LETTER: Question to the minister concerning the Amnesty program


Dear Editor,

Good morning, this is a question to the minister, concerning the Amnesty program.

Now I have been granted citizenship here in Antigua, I’m in the process of getting the relevant documents required for my February appointment.

I have also found employment, as we that are granted don’t need a work permit, now my hiccup is, I am trying desperately to open a bank account, but finding it difficult to do so at ECAB bank.

Why? I have one of the first sets of amnesty certificates, and the bank is requesting the updated one, so I have been turned away twice. Because that first one doesn’t have to the lower area,  “residency or citizenship” with the relevant tick. So my concerns are, what do I do?

I had called immigration and asked, but was told I have to wait for my appointment, which is on February 13th, 2023.

How long can it take to do an updated certificate and why am I getting the run around in processing and sorting myself out? WHY? I need help and answers.

New Citizenship

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  1. Plenty people having problems opening new bank accounts in Antigua for some reason or another, even those conducting their businesses in Antigua.

    I have had ongoing personal and business banking accounts in the UK for decades, yet in Antigua trying to open one is like pulling teeth.

    I gave up after being told I would have to book an appointment, and then told to wait another 5-6 weeks to proceed – forget that!

    There is definitely something wrong with the banks in Antigua. Why are UK, Canadian and US banks not wanting to operate here anymore?

    Something isn’t adding up …

    • Because UK, Canadian and US banks are greedy blood suckers who only care about profits (although I can’t remember if Antigua ever had a US commercial bank). They didn’t have a problem operating in the region while they were vacuuming all the profits. When the profits ran out and South America became more lucrative, they turned their daggers there.

      You watch….they will come back but Caribbean people like to hold grudges. Yes the local banks and credit unions aren’t as “modern” but they are slowly getting there and the one good thing that happened during COVID is that the technological advancements moved a little faster.

      We will get there man. Soon from now we will all be going…Scotia who? What’s a Royal Bank? The same way we go “What’s Barclays Bank?”

      • I hear you @ Moving on, I’m just biding my time to see if the banking system improves … 🤜🤛

        • I think so man. I do most almost everything online, and while I know it’s not for everyone, I haven’t actually been inside a bank in months. The last time was when I had to pick up my new card.

    • @Brixtonian – I can’t speak for U.K. and Canadian banks but I’d hazard a guess that Antiguan banks aren’t corrupt and ESG enough to meet american standards.

      Couple million to Hunter Biden will probably get the job done.

  2. No thank you for the amnesty.
    No tha k you for free path to o tain citizenship.
    But you are making more demands because you a vote.

    It is time the politicians put SOME of you in your place….

    If you were told to wait for your appointment then do that why do you think you can skip the line? Wait your turn.

    Say thank you that you can now open a bank account. Be thankful

    All the years you were out of time why you did jot open a bank account?

  3. If he was in the Country Legally before getting the Citizenship by Amnesty. Why he did not open an account then. The Banks would want to know that you have the proper Government issued id’s and the sources of the funds being used to open the account. Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda have been standing in lines,awaiting their turns for decades now. You on the other hand,Citizen Come Lately does not want to wait in line for your turn. I just wished most Nationals were as impatient as you the Non Nationals. Perhaps the Country would be managed and be run better.

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