LETTER: “Sleeping at the Wheel: Commissioner of Police Criticized for Inaction Amidst Crime Surge”

Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney

Dear Editor,

As a concerned mother, I can no longer stay silent while our streets become battlegrounds for criminals. It’s disheartening to witness the surge in criminal activity across our country, yet even more distressing is the defining silence emanating from our supposed protectors, the police force.

Is the Commissioner of Police asleep at the wheel? One cannot help but wonder, as lawlessness spreads like wildfire, leaving citizens exposed and defenseless.

It seems the very institution entrusted with ensuring our safety has failed in its duty, leaving us to fend for ourselves in the face of danger.

What are we, as citizens, supposed to do to protect ourselves and our loved ones? Are we to barricade ourselves indoors, living in perpetual fear? Are we to watch helplessly as criminals roam free, emboldened by the absence of effective law enforcement?

It’s time for accountability. The Commissioner of Police and the entire police force must be held answerable for their inaction and incompetence. We demand transparency, we demand action, and above all, we demand safety for our communities.

I implore fellow citizens to join me in raising our voices against this injustice. Our collective outcry is the only way to effect real change and reclaim the security that is our fundamental right.

A Concerned Mother

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  1. 💯 please repeat this LOUD & CLEAR, as OFTEN as possible.

    Antigua is changing for the worse, with this unpunished crime wave that continually increases by the minute. Incredibly sad. 💔

    • Each concerned citizen has the power to unite and say no more? Unity is strength! If a large cross section of the nation protest against these atrocities and cause the.powers that be be accountable, then and only then will change be effected! Until then, it is only talk!

  2. Is it fair to condemn the Commisioner of Police and the entire Police service for their inability to stem the tide of crime that is sweeping across our country?
    We are living in a severely depressed economy with increased inflation, declining opportunities for self-advancement and a disillusioned citzenry who hear talk of an economic powerhouse, but neither feel nor see evidence of it. This, I would reason, creates a perfect climate for crime and lawlessness. It happens almost everywhere in the world.

    When you couple that with the general decline in interest in education by a vast number of our youth, disrespect for authority, parents ànd each other, and an abandonment of the concept of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, what else can be expected but a rise in crime and lawlessness? It is not a good place for any country to be.

    But how did we get here? I think the answer stares us in the face: it was born of and nurtured by a political culture that taught our citizenry that it was advantageous to be able to get something for nothing. The system of patronage, greed and selfishness has landed us where we are today. It is not this government or that government; it is the culture we have all embraced and ought to regret, from the depths of our being.
    The partial legalization of marijuana was not helpful, either. It has contributed to the widespread use of narcotics and the loss of interest in learning. Underaged children can be seen puffing their splif or sporting an unlit joint between their lips all over the country. It is clearly a message that is being communicated to society at large: ‘I can do what I want and no one can stop me!’ All of this came about to secure the support of a voting block who regard marijuana as a holy sacrament. Political expediency trumped commonsense.

    How do we navigate this? Perhaps we could start by admitting that we have erred. The rest is between God and our individual hearts. Only a spiritual awakening can magnify the decadence of government and the governed to the extent that we take steps to arrest and correct our condition. For my part, I can only admonish my children and grandchildren to choose the better way of life and living. It is futile to impose religious values on a citizenry that prefers to be selfish, unaccountable and hellbent on the acquisition of material things to the detriment of their eternal standing with God.

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