LETTER: United Progressive Party Sucks!

Team UPP

Dear UPP,

You suck, as my last granddaughter would say.

Yes, your politics suck.

I am convinced that you are not a political party that should ply your trade in Antigua. You do not understand how real politics go in this place.

For example, while Gaston Browne and the Labour Party is burning down the place, you are busy holding forums and meetings and training sessions and diaspora visits. It is like when I was a small boy and I would save my meat for the last and my bigger brother would distract me and grab it. I cried, but the deed was done.

I don’t know much about your plan of action, but it did not work for the two last elections. Even though you had all those plans and programs, you were destroyed at the polls. Labour does not worry themselves about those things. They eat their meat early, and their meat is the raw, hard politics when they deal with the people. And the people understand that.  I get the feeling that you guys are afraid to go out there and engage with people. So you spend, no waste all that precious time sitting down in meetings and sessions and coming up with all these plans and policies which the people do not care for, because they heard them before. Except maybe your faithful members and some of your supporters who think they are intelligent because they think they understand all that stuff.

Your leader is not proactive. He comes on the radio on programmes that do not allow the public to question him. If I get the chance I would ask him,” Mr Lovell, tell me something, do you really want the job, and how much are you willing to sacrifice to get it?”

Because to beat Gaston Browne will call for a lot of sacrifice. Forget the nice clothes. Forget all the life story stories and pictures (yes, I saw you on Facebook). You need to shake off all the aiders and abettors from around you and get some political roughies. You need to act tough and let the people see that you are a man who means business. Gaston Browne has his thugs who are loyal to him and carry out intimidation among the people. The way I see it, you have candidates and some of them are doing their own thing. You all cannot sit with your mouth wired shut and your feet under the table and expect others to go out there and take on Gaston for you. Look at the amount of bad things he is doing in the place. Look at this vaccine thing. Not a peep out of any of you to condemn him for it. I mean a meaningful peep, because you can’t control what your side says in public, and some of them have been saying some weird things (the reptile is the worst).

Do you think you will beat Gaston because he will mess up so bad that you will just walk into government because he has done so many bad things? He has lulled you all into submission and acceptance of his in-your-face agenda. All you do is react and your reaction is like a bucket of water on a house fire.

As awful as Gaston is, you will not win the next election, , if you insist on fighting it with pen and paper and pretty speeches. People like me are waiting long and hard for you all to show your face in public. To take him to court for breaking the vaccine rules that he as the government made. To dare him to put you all in jail for breaking the State of Emergency.

But we are not seeing any of that. You all are showing cowardice and weakness. You have no political guile, no fight in you. I hate to say this but the ruling party is fighting to stay in power harder than you are fighting to regain power. Two resounding washouts have not taught you anything. You seem to be using the same old methods and the same old people who walked you into those crushing defeats. The word is on the street that you have double agents among you who are well paid to sabotage your efforts.

Harold, I remember you as a fighter in those early days in school. Some of us boys did not have that fire but we were ready to march with you if you asked us. What went wrong? Have you spent too many years under the soft cream leadership of Baldwin Spencer and now it has rubbed off on you? Or, let me see how to say this, are you still spending so much time in the playas lineup that you can’t find time to put on your guerrilla gears and come out swinging like a man who says he wants to rescue this country and means it?

My son told me something strange recently. He said that the Labour Party should not be leading Antigua because they are corrupt and their leader is not playing with a full deck of cards. But he can’t vote for UPP because if you win you will just make all kinds of excuse not to punish the corrupt ones and would let them back into the government to mash it up again. What say you?


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  1. If you are so desperate then why aren’t you fighting for your country on the battle line. Criticising without solutions in not a Semper Viren way of life.

    • The letter sounds as if it was written by Lionel “Max” Hurst or one of the other propagandists of the ALP. That is how they operate and they are becoming increasingly desperate as 2023 draws nearer. Come hell or high water Gaston will remove the restrictions at the end of the year as he says. You need to ask him his honest reason for doing so. All his actions going forward will be to roll back his Party’s apparent lack of support.

  2. Have all right to criticize them. The resume’ they showing to apply to us for the job to run this country is out right full of s**t. I no guts, no balls, no fight, no plan. This is what they expect ppl to come to the pools to hire? This job takes testosterone and all we smelling on you guys is a hormone imbalance. We could never hire u on those terms.

  3. Agreed my thoughts exactly.

    UPP somehow is falling at the politics. They seems more like a nice social club like JCI or Kiwanis.

    There is a state of emergency for over a year and this is a democratic country, what’s wrong with that picture UPP?

    GB and his Cabinet seems unbothered by your weak efforts because your efforts compliments what ABLP is doing.

