LETTER: Ministry Of Happiness & Unity Plus


The Prime Minister has taken advice on the unhappiness of the people of Antigua & Barbuda, and recognizing that the disunity in the ABLP and the nation may be causing further stress, has created a new Ministry Of Happiness & Unity.


One must compliment the Prime Minister for his insight into the obvious cause of the unhappiness of his people, and selected the elected Representative of All Saints West to fill the hearts of the people with happiness and unification in time for the election this year.

Now this task given to the young man is programmed to fail as the suffering of the people is at the same time being caused by the PM himself as he seeks to enrich himself and his family at the expense of the people by taking their lands and property for his family needs.


Further, he uses his radio station to cuss his people every week, calling them whatever new name he is introduced to like his latest ‘charlatan’ and ‘deracinated imbeciles’ and consanguinital relationships’ in reference to Barbudans.

How is this young man going to make the people happy while the PM gives away our cruise harbour development Global Ports, a Turkish investment which uses our own  money in our banks to grow their business?


How can the happiness of the people be assured when the YIDA Chinese investors are selling our passports with protected fisheries areas and land plots to finance their project? And what about the Chinese who are expanding all over our little island?

Who can be happy being re-colonized by Chinese and Indians when Papa  V.C. Bird did his level best to keep the British planned interference program out of Antigua, by resisting Indian and Chinese introduction into our population?


The PLH Discovery development, with The PM’s personal support, is set to overrun the people of Barbuda, overturning their way of life, replacing it with a super-rich enclave, and recolonizing Barbudans into indentured labourers, and some into slaves.

How can we look forward to Unity when the people we now introduce into the hierarchy of power in Antigua are known not to like African blacks, and try to keep them down in every mixed society where they live?


Look at Trinidad and Guyana where the racist name calling reverberates throughout Caricom, and Jamaica where the new Chinese have simply used the local Chinese to get control of the local markets.


The new-rich-colony of Barbuda in the making picked an Aussie to confront the Barbuda blacks, in the same manner in which the Aborigines are controlled in Australia.


Can this Ministry do anything to raise the employment and living standards for the indigenous local Antiguan & Barbudan, which are now in jeopardy because of our immigration generosity and the development sellout of our government.

All in all this young man is going to have both his hands full, with no time for the other fun things like Carnival and the other holiday activities which have their own Boards and Statutory bodies, and which are in themselves happiness and unity festivals.


This young man is advised to begin by assessing the happiness level of all the indigenous Antiguans who are very unhappy, rejected and dejected; additionally he should try to unify the different factions of ABLP executives who are seeking to destroy our island’s reputation by exposing to the world the heart of our corruption in high places, and whose hands are in the cookie jar!

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  1. The young man will not do jack shit to make the lives of Antiguans and Barbudans tolerable. He does not have the capability, plus he doesn’t dare even if he wants to.

    He was saved from his debacle by the man who sicked the dogs on him and then rescued him. Lesson taught. Now he has put him in charge of happiness and unity. He has been bought and packaged. Think he can do anything to anger his saviour?

    Plus, it might not seem so, but no bad deeds go unpunished.
    Good writing though.

  2. Wow! a very beautifully written and well thought through letter. Yes, it will be difficult for the Minister to fulfill the task of bringing happiness and unity to such a divided nation beset with such insurmountable problems. My advice to Minister Browne would be to take some time to complete his double doctorate that he started before election 2014 and we were told by Gaston Browne and himself was completed prior to election 2018. In other countries not only the Minister would be ousted from government for lying about his qualifications, but Gaston Browne the Prime Minister would also be ousted for perpetuating the LIE. I hope the electorate in 2022 or 2023 will make them pay for such a LIE.

    • What “beautiful written…letter😎🤣! Please don’t start 2022 and #beyond on no Ghost Train.

      This letter is the same old rhetoric, between the Nuff n Edge Up’s regurgitated, repackaged to bamboozle the People, so that they can control the Nations coffers.

      It’s time to get rid of the One Party(upp & alp) system. They are brothers in and of, the Order of Hyram Abiff #WHO’RE jumping from Party to Party like wharf rats jumping from cargo ship to cargo ship trying to see which ship they can get the most free food from.

      In my dreams and wishful thinking..

      If only the young lady going to space could convince Branson to tow the Parliament building into space, and toss them into a Black Hole like what was done to the #herd of #swine that got chased over the cliff.

      We need and want a fresh start without these old and young crooks!

    • How could this be on the PM? That is so unfair. He could only go by what he was told. The PM doesn’t have access to the minister’s academic transcript. It takes 8 years to complete a doctorate, after that you would have to ask for an extension. Maybe he got one. It is not easy completing a doctorate maybe we should just ask him where he is with the completion of his study. You may be surprised. He may be soon finished.

