LETTER: I am very upset about the situation at Social Security Board


Dear Editor,


I am writing to you because I am very upset about the situation at Social Security Board.


The situation at Social Security is a disgrace to say the least.


Imagine we the elderly has paid our dues to Social Security and when retirement arrives there is no money to pay you.


This is the result of past governments failure and mismanagement of Social Security and the whole board and management should resign in disgrace for releasing such a disgraceful statement about hope and pray smh.


The government chief of staff indicated that people are not working hence contributions are low therefore social security is struggling.


With that being said why has the government not indicated a plan to create jobs in both the private and public sectors so that contributions to social security can increase so that we the pensions can get paid?


It been 6 months ANR since I have gotten my last Social Security check and pension.


The government needs to fix Social Security with real urgency and find solutions with urgency to this vexing issue ASAP.



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  1. These people mean they are taking away all your rights and it has to start with the elderly because they see them vulnerable and in need, but the government doesn’t care. At first they bribed them by telling them they have to take the vaccine in order to get their money monthly but now the tables has turned once more, now that they have what you ask they still can’t seem to get their money. For all of these selfish politicians your time will come, you haven’t stat turning in your beds yet. Pray for the Father to have mercy on you. Remember touch not God’s Anointing.

  2. And maternity benefits that havent been paid… its about 6 months and nothing havent been paid…. Pampers aint cheap

    Very upset baby mama

  3. Gaston Browne go into that Offshore Bank Account and do another withdrawal to sure up Social Security. You have done that in the past to pay Civil Servants salaries. Those monies in that Offshore Bank from CIP belong to the People. There are too many people crying these days from hardships. Something you know nothing about rich man,and Cabinet Members. Because you people do not pay for most things,to include all utilities and transportations. Who feels it knows it and the majority of the people are feeling it in their stomachs and emptied purses and wallets. Take care of those Seniors like yesterday.After all they did their due diligence by working and contributing onto SOCIAL- IN-SECURITY.

  4. Vaccine is the only thing right now they don’t care if you are eating or being paid, bring your arms and come like that will end all the suffering .

  5. You guys just political and are usingCovid situation to work your way to power, the deaths that is hapen here i place them at upp foot, for encouraging people to make those silly mistakes , But UPP YOU WILL NEVER SEE POWER AGAIN ESPECIALLY BECAUSE OF THIS PANDEMIC WE LEARN HOW CRUELY AND SELFISH YOU GUYS ARE

    • @Antiguan
      You are obsessed with labour staying in power when people are begging for their pensions to buy food. Your illustrious leader Gaston Browne created this problem by stripping social security of all it’s funds. He said social security and medical benefits didn’t need funds. He took over all the statutory bodies so he would have control over all of the government revenues. Now they have all been plundered and left broke.
      Cut back all the politicians benefits, stop politicians from travelling all over the world and cut politicians salaries who are making over $100,000 per year by 25%. Stop paying Maria Browne as what has she done to deserve her pay and having over $200,000 of taxpayer’s money going to her house hold. After all they don’t need the money as her husband is a multimillion. This gesture would show that the Brownes are willing to help struggling Antiguans and not just taking as much as they can from the country. Doing this would free up a a substantial amount of money to pay some of struggling and hungry Pensioners their social security and pensions.
      Labour government only like poor people to line up for hand outs so they can fool them into thinking they love them. Wouldn’t surprise me if most of those lining up are non nationals.

      • Gaston Browne does not really love Antiguans. If he did he and his wife would not be taking a salary and benefits from the government at this time of hardship in the country. Did he not say he and his wife are Multi-millionaires?

  6. People are talking about facts not politics, even when UPP is not in power they still blaming UPP, ALP had majority of the votes., bad choices are made throughout this plandemic it started from the top. The politicians took over where it was suppose to be the health professions and when the health professions speaks the cabinet tell them to stay in their lanes, and some of the health professions at times seems fearful to speak looking as if they are controlled by the cabinet.

    To vaccinate is a personal choice, if it was proper education from the onset maybe more individuals would have be vaccinated

    If the vaccine would have stop the spread, mask wearing and social separation would have ended, maybe more persons would have take the experiment.

    A country with a population of 100000 47 persons died with covid even someone that drown, got into an accident or get shot in the head, deaths are labelled as covid.

    Life is a cycle you born you die you build you break down, in the mean time build your immune system and stop letting fear control you,in the media it will never ever save you from death

    Everyone has to die one day no scientists or doctor has the final say in all of their wisdom, it is a risk with the vaccine and still without.

    Protect yourself and stop the division

  7. Bankrupt, bankrupt, bankrupt. Same old farts running SS for years with no new ideas. It wouldn’t matter which party in power none of them have a clue. Bring home your non producing Ambassadors with their over spending. (i.e. MIAIM) Take the focus off foreign investment and put it on local organic growth. Set up portfolios and new investment tools for SS and get a real person with investment knowledge to replace the current CEO

    • Social Security is not run by a CEO which if you read the ACT you should know. And it’s the board is in charge of the investment portfolio. And board members are appointed by several organizations to include the Unions both employees and employers and Government appoints the Chairman. Which at this point is Mr. Philip.

  8. Writer 6 months? Have you provided a recent life certificate to SS? Please call 7363089 and ask for the customer service manager because this seems irregular. In terms of a economic plan to among things add more jobs, there is a mid term national development plan. Also note the Economic Recovery Committee plan http://erc.gov.ag/index.php/ERC-report/. Note that all of these plans require that we get covid under control. Please do your part in encouraging persons to go and get vaccinated because the future will be bleak if we don’t get this virus under control

    • Tenman I am glad someone else noticed that… Six months didn’t make sense at all to me… Maybe just an exaggeration to make a point. Not withstanding though, the government like many others government’s around the world has a real problem on its hand. Including the great United states of America with it’s own printing press. Antigua has to buckle down and deal with this issue as the trajectory is not good. The obvious solution is to grow the economy to increase your tax base. My vote is for who is most likely to do so…

  9. This “pensioner” is totally lying and it’s a shame this even made news. Everyone knows by now that no 6 months payment outstanding especially since social security been in the news almost every day. Some ppl just really like UGLY. Stop it!

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