    Action action action stop the talking action action action and more action. What is the plan of action UPP more talk radio and webinars?

    There must be another layer in UPP hidden deep within the party to stir up the place and create a certain environment for the top layer to capitalize on……Enough said

  4. Well written….I have been saying this same thing for months. Gaston Browne knows how to shake the bones of Harold Lovell and the UPP . Every Saturday Gaston on POINTE FM radio . Gaston will say outrageous things and for the next week UPP will promote His UTTERANCES. UPP Candidates are not READY. 2023 election I will predict the ABLP will crush UPP at the POLLS.

  5. Gaston Browne knows POLITICS. Harold Lovell and Harold Lovell are followers of POLITICS. They are always behind.

    • who is emulating the worst of American politicians (i.e. Donald Trump) in the stupid nonsense he says.

      He’s also extremely unintelligent and not a decent leader.

      He’s looking out for himself and no one else.

      Every time there is a problem in the country he finds the weakest person or person to blame it on rather than finding solutions. Usually those problems are caused by the failures of his government.

      I’m not an Antiguan and don’t know anything about the other party. I suspect they are also quite terrible though it’s hard to imagine another leader with a personality and intellect as bad as Bozo’s. I do suspect they are equally corrupt or susceptible to corruption. None of them are looking out for the betterment of all citizens.

  6. I read this letter and I just SHAKE MY HEAD because it is people like the author of this letter WHO ARE THE PROBLEM IN THIS COUNTRY.

    This is NOT about U.P.P. you idiot.

    This is about INDIVIDUALS STANDING UP FOR THEMSELVES and voting out the A.B.L.P. Administration.

    I will NOT be voting for the A.B.L.P. but I have a choice in the D.N.A.

    If I decide I am not voting for the D.N.A. then I am staying home on Election Day because I WILL NOT BE VOTING FOR THE A.B.L.P.

    Take a stand you p***y and stop complaining.

    You say: ‘People like me are waiting long and hard for you all to show your face in public. To take him to court for breaking the vaccine rules that he as the government made. To dare him to put you all in jail for breaking the State of Emergency’.

    Have you been put in jail for breaking the State of Emergency?

    People like this author sick my stomach because THEY REMIND ME OF DEAD FISH (they go where-ever the current takes them).

    Grow some balls (if you are a man) or grow some stiff titts (if you are a woman) or just shut to hell up and try to make a difference for generations to come.

    • With all due respect, I think that you missed the mark on this one. The person IS willing to stand up for his/her country. He/She doesn’t approve of Gaston, BUT what is the alternative? UPP? UPP will lose an election because they do NOTHING but talk.

      I am with him/her on this one…….don’t want to vote ABLP but CANNOT vote for UPP.

      • Gaston is literally one of the worst leaders I’ve seen and I’ve lived all over the world. There’s no way he should be reelected to anything not even the office of the local dog catcher after the way he bungled this pandemic and mocked, berated, and blamed (the least amongst us) citizens every step of the way. He is literally responsible for every C19 death on this island.

        However, I don’t have any faith in the idea that if UPP gets into power they won’t just continue business as usual. And business as usual in this country appears to be massive corruption and selling off the countries assets to the highest briber rather than improving the infrastructure and the education system and building a brighter future for all Antiguans.

        For example, as in Alaska where all Alaskan residents share in the oil industry profits, all Antiguans should share in the profits of the tourist industry.

        Not sure of the rules of election in Antigua but if I were a citizen I would try to mobilize some intelligent and decent folks to run for office – teachers, nurses, bus drivers, doctors, shop owners, etc.

        The future of your country depends on getting some decent leadership instead of the standard pay for play stuff that seems to have been going on for decades.

      • Well if you guys stay home and don’t go to vote, it is saying that Gassy and the ABLP will remain the government in the next election. Gassy will continue to squeeze our balls harder. Knowing who the PM is, because leopard don’t change their spot, coming with more mandates for the next election. He is a Hitler and that is what Hitler does.

  7. Well written letter could not have said it any better. Here comes the hardcore UPP supporters who going to claim that the letter was written by an ABLP psycopath

  8. Former A.B.L.P. Voter I must say that you make a lot of sense and I agree with you almost entirely. I would suggest to you though that your voting choices are DNA or UPP and I would hope that you vote UPP since they are in a better position to win the election. Every vote counts.

    • Don’t know you but you seem like a decent and intelligent person who is prominent on the island.

      As an outsider it just seems like you’re the type of person who would be well suited for public office especially as your country needs some overhauling in terms of cleaning up the mess of the current leader, having a leader that follows the laws of the land and understands the laws of the land and hopefully someone that is going to look out for every person on the island rather than just himself and his rich friends.

