LETTER: United Progressive Party, A Party of Noise


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  1. Overall, a well written and brutally honest letter with many valid points. However, you lose points because reason #3 is a complete lie. The whole country sees and knows that they are enriching themselves. If he was worth $30,000,000 while in opposition, how much is he worth now? Gaston Browne please declare your assets to the integrity commission.

  2. For all the ills you write about the UPP and it’s candidates it’s obvious that you are worried. They do not pose a threat as they have not even conducted a pool. That should be some comfort to you and your minions and USEFUL IDIOTS.

    You seem extremely worried about the UPP. Keep on writing letters. Hope your ink last longer than TEAR-GASSING-GASTON.

    • Make up your mind lil girl.
      “Pool” or poll??? Not to be confused with the “POLE” inside the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS. Ask Mr. G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L to help you spell


    No one in their right mind wants anything to do with him!! ERROL CORT and JOANNE MASSIAH have long jumped off the UPP ship. The ship has sunken. Lovell can’t steer, direct or inspire.


  4. 5. Chester Hughes is a “saint” compared to having the CONVICTED PEDOPHILE, IAN MAGIC HUGHES as Campaign Manager/Frontman/Spokesperson

    6. LINLEY WINTER is their trusted pollster. When all else fails, put a CALABASH AT ALL SAINTS CROSSROAD, dress down in all black, let the obeah man bark u down in a stinking smelly potion and YOU STILL LOSE!

    Same thing everytime: we’re ready, we’re confident, people love us

    Post election: a dem “foreigners” cause us to lose, the election was “bought” or ……..

    DEJA VU….. get rid of loveLIE and the lipstick hog, then let the purging begin!

  5. Joanne have called Gaston and his minions like you CLOWNS.

    USEFUL IDIOT….I can spell that though, Mr holder of a Doctorate!

  6. When is Harold Lovell going to DECLARE HIS ASSETS? He shouldn’t have to wait on his buddy Luis Franca to tell him. Maybe after his next ITALIAN RESTAURANT tete a tete with Choksi, the pasta sauce will “work” his belly and in writhing pain the truth will cry out from his lips.

    C’mon Limpy Joe – declare dem assets rudeboy.

    • Harold never claim to have $30,000,000 and as ASOT asked, where is the source of this wealth?

      is one of them ODEBRECHT? Come on man, don’t try distraction tactic.

      • Ask LUIS FRANCA who Lovell Limpy Joe King Lyadd DENIED KNOWING AT FIRST until a cheques was produced. What was Lovell doing on the PAYROLL for MEINL BANK ???

  7. Ah so dem UPPITES lub cussing anyone who opposed their point of view. Not realizing that some of these same people they are cussing, they need their support. The truth crush to earth will always rise. Instead of these disgraceful comments about others, you’ll should be highlighting your party plans with specificity. You’ll continue with your Vagabond ism cause not too many sane people wants negativity around them. You guys are too blinded.

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