  3. This is absolute nonsense and baboonery. I thought if there is so much disunity in the government the opposition will be having a Jouvert up and down MS. This 2022 and these Charlatans still think that Wadadlians are foolish enough to believe their deceptions and ignorance. Every honest Wadadlians knows now about the dusty play book of the UPPITES. The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools who continue to spread falsehoods and ignorance. FYI: You all tongues are cut out now by your Queen leader in down South when she called an early elections . Wow… A fool a write but not a fool a read…

    • Happy New Year Bullombo my No. 5 mangina. Has your bang hole recovered? It’s been a while since we hooked up and long overdue.

      I know you love to put your tongue in my fissure and I have to say your skills are well put it this way, I will never turn you down. Don’t let stress get to you my sweet mangina, I’ll sort you out and give you the riding that you love so much. I know how much you love it UPP in your tail every time and any time. And I love it when you sing loud and proud for your supper.

      Bulombo from your performance you will probably move up to No 4 on my best mangina list.

      Let the riding sessions run for 2022 Bullombo. Get your love tunnel ready.

  4. Antiguans should realize that Gaston Browne does not genuinely like black Antiguans and Barbudans. He will throw us crumbs to get our votes. He thinks because he acquired money he is intellectually superior to us. Consider the optics of taking a helicopter to Barbuda with his family for lunch at an upscale restaurant. He would rather hang out with the moneyed class as he believes he is one of them. His vision for Antigua and Barbuda, and especially Barbuda, is to create enclaves for the supper rich with gated communities where the black population will only be allowed to enter if they are the maids and gardeners. He is in a great hurry to strip Barbudans of any rights to the land so he and his elk can take what they want and sell off the rest and most likely pocket some of the money. Barbuda with its beautiful beeches , he believes is to good for Barbudans.
    Why do we vote for a government that consistently insults us and our sisters and brothers in Barbuda just to take the lands?

    • DC, what non charter air options are there to get to Barbuda quickly? Calvin offers an air option to the general public, the rates are available for a charter flight via email. Should the PM instead take the ferry and await the coast gaurd? A international standard airport is being bult there. Their economy is being developed. This will mean there will be more demand to go barbuda hence better transport options. Its people like you who wish to limit Barbuda who don’t love it and simply wish to sacrifice its residents for your own poltical beef. Guy note our anthem (we not building no welfare state):

      raise the standard! Raise it boldly!
      Answer now to duty’s call
      To the service of thy country,
      Sparing nothing, giving all;
      Gird your loins and join the battle
      ‘Gainst fear, hate and poverty,
      Each endeavouring, all achieving,
      Live in peace where man is free.

      • @tenman
        When you develop Barbuda like St. Barts, Jumby Bay and Mill Reef, you are turning Barbudans into servants. This is not developing Barbuda for Antiguans and Barbudans. What is Gaston’s plan for the lands in Barbuda but to sell it out from under the feet of Barbudans while politicians and there friends take the choice pieces like is happening in Antigua. Go check the land register and tell me if this government is not a real estate agent.

        • From your comments I can see that you suffer from low esteem. A servant is not a demeaning profession. Actually, to put it biblically, Jesus said, He who want to be the greatest in Heaven needs to be the servant. He said he came to serve. And he washed their feet. Actually, a servant is usually the most trusted person in a palace. They are closest to the King or Queen or to the President. For they can even poison them. Which used to happen in the old days. The profession has now some of the highest paid individuals, carrying titles such as Butler and Concierge. And believe me not everyone can afford to have a Butler or a Concierge.
          Antigua is lacking people with this qualification. What we do have are many maids and helpers. Gardeners and grass cutters. But more over service is not only given in the tourism industry. Service should be part of all aspects of our life. Whether you go to the bank, the teller is supposed to give you good service. A simple good morning greeting or thank you for banking with us. These are things we should learn, because we do not do them automatically. Our black race has developed, because of slavery, a very low esteem, when it comes to giving service. When given service is showing someone your highest karma. The Rotary mission statement is Service above Self. Given good service should become our trademark. People pay for good service. That is why when I get good service in a restaurant, I tip very good. When the service is bad, sorry no tip.
          When rich people come here, they are looking for that service and often they cannot find it and must travel with their own butler or concierge. Do you know how much Eric Clapton pays his Antiguan Concierge? Plenty of money. You should stop looking down on people who are servants and understand that they have a vital role to play, especially in our tourism product.

