversation, HE EVEN SUGGESTED who I could consult as my deputy. I wrote the sixteen (16) Constituency Branches of the UPP, officially informing them of my bid for the Political Leader position. To my surprise, Bro. Harold changed his mind and decided to run, but DIDN’T SEE IT FIT TO EVEN INFORM ME. Instead, I received several calls from individuals suggesting that I back down. I decided to forge ahead as I strongly believe that the UPP needs renewal and I believe that I have the necessary strengths to meet the challenges currently face by the UPP.

    To my astonishment, I began to hear talk that I was “mashing up the party”.

    A message was sent to me from a Tradewinder that if I do not back down, they will “done me” – whatever that means.


  3. That was hilarious. It started out sounded so reasonable, but then descended into utter nonsense. Wheel and come again.

    Antigua is a beautiful place.

  4. Who ever you are stay on that damn fence and I hope some exposed nails are under you rass so when you ready to come down it will ripped to ass open, exposing your nakedness to the world. You deserve it!!!

  5. I agree with some of what you say but you cannot help letting your bias get away with you.
    I like some of the UPP candidates you listed. The four you gave and a few more. I don’t know them well but I listen when they speak.

    When you put the UPP sixteen up against the ALP set, they come out smelling and looking better than the gang you are trying to promote with your hypocrisy.

    One thing I feel the UPP should fix. Baldwin Spencer is done. He needs to get out of Richard Lewis’ way. His statement about the Five Islands Campus was a disaster, and I believe he should fade to the background. It looks like he is competing with Lewis for the constituency. I don’t know if he is going to speak at the rally tomorrow. He should not. That is not his night. It is the candidate’s night. He needs to get out of the way and give the young man a chance. If he is up on the stage people will be remembering all the things they hold against him. This will take away from young Lewis.

    Mix and mingle with the crowd, Mr Spencer. Do not try to upstage Lewis.

    • @Stand back

      JOHN ASHE buddy is not a candidate so why UPP feel so threatened by him? Check out Malaka Parker who will tek votes from Richard Lewis.

  6. FITZROY is back from RWANDA. Hey Gaston, you are Fitzroy, True Davis, NOMAD and Youth.
    Your days in office are numbered.

  7. 1). “We diminished Baldwin Spencer & Undermined Our Brand, the author wrote, “As I have maintained from the beginning, I think that “Leadership Matters” was the right brand in November 2013. However, our campaign consistently undermined the brand by diminishing Baldwin Spencer and his leadership brand.”

    2). the party did not want to “litigate the campaign on our record in government as that was perceived as a **LIABILITY** and not an asset”

    3). The author said that “INFIGHTING kills…and in this election, the united in the United Progressive Party was in NAME ONLY.” The report stated that the INFIGHTING diminished trust in the institution and demoralised candidates, staff and consultants and ultimately led to a “lack of strategic direction.”

    4). “If we do not REFRESH THE LEADERSHIP, we will have a difficulty claiming the mantle of change in the next election … In addition to changing the Political Leader, it’s also important to refresh the party’s executive … we need a new secretary general and party chairman who has the energy and vision to rebuild and reinvigorate the party.”



  8. May I invite you to shine the light on your party the ABLP. Perhaps if you did that, you may seem more credible

  9. Contaminants & Dunce Elements are causing UPP to fall apart…. They need to carry out an INTROSPECTION to weed out the Serpants and Franz…Antiguans deserve better

    • Big on the DUNCE ELEMENTS:

      Pearl “FOOTS ” Quinn
      G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L Franz
      CA-CAPA-TI-TAH dead darg Pringle
      Foreign Direct Investment ICECREAM SCOOPER, EMPTYHEAD teamplayer

  10. Yes people just keep voting me in so I can continue getting my hands on everything, cheap lands, big shares of hotels Jolly Beach will soon be my latest acquisition, me and my posse continue practicing creative enrichment schemes, human trafficking and kidnapping.

    I owe it all to everyone who continues to vote me in. I love getting rich from you. I love what the people doing for me. I love what Antigua doing for me.

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