LETTER: Enough Gaston, open the bars!

Gaston ABLP

Dear Editor,

This is total wickedness without any proper rationale. It has been a month now that the Government of Antigua and Barbuda closed bars, preventing owners and their workers from earning a dollar.


However, supermarket where people crowd up more than bars are open because as government says they are essential services.


The same government says they’re stopping people from gathering but there are more people in the supermarket than what goes bars.


How do you put people out of bread without a stimulus to survive on and most bar workers live from pay cheque to pay cheque? It is very uncaring by the government.


When I heard curfew gone to 11p.m, I called my boss and asked about opening, he said government still left bars closed.


I start crying because it hard it hard .


It is clear bars are not the problem.  The highest our cases ever reached was when bars closed.


I have something to tell the prime minister, there is no place in Antigua where more politics discuss than in bars, so look out.


My question is where is the data that says bars causing the problem?


Yes keeping the cases down is important but persons and their livelihood is equally important.


This look like I have to go on the road to sell salt-fish I don’t even have $20 now please I’m begging for chance to survive. Oh lord Gaston enough!


Bar Worker


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PM says bar operators must be vaccinated in order to reopen

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  1. This picture so appropriate for the Dictator , Theif and Traitor and I voted for him . FOOL ME ONCE SHAME ON YOU FOOL ME TWICE SHAME ON ME .

  2. It is a delicate balance between opening bars and keeping covid numbers down. It is not about which has more people, supermarkets or bars. In supermarkets people get their goods and leave. In bars, people drink alcohol, lime, socialize, get drunk, dance and have a good time. I am sure you can see the difference and how covid can more easily spread in bars.

  3. What Gaston is doing is simply showing he has little regard for actual proper processes and simply shows he doesnt care much about anything. He himself has said persons cant be made obligated to be vaccinated yet then comes up with this?? Whats the actual MO behind such a decision.

    • Gaston this time you gone too far, cornering people is not the way to go, finding ways
      and means to reopening bars, instead of forcing people to take the vacation, but what every bar owners should do! don’t go out and take any vacation, and see what your next move will be, you don’t force people against their will, you need to shut down the market on Fridays and Saturdays and the casinos, that’s where the gathering and the viruses are, if there is any, because you politicians cannot be trusted,

  4. # Barlivematters. I for one just can see how this one was rationalised. The yardstick keeps on moving.

    Mr PM as much as we despise the UPP remember they are the alternative to you!!! Stop and think about your actions. The same way you are quick to say if certain sub-sectors dont follow protocols they can be fined or whatever is the same approach that can be used for the bars. Open the darn place and dem!!!!!! Oh gosh man is ordinary people you squeezing!!!!!!

  5. Haven’t you noticed the crime rate has dropped since the bars are locked down? Damn drunks should stay home.

    • Shut up!!!!!! Rate has dropped since what bar close down?????? The bars were open and there were no cases. Some of y’all have ways and means to eat bread so y’all wouldn’t give two shit about other people . thats what it is.

  6. Gaston Browne in that uniform makes me laugh.I wondered what was his state of mind.When he decided to wear that fake looking Military Uniform.He sure looks like a little dictator to me.How could he tell Bars Owners.They must be vaccinated before the Bars re-open.There are many Bar Owners in Antigua.Who do not even work in their Bars.So why the heck should they be Vaccinated,Gaston Browne.You are going off that rail.Just do not touch that third rail.The end results could be detrimental to you and your family.Take warning,you better take warnings.

  7. You know what to do, vote the scumbag dictator traitor Gaston out next elections and have a thorough investigation done on all his assets by and independent and foreign entity.

    We are nothing but his personal financial slaves.

  8. I read these comments and see that your announcement has frustrated many persons, that’s no good at all. No one should be forced to take any vaccine at anytime, some months ago you said yourself when vaccination programmes were first rolled out worldwide, that no person would be forced to take a mandatory vaccination, however here we are and you have now eaten your own words and now said the opposite!! Indeed it should not be a mandatory vaccination, but a personal choice, because quite simply put, not enough is known about short term or long-term health issues that can arise in some people because they have taken the vaccine!! For this reason alone, it must remain a personal choice for all. Sometimes a decision to not vaccinate is not just simply a case of I will or I won’t, but possibly a health issue can be the reason someone will not be able to take the vaccine. In any event what you are proposing to the current targeted bar owners is not reasonable, because if you begin this you will open pandora’s box as it’s completely nonsensical if you don’t insist on all restaurant owners, all market vendors, all retail owners and leisure outlets, all government department where the person’s go to pay their bills every month and stand in ridiculously long queues or basically where anyone goes to do anything, then of course there are the patrons to all these businesses what will you say next that one cannot go to town to shop, pay bills unless you are vaccinated???….

  9. PM says bar operators must be vaccinated in order to reopen???

    This sound just like the heartless decree of the PM of St. Vincent where their people had to get vaccinated in order to get on the cruise ships to escape their exploding volcano. This is CRUAL.

    Anyone with half a brain can see what they are trying to do…. They’re PUSHING THE JAB!
    Why are they so hell bent on pushing this? If the jab was so beneficial, people would lining up for it. The reality is, most people don’t want to be experimental rats.

    The evidence against the safety of the jab is mounting daily!

    Then there is the MASK nonsense…. I SAY TO THE GOVERMENT: WHOY ARE YOU

    Wake up people… THE PANDEMIC IS OVER!

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