LETTER: Gaston thinks he is God!


Dear Editor,

I am a Canadian businessman living in Antigua for the last 25 years.

I can’t vote but I have been through multiple governments and have lived through the UPP and recent ALP reign.

I feel it is my responsibility to give you an outsiders look at your current options.  I need you to know the UPP is not necessarily better.

They are not necessarily less corrupt.  But, it is time for a change.  If you let Gaston stay in, he is going to become so powerful it will be the downfall of the country, we cannot let that happen.

If you are honest with yourself, you can see it is happening.  The longer a party stays in office the more the corruption builds.

At this point, it is critical that a change is made to keep Antigua and Barbuda the democracy that it is.  Gaston thinks he is God.  He thinks he is above the law.  He thinks he is your “RULER” not your “elected official.

The UPP is not strong, they are not a perfect choice, but they are the ONLY choice.  You can always elect the ALP back in, but for now you MUST elect the UPP to break the corruption cycle.

Every time a new government is in there is a “honeymoon period” that leads to economic growth and prosperity for the people of Antigua and Barbuda, that lasts for a couple years, before the corruption and greed sets in.


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    • I agree. The writer is on point. It is time for a change, irrespective of how you feel about one party or the other. His words are truth to power. I respect the writer. No need for UPP supporters or Labor supports to be hostile towards his opinions. His/her point is well taken. Thanks for your thoughts. Now go out and vote against the corrupt demigods – Gaston dictator Brown and his cronies.

  1. Sir, I agree with you on some points, but completely disagree on several points. What do you mean that UPP are not necessarily better? You can really come to this conclusion after the country was poised, as per a Forbes magazine article (if I have my facts correct) to be rich? Under a UPP administration. Sir, Antiguans and Barbudans are better off today because of what the UPP did, that Gaston Brown continues to steal as ALP accomplishments. Indeed, we need a change, but we as Antiguans and Barbudans are looking for the redemption of our country. This administration has raped our country of its finances and patrimony, and it has to be stopped. Do you see any UPP past candidates claiming to be millionaires? The country is leaking money, sir, while the people remain poor and impoverished. You can always return to Canada, but this is our native land, for which our ancestors suffered and died to make others wealthy ,and this is sovereign to us.Therefore we must dig deep to find the few patriots that remain for a better Antiguan and Barbuda.

  2. You sound so confused..If UPP IN not less corrupt and is the same,why change for the sake of change? This is just an insult to compare and former caring government to these Bunch of Dyed hair old men who are only enriching themselves on the Backs of Antiguans There are many many reasons ABLP should be kick to the curb and you didn’t mention them.I voting UPPall the way. Get Rid Ah Them unless Idiots.

  3. So you live in Antigua for 25 years as you claim, but never saw it fit to register so that you can vote. However, you now want to come and dabble your mouth in affairs in which you cannot meaningfully participate?

    A word of advice: hush your Canadian mouth! If you wanted to participate you would have registered. You can’t vote so you have no voice!

    • @Wash an’Basin-Gaston Browne
      Do you have to be like a Pointe woman standing on the street corner cussing every body who doesn’t say hello to you? Behave like a Prime Minister for heaven’s sake and stop behaving like where you come from.

    • @Wash an’ Basin…I have no idea, what business this Canadian operate in Antigua. However, over a twenty-five year span, I’ll surmise, that their business(s) have put more meals on Antiguans/Barbudans plates who are living hand to mouth, retirees who cannot receive their monthly payments on time, paid Education levy’s etc. Lest you forget, these are the investors, the expats, their friends, family etc, that the Nation will be begging, beseeching to come to the Nation and spend their Canadian dollars, to keep the economy from crumbling.

      I wonder, or should I ask, what is your opinion regarding the Chinese #who’re screwing the Nation like a #Sting Ray Lance?

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  4. It is laughable to me that the writer states the time span he has lived in Antigua but cannot vote. To become a citizen takes seven years. He could’ve become citizen three times over. So what I’m hearing from him is that he is willing to enjoy the fruits of his labour from the island but not participate in the election cycles. However selfish is that?
    He penned with careful thought, “UPP is not better or less corrupt, or has a strong team, or not the better choice, but just vote for them to make a change.”. Can you imagine the absurdity in this line of thinking.
    Lok ya, Man, just gwarn go mind your store, please.
    Gee me wan break …
    Jan 18, 2023

