LETTER: Response to open letter “The United Progressive Party Sucks”

Team UPP

What Are You Prepared to do?


Dear Desperate Citizen,


As a patriot of Antigua and Barbuda, I feel compelled to respond to your open letter “The United Progressive Party Sucks” published on October 3, 2021.  Here’s my thoughtful response to your observations.


  1. Based on your letter, it appears that both you and your son are not convinced that ABLP should be leading Antigua and Barbuda. But it sounds like you want the UPP to approach politics like the ABLP.  If that is the case, unfortunately you DO NOT want to see real change in Antigua and Barbuda.  You just want an EXCHANGE and that’s not the UPP.


  1. You seem to have some knowledge of Harold Lovell as a man who has been in the struggle for over 40 years. He started out in the ACLM, was a part of the Teacher’s struggle and served this country as Minister of Finance during one of the toughest financial crises known to man. He may not be perfect, but he’s prepared to stand up. He has been arrested several times, in pursuit of justice, but has soldiered on because he believes that Antigua and Barbuda is still worth saving.  So, my question to you is: What are YOU prepared to do?



  1. Based on your epistle, it appears that like many others, you don’t necessarily demand results, but just want to be entertained. Your popcorn is ready and you are waiting for a dog fight – who can throw the most mud and ‘wud’! You seem to clamor for lawlessness and more thuggery to be put on display. But does a dog fight and entertainment signal to you that you are worthy? Is that your criteria for the type of leadership that our nation needs today with all the challenges before us?


  1. You wrongfully accused the UPP of being “afraid to go out there and engage with people.” I am not sure what constituency you are living in and what “engage with people” looks like to you.   Perhaps you are one of those just waiting for the highest bidder!  But let me set the record straight. In the midst of the deadly COVID pandemic, the UPP candidates have been active on the ground in their constituencies, 3-5 days weekly meeting with the people.  So, stop spreading lies and misinformation!



  1. You also accuse the leader of going on programs that do not allow idle people like yourself to call in and question him. What happened, you never heard of Captains Corner on Progressive Radio on Thursdays at 8pm? You don’t listen to the Snake Pit on those Saturdays when he takes questions from the public?


  1. Finally, you seem not to be troubled enough by the many issues plaguing Antigua and Barbuda. If so, why aren’t you focusing your energy on demanding better roads, reliable water, internet, policing and other basic necessities? Let me tell you more…. after collecting the most revenues of any government, this administration has no reserves and no real plan to address this pandemic. Despite all of the early forecasts about how bad things could get in this pandemic, this administration showed us that they are only concerned about the dollar and we were the first Caribbean country to open our borders. With that distinction under our belt, refrigerated trucks now serve as temporary morgues. Our children can’t use e-books to study because our pockets were picked, and no one is being held responsible. We’re losing everything – our lands, our rights, our lives. But look at where YOUR focus is? We have a degenerate minister who publicly suggested 14 year old girls can consent to sex. Our elders can’t get their pensions until 2 months past the due date. People are hungry and desperate! What exactly are YOU focused on? Facebook posts of a political leader attacking citizens and divulging their medical or financial history don’t offend you to do something other than complain about what the UPP isn’t doing?


Buju Banton said it best … “Soldier mi love and mi nuh respect cowards.” Harold has been consistent. He could have left like many of his former UPP colleagues and made his contribution anywhere in the world. But he decided to stay and continue to fight. When (or if) you decide to stop being a coward, tell us what are YOU prepared to do? That is aside from refilling your popcorn bag and waiting for the next ‘CLOWN BROWNE’ Show!




LETTER: United Progressive Party Sucks!

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  1. Ok Damani “wanna be” Tabor. Why not voice your displeasure at Lovell since you are Team Richard Lewis? Oh that’s right – Richard (just like Joanne Massiah) is not worthy of leading the UPP. Richard’s crime? He married a “foreigner” and in the eyes of the UPP that’s the unpardonable sin. How can a party ostracize one of its members on the basis of who he marries? Don’t know why Richard Lewis nah mek Lovell and his elitist snobby friends alone.

    Guess he waiting for Lovell to lose or tek een. Always blaming “foreigners” for their ass whooping at the polls.

    • And what are you prepared to do: see Gaston give away the land to the Chinese while you get paid by the ABLP to attack the UPP

  2. This response is so DUMB. UPP really SUCKS. DAMANI Tabor is responsible for these two letters. UPP socks BIG BIG time. According to ERIC ( THE RED ).

