LETTER: This beach curfew needs to be revised immediately as it is severely flawed!


Dear Editor,

The Beach is not only the beginning, but it is the Golden Goose of our Country!! Not only this but our beaches are the healthiest place to be!


The reason why tourists come here are because of our beaches! This beach curfew needs to be revised immediately as it is severely flawed! There are tourists here now that this new beach curfew will impact, they are expecting to use the beach every day!!


This sudden decision makes for bad reviews and vlogs on booking websites and social media and is very bad for future business!!


This is how to definitely kill our Tourism product for the remainder of the season if not for the remainder of the COVID-19 story! Tourists will simply go elsewhere!


Especially now before our busy high season months when Tourists are still choosing their winter getaway vacations!!


Already all and every tourist is tested negative and vaccinated anyway prior entering the country!!


Do you think tourists will want to come here with all the expensive testing requirements, additional tourism taxes being implemented from October 1st, zero choice of open restaurants with seated dining and a in addition a 8pm curfew as well??!!

There are lots of other Caribbean Islands tourists can choose to visit, there is no need for tourists to choose this Island for their winter vacation where is it becoming common place that Government is beginning to make seemingly irrational and sporadic decisions!!


The fact that people were caught on beaches/ party vessels and or on their way to or on offshore Islands has nothing to do with the rest of our Tourism Product overall, that is for the police/coast guard to manage fine them and even lock the relevant operators down if necessary!


If you want to keep our Tourism a much better solution must be found, or tourists will most certainly go elsewhere!!


It’s as simple as Keep the beaches Open during the day at least!!! Delta is already here it’s not going anywhere it’s already too late we can’t let that destroy our Tourism we just have to ride the wave and keep going just like every other country.


The Minister on the radio this morning mentions we may be facing moving to the UK Amber list does the honorable Minister realize this system is being scrapped within weeks?!!

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  1. The comment referring to the UK moving to Amber is interesting!
    Most in the UK are now vaccinated. (it is a new condition needed to enter Antigua from August 1st)
    Amber and Green status in the UK is identical for those with vaccinations. ie it makes no difference to the UK traveller if they are vaccinated.
    Vaccinations, whilst not perfect, do lower transmission rates. They certainly lower the seriousness for those unlucky enough to catch Covid. Closing beaches to vaccinated locals and tourists doesn’t make sense. Stopping beach parties does make sense!
    Hence a darkness curfew on beaches would make sense as it is easy to police during daylight.

  2. We’re having cancellations already. Tourists have read that beaches are closed, with no indication from the government when it will end. It’s the only reason tourists come here!! And in a country which depends mostly on tourism for it’s GDP! It’s already all over blogs and social media, the damage is done. Stupid, stupid, foolish government idiots – not connected to the real world at all…if you simply had some enforcement on the basic rules rather than constantly increasing the unenforced rules!! Punish the majority for the crimes of the minority.

  3. The Visitors to Antigua known as Tourists come to relax and enjoy the Beaches. Many would sit at the Hotels Bars and drink late into the nights. They would then wake late next day eat lunch and go to the Beach there after. Now that the new Beach Curfew would be in place. What are those Visitors going to do? This decision in my opinion is a financial mistake to close the Beaches from Noon to 5 am every day.

  4. I am vaccinated and the cabinet decisions are depressing me. The mandates are not going to have the effect desired. The tourists will still go elsewhere, the abhta will see that their contol on the government will only lead to mental decline and a rise in crime. We are setting ourselves up for genocide.

  5. We’re booked to fly to Antigua from the UK for the first time from 30th Sept. With the new changes, we’re now definitely going to change our plans and go somewhere else in the Caribbean. Such a shame as we were really looking forward to exploring the beaches specifically!

  6. I definitely agree!! It’s a very DUNCE decision. Between 8.00am and 4.00pm the beaches are naked. Everyone is at work or going about their business. Come on guys, display more intellect than that. Don’t the deprive the people from the beach which is used for medicinal therapy. We need it especially during this pandemic time

  7. Pure bull shit!
    At the time of day when most people are working and children are in school, who would be frolicking on the beaches? Answer: possibly tourists. If that is the case, then charge the hotels or tour operators who flagrantly break the law. What do they hope to achieve by closing the beaches at noon? In essence, we’ll have to take a sick/vacation day to go to the beach. Really?

  8. Was so looking forward to visiting your island. Now we are really sad and unsure whether to still travel on the 25th September. We, in the UK are double jabbed, have negative pcr tests prior to arriving in Antigua. Please don’t close your beautiful beaches.

    • Sorry to hear that you’re caught up in this predicament! Can I ask how you were made aware of the beach closures and restrictions? From this site or is this being broadcast on all media? What’s the general opinion on this?

  9. We were made aware yesterday through various media sites, including yours. We have been watching carefully over the last few weeks. We think it is very stupid on the government’s part, as tourism is a main part of Antigua. Local people will be out of work if tourists stop visiting, which sadly I can see happening. What is the point in coming to an island where you can’t use the beach, eat in a restaurant, drink in a bar, go on trips around the island and its waters. Such a shame. Really hope the government sees sense.

  10. ACCORDING TO THE VIROLOGISTS, The CORONA VIRUS also known as Covid-19 spreads less in open consistent air. Going to the Beaches in Antigua and Barbuda are opened to the clean good sea breeze for people to breathe. The salted water is good for the total body from head to your toes. If there are persons in violations of the Beach Protocols. By all means put some revised measures in place to address those violators. You cannot and should not use a one cap fits all measure. Introduced Beach Wardens to police those popular Beaches,where violations have been known to occur. Let us be forward thinkers,with new ideas and ideals.Take your damn knees off of the necks of the innocent people of Antigua and Barbuda.

  11. Eli Fuller is right. If there are beach issues why on earth does the govt. not use law enforcement to patrol and put a stop to any large gatherings? The defense force do not appear to be very busy on any given day, send them to circumnavigate the island and help out the police. Melford Nicholas did not come over in a very intellectual manner on the issue and sounded as if since the beach doesn’t mean much to him then so what if locals and tourism alike are affected.
    I would suggest that it just might behoove the PM to nominate a physically fit savvy person who understands all the benefits such as therapeutic swimming, destressing for adults and parents with children and obviously the beaches are a huge part of our only industry, tourism. This ridiculous mandate is financial and loss of support suicide.
    As Eli stated use ALL the law enforcement necessary to ensure there are no large gatherings and keep the beaches open for the use and long term benefit for all of us.

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