  5. The DISunity is within the UPP!!!

    It is not even an open secret that there are at least 3 others gunning for Lovell’s head.
    1). Pringle
    2). Richard Lewis
    Serpent say no likkle boy a lead he. Some can’t stand Richard Lewis because his wife is a “foreigner” (the UPP term). The Tradewinds gang still working against the enemy within their own UPP party. The majority want Lovell to lose so he can take elitist Gisele and Shawn Nicholas with him. Gisele, the PAID Research Officer, is sabotaging Pringle by allowing him to make an ass of himself in the Parliament. To date, she refuses to acknowledge him as Leader of the Opposition. Lovell can’t control Algernon. The disrespect meted out to Baldwin Spencer is catching up with Lovell and the UPP. Lovell has a “slate” of 17 incompetent boys and girls hoping that fairytales will come true…..


  7. Who wrote this stupid ass letter, susposedly a news item. I don’t see any signature. Why would you print this kind of trash??? Who the hell is running this “paper” anyway????

    • School Children says the rotten mango have some interest in this site. It’s called propaganda and hidden agenda leading to tabloid news.

      • Bullombo, don’t go there again. I already told you school children are not to be messed with.

        I will take care of your mangina and you can swallow your supper. I don’t want to see you incarcerated Bullombo.

    • @Kristi:When you went to SCHOOL,did they teach Comprehension as a Subject? I do believed you have a lacking in Comprehension. If not,you would be able to decipher what the letter writer did say.

  8. Just imagine that you are on a team that have disunity and your team don’t but your team members are leaving your team for the other team. Wow… You UPPITES are the best in dimming down your blind followers with your baboonery. What a joke? What a laugh? Why all you think Wadadlians are fools? Dusting off the old play book ain’t go work. Anyways it’s the UPPITES MO of deceptions and lies.

    • Bullombo stop stressing. I will call you in the next few days to meet up and I will ride you baboon style.

      Get your mangina well washed and powered for me hunny.

      • Remember jester and former PM says that your mouth smells too tink and your rear ends leaks too much. De say you are too washed and dem no want you anymore. Additionally, they say you too thief and lub too much man. You are the most idiotic person in Dadli. Have read the book of Proverbs as yet. You fool.

  9. As long as he is not in Education I m good. I don’t care where the PM puts him. PM that was a very good move! So many persons were hurt and targeted under his leadership and were also very unhappy. Let us not forget how persons couldn’t share their views especially if it was against his. How quickly one forgets if you didn’t toe the line you became a target, ostracized or told how much money you tief indirectly. Many of you are such hypocrites! When he was on trial you wanted his head on a platter. You spoke up and shared how wicked he was because you thought that was the end of his political career. You distanced yourself from him. Now he is back, you lap your tail between your legs. Open your mouth! What are you afraid of. There are too many injustices in this place.
    He didn”t cry out to God Mr. Prime Minister he just had very deep pockets and a very good defense team! Have you ever realize that the average person without any money could n’t have had their court case push through the system so quickly. Money talks in this country!! Poor people can’t catch a break that is the reality. That is the injustices that is occurring on this island called Antigua. PM, I have seen persons that were innocent found guilty, and those who were guilty walk free. It happens all the time! It had nothing to do with him crying out to GOD. I don’t like when persons make mockery of God. God is not no play thing, nor a dolly house that we pick up, or play with. We can’t dust of God when we need to and then put him back in a cage when he is not needed. God is forgiving and one day he will say enough is enough. Now for those of you who think the prime minister is an idiot, let me tell you he is not! He is quite intelligent. Why would he put a man back in education when he created all these issues in education with D Giselle, Serpant, School Meals, and Antigua State College, Ebook scandal. Really. Kindly keep off of the top dog. Continue to lead and make great choices. Continue to watch over the broken and the down trotten.

  10. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that’s typical UPP style. Refusing to acknowledge and deal with its internal messy 💩

  11. Ranking of happiest countries worldwide 2020, by score
    Published by M. Szmigiera, Jun 10, 2021
    Finland was ranked the happiest country in the world, according to the World Happiness Report from 2021. The Nordic country scored 7.89 on a scale from 0 to 10. Two other Nordic countries, Iceland and Denmark, followed with a second and third place, respectively. The World Happiness Report is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness that ranks countries by how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be. The measurement of subjective well-being relies on three main indicators: life evaluations, positive emotions, and negative emotions.


    • I have posted the above so that those who cannot comprehend what the minister is charged with can now perhaps understand. It is not a simple thing as to ask people if they are happy or not. I heard the inept Serpent calling in on the voice of the people show and making mockery of this. All because he doesn’t have the brain to understand what it really entails. But he seems to equate his happiness as to having money in his pocket. Well, I can tell him many poor people are happier than rich people. Money cannot buy you love or happiness. A man/woman that is loved is happy. Whether he or she has money or not. When your wife asks you if you are happy in the marriage, you better say yes. Although this is a loaded question and tends to question the depth of your heart. But as I said inept Serpent has no idea what is involved in this ministry. That is why we just cannot have these calibers of people as our representatives. They just do not cut it. And the PM proofs it each and every time that he is way above them.

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