    RESULTS 2023 ELECTION as follows.

    ABLP. 17. SEATS

    UPP. . 00. SEAT ,( 6 CANDIDATES will.lose Their DEPOSITS)

    DNA. 00. SEAT. ( ALL CANDIDATES will lose Their Deposits)

    BPM. 00 SEAT.

    Eric, Hope to meet you someday. You did 2018 election.

    • Please point out why this letter is dumb. You are smh, you are hmm and other names too numerous to mention. You get paid by the ABLP to attack the UPP while granny can’t bathe, tiny can’t bathe because there is no water. LIAT workers are bawling, pensioners can’t get paid, contractors are owed and you see nothing wrong with that.
      Like Gaston Browne you have a heart of stone.

    • Not a ting go so. Ask the young people. In fact, mention Gaston browne name to the average young person if you want to get cuss.

      • @sick of GB. I to have had the same experience. But when I hear Lovell being mentioned their reaction is even wusserer.

  3. As a UPP Supporter I believe this is an inside job. Harold watch your back. Who you think is your Friend They are NOT.Harold watch SERPENT, FRANZ and CLEON ATHILL. A word to the wise.

    • You are not a UPP supporter. You are JIMBA and SMH. You are paid to attack the UPP.
      You did not criticize the PM for illegally taking the Moderna while forcing the rest of us to take Astrazeneca yet you have strong for the UPP.

      You are the great pretender!

  4. @ PARCE
    Parce I heard these same words on the street. Harold is been UNDERMINED by the names you mentioned. Awful thing for my UPP. We are too divided. We cannot go into the next election like this.

    ABLP keep their dirty laundry inside. Let’s take a page from ABLP. I am PISSED OFF.

    • Didn’t Gaston just curse off Wigley. Didn’t Gaston curse Asot. Didn’t Gaston tell Mr Browne to stay in his own lane. ABLP is very divided. Ask yourself the following questions? When last did the ABLP hold a convention? And why not! Why did Molwyn get his knighthood? Why was Melford been challenged?

  5. After all these years. All these labor party offsprings. Still do not know what bad government looks like? Guess you like taking a shower with a bucket and saucepan! Soap up. Then throw cold water over your head. Can’t even go to the hospital with the expectation that you will walk out when confronted with a serious illness.

    This Social Capitalism experiment that the labor party has been practicing does not work. It’s been a failure! The political culture needs an overhaul and it starts with removing Stone from his throne.

    Look yourselves in the mirror and ask. Am I, my family, neighbors, community and country better off today than seven years ago?

    If you are. Stick with whose governing you. If not. And I suspect it’s a vast majority of the eligible voting population are not.

    If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired of the Labor Party set of Deplorables. Send them home. Their ideology has governed and ruined Antigua and Barbuda for far too long.

    Look around the tourism plant. Not one. I repeat not one major branded hotel from North America dot the landscape. For those of you that can remember. Holiday was the last. What is now St. James Club.

    Don’t you ever wonder why?

    • “Royalton Is Now Part Of The All-Inclusive By Marriott International Portfolio. We are excited to announce Royalton Luxury Resorts* and Hideaway at Royalton properties are now officially part of the All-Inclusive by Marriott International portfolio.”

      Boss what does that do for the dribble you wrote

  6. Lovell is simply reaping what he sowed. Just like how he badplay Joanne Massiah and disrespected Baldwin Spencer, the exact thing is being meted out to him in copious measures 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    BTW, is it true that Lovell was advised by his doctor to exit active politics due to his DECLINING HEALTH??

    • Wow!!! I hope that you do not have children. You know what you wish for others will hurt you in the most painful way!. Always remember today. You may have brought on your own sadness.

    • Dude in this environment don’t mentioned people health.. It’s amazing how people who do that end up with something weird. Don’t wish it on you but you have family.. easy on the pride… deal with Harold wicked with constructive criticism that’s fair game bi6t no ramp with the heath thing…

  7. Wow!!! I hope that you do not have children. You know what you wish for others will hurt you in the most painful way!. Always remember today. You may have brought on your own sadness.

  8. Repeat after me the UPP is perfect. The UPP is the best political party. The UPP knows everything’s about everything. The UPP will clean sweep ABLP.

    The UPP is untouchable, they are not thin skinned, they are open to criticism, they consult like GB, always in their favor.

    UPP is the best, the best in the world and globally…


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