    • @Dave Ray-Find it funny some arguing they believe in term limits, but then suggest we should vote back the UPP. Harold did not serve two terms? Well the voters have decided his time is done. Seems to me persons only want term limits when it serves their purpose. Its best to allow the best person(s) to run to ensure persons have a real choice. Writer admits the UPP is not better, than ABLP so what he suggests is counter productive. The mess we faced under the UPP, mostly happened during their first term (Fencing scandal, the decision to build WPP, The decision to sign for two power plants when we needed only one, Making the SS situation worse by not paying in their contributions for most of the first term, Half moon bay indecision, appointments of the Canadian cops…) UPP, NEVER AGAIN

    • @Dave Ray it was something else watching Nancy Pelosi complete her 18th term in congress. First elected in 1987. Persons point out her best asset is the experience she brings (this is why she is the democratic party house leader) Her replacement, as dem house leader, Hakeem Jeffries was first elected some 10 years ago (2013- hence we looking at now his 5th term in office). Wonder if term limits would not encourage persons to elect people like George Santos (He reminds me of Franz deFreitas ) or Trump. When you artificially lessen the options, its not always cream that rise to the top. A&B is still a developing country, we can’t take these kinds of risks

      • @Tenman. Merry Christmas…Don’t think you are totally getting the gist of what the gentleman is saying, which is basically power is addictive and it is not good to have the same person in power for too long if this island is to remain a free democracy! Surely you are not blinded to the rampant corruption and what can only be described as sleazy business people GB has aligned himself with. Personally, I find it very questionable as to the reason/s for the very quick date for elections. It apparently did not catch the UPP unawares since they have been campaigning for some time now. So, tell me, is it something to do with FTX and the missing $20billion or something else. According to outside news media anyone involved in FTX needs to be very concerned for their wellbeing. Case in point the in and out elimination of the corrupt lawyer in Barbados!
        There can be no doubt that the Chinese are out of control and getting worse in this island. They need to be stopped and sent packing back to where they came from.
        PS. At least Trump is not senile!

        • @Jeb…the politicians, their cronies, henchmen, #Racans(dem wid rancid red herring innah dem hand, fu cover dem trail) are fully cognisant, of the positive value, such things as #TERM #LIMITS, along with MANDATORY, INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITING of #ALL GOVERNMENT AGENCIES brings to the entire Parliament, and by default, the Nation.
          The day this happens, it will be more of a joyous celebration for the downtrodden and those living #Hand_To_Mouth, than the Quasi_Independence which we got and celebrate from Windsor Palace.

          De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard
          Vere Cornwall Edwards

    • Dave Ray,

      Morals matter, voting labor is suicidal. Oh, I forget-you wouldn’t know what morals are. ABLP screwed you over once, they will do it over and over again. Oh, just remember, you definitely understand the latter statement. LOL!

      • Lol, no one can screw me. I’m not looking for anything from a political party. I have been a Labourite since the age of 13. I will die a Labourite. It doesn’t matter what is being said by you or anyone else. You guys know so much but still know nothing.
        If you’re unaware, I’ve been an entrepreneur and independently sustained for the past 35 years. I employ people.
        Lol, so if you believe that your statement add any value to the conversation, tell me more. I’m a proud Labourite ad infinitum.

  5. Jumbee_Picknee says…the author is correct in what she/he is saying, hence, #Term_Limit is necessary for the members of Parliament.


  6. I agree with you 100% Mr. Canadian businessman. Time for a change. We must give the UPP administration a chance to prove themselves.

    Mr. Lovell remember that the eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. Do not become like the wicked Gaston Browne who is righteous in his own eyes when you are elected as the next Prime Minister come January 18.

    We are with you Redeem Team.

  7. I too believe in term limits as s check and balance. When man in power too long they believe that they own the country and the people are their subjects.

  8. Term limit is the way to go.
    No one man should determine the date to vote.
    Tenman, I noticed since election date was announced you are talking more crappy. Please WPP didn’t fail. ABLP failed to maintain WPP.

    • @ ABLP IS A CULT (its a real political party not like the UPP made up of ablp haters)
      Yet under UPP the most of the 6 engines they ran at any one time was 3. The engineers pointed out they had to use parts from the other 3 to keep the 3 running. The manager in 2020 made clear

      “In chronicling the lead up to the shutdown of the plant, Matthias said that the 30-megawatt plant which housed six units already had rusting before the point of its commissioning in 2011 and was decommissioned 5 years later. @ABLP.. sorry we could not turn this clear junk into something of value

  9. January 18 couldn’t be tomorrow? Me too want e come quick so some people can stop chat a bunch a crap. Me hope Antigua hab enough aspirin and smelling salts.

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