      • That piece ah shyte lawyer worst than Gaston Brown!! Don’t let his frigging words fool you!!! He full of ish and should be rotting in a jail cell!!!

  9. This is my opinion. Every voter in Antigua and Barbuda should vote for DNA. It is time for Antiguans and Barbudians to show both ABLP and UPP that Antigua and Barbuda is not a trophy for them to fight over. Show them that we all can choose who we want to rule this country. For decades these two political parties have been fighting for this country as if this country belong to them. Teach them a hard lesson show them that we Antiguans and Barbudians have the POWER not them. Give DNA a chance and if we are not please we vote them out after 5 years. No one party should be spending 10, 15 and 20 yrs in power. Leaving them in power for so long make them believe the country belong to them so they can do whatever the heck they want. Antiguans and Barbudians RISE UP AND MAKE A DRASTIC CHANGE SHOW THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE THE REAL BOSSES IN THIS COUNTRY. RISE UP , RISE UP IF YOU TRULY HONESTLY LOVE THIS COUNTRY. WE HAVE TO MAKE SOME EXAMPLES FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR CHILDREN. WHAT DID OUR FOUR FATHERS FIGHT FOR? NOT SO WE CAN BE ENSLAVED AND LOOK UPON LIKE PEASANTS, POOR PEOPLE WE HAVE THE POWER WE ARE THE MAJORITY VOTERS IN THIS COUNTRY. LET US RISE UP AND SHOW THAT WE GIVE THEM POWER AND WE CAN TAKE IT BACK.

  10. FormerA.B.L.P voter vote DNA. I am a ABLP voter also and I am fedup with ABLP and UPP rghti now. I don’t think none of them really care about poor people , All they care about is power and enriching themselves. Right now there is so much hungry jobless people in this Country. Real suffering, Children are going hungry. Citizens should not have to be begging in their own country. We never voted to be come beggars, We voted for a better future, better opportunities, better education and a better way of life for our children. We need to look back to past and look at the present now and ask ourselves if this is what we want our children to inherit. Stop fighting each other because of these politicians and politics, Band together and fight for the betterment of our children because.

    • the pandemic has exposed how crass and craven they are

      Not sure about DNA but the current government needs to go — all of them out on their butts.

      And it doesn’t seem UPP is much better with the exception that their leader is probably not as big of a butthead as Gaston. But still no better for the average citizen in terms of looking out for the good of the entire country not just their own pocketbook and their rich friends.

  11. While everybody knows the UPP (mostly) is not yet up to the task, I think Gaston has worn out his welcome. At this point something has to be done. Why have a parliament if all the decisions are made by the party in power? Does the seat count make a difference? Don’t they vote on things? Let’s at least have a better balance of power.
    Don’t worry, they shakin’ in their boots. It’s a well known fact that elections are often decided by minorities, because satisfied voters turn out is usually low. With his recent atrocities the World Boss has just created a new minority, the “unvaccinated” deplorables and we will not forget…

  12. The government policies may be much better than what the former administration did/has. However the Politics of the leader has been so disrespectful and arrogant it has turned off many who has voted Labour for decades. In 2004 the people was fed up with labour so they voted overwhelmingly for UPP, ten years later the people again was so fed up with the UPP administration most of their supporters didn’t go out to vote so Labour reclaimed governance. Here we are some seven plus years later, the Politics of Labour is very ugly so at this juncture of the politics if oppositions cannot win the next GE then their entire executive should resign/retire. Malfeasance/Corruptions, both parties are guilty of and politicians will never do anything about it until we the people demand some sort of retribution.

  13. To desperate citizen. You said your son told you he cannot vote for UPP because if they win they won’t punish the corrupt ones. Who are the corrupt ones? So you would vote to put the corrupt labour government back in power? You sound like a labour supporter who always says “they are all the same”. If you know the labour government is corrupt and their leader is not playing with a full deck of cards, why would you vote for them? Any other party or leader would be better than what we have, a one man government where the other members of government agree with everything he says and does. They are all so corrupt that they dare not open their mouths.





    BPM 00 SEAT

    Tabor I am saving my energy for 2023 election . When the bell ring I will be ready like Fredy.

  15. The time has come for the people to take over the government by voting People not Party! In each party there are persons with virtue who cannot get to deliver because of their Party, Vote for them. It’s now the people’s choice in a coalition where they are bound to work together. Look at how progressive St. Kitts has been in their Unity Government. Let us vote in the best man or woman and forget the Corrupt, Rude, self-enriched, and hateful persons of all Parties!

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