LETTER: Dr. Spencer led with integrity



Here we go again Mr. So CALLED Fitzroy trying to discredit the UPP.  This is like a Will Smith Slap apology.  It is void of substance because you are intentional,  in your ALP style, under handed platitude but seeking to unfairly make statement towards the UPP slate of candidates.

So let me set the record straight, the UPP does not need your type of criticism, you are not constructive but rather i believe, an operative of the ALP masking as caring.

When you look at the ALP list of candidates are you suggesting that they are better than UPP candidates?.  Why you don’t seek to advise Gaston they are the ones mashing us the country.  They are the ones with the self enrichment schemes.

Why don’t you use your influence to ask ALP Comrades to treat the people with respect.  DR. Spencer led with integrity he is still with the UPP he is still an integral part of the UPP.  We don’t need your advise on candidates the people that are voting loves the candidates and they are the ones that truly matters.

The policy of Government is not driven by candidates there are advisors that will provide solid advise to each Minister there are persons in the structure of the UPP that will guide all our Ministers when we get into power.
A good administration is the collective sum of sound policies and not individual over brightness, hint!!! hint!!!

Dr. Spencer was great because he had a great support system.  PM Browne is failing because of the support system around him is failing and he believes he is the brightest bulb in the room.

Name any candidate of the UPP “Fitzroy” and then name a candidate of the ALP with all the ALP “BRIGHTNESS” where are we today.
We are still behind St. Kitts in economic and social development.  Let’s say that almost all other Caribbean countries with exception of Haiti, we are behind.  So maybe what we need is sincere people that love this country and want to see the development of the country.

So Fitzroy  thanks but no thanks we are good the electorate is choosing a complete team of men and women that wants to serve, a team that is not about self enrichment, a team that brings integrity and accountability. A youthful team that will be guided by experiment persons like Dr. Spencer, Brother Hilson Baptiste and others.

Don’t worry about us cry for the state of this country, cry for the mothers and fathers that are suffering daily to put food on their tables while the PM and his family and friends and living it up.  Cry and pray and if per chance Fitzroy you can find it in your heart to love Antigua enough then you can Vote for the UPP candidate that is in your area, and when your done voting, when your done voting Fitzroy help them Govern, help them become good representatives.

We as citizens that is our first Job

Love always


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  1. He might have, arguably so…but the men and women around him were corrupt. Cooks pond water probably turned Spencer giddy headed, which might have been a good thing.

  2. The problem with the present government they are all crooks and corrupt people from TOP DAWG yo to POODLE.

    • The irony of the whole thing is this: the ‘biggest scandal’ issue during the UPP time was assigned to the ‘fencing guy’ whom the Labour party has now embraced. That shows they have no principle. Just talk for talking sake.

      Bunch of liars and detractors.

      • The biggest UPP scandal is the John Ashe one. This is where the sitting PM has admitted he accepted what the US deems dirty money. The very US indictment makes clear that BS should be charged with breaking the law. They are persons in the US serving jail time for that offence

      • The biggest scandal was the fencing scandal?
        What a laugh.
        What happen to John Ashe scandal? The biggest scandal in Antigua. What happen to the involvement of a former PM with him. Huh???

  3. With integrity! Didn’t he call out the citizenry when all we wanted was a valid explanation of the failures of the WADADLI power Plant! Nobody wanted to hear it’s a powerplant. What you all expect. Wine on the floor? Oil go leak out! Give me a break!

    Integrity! When all of the troubles of financial difficulties were blamed on the Global Financial Crisis. As a nation you should be financially prepared for any external shocks that jolt your economy. IE, Covid-19.

    Integrity! When a man lost his life over money. Who was that money intended for and for what purpose? All a dem a crook!

    They all drink from the same bottle of English Harbor. Dine at the finest Antigua has to offer. They are all one of the same. Some may not want to hear it. It is the TRUTH!

    This system of Government is rotten to the core! Their is no accountability for infractions of the law or ethical responsibilities of a public officer entrusted with carrying out their duties.

    Time for a change and the time is now. One change I suggest is that the Minister of Finance does not need or be an elected parliamentarian. Dr. Cort. In my opinion set the bar of what that position requires. I’ll leave it at that and await the backlash!

    • When last u buy piece a BBQ chicken from Elvis shop??? Support your local Freetown neargah and dem 1st

  4. “7 Oct 2015 — Former Antigua –Barbuda Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer Linked To UN Bribery Scandal involving Ex Amabassador JOHN ASHE.”

    “Spencer, currently Leader of the Opposition, sought to clear his name amidst calls for him to resign, following the arrest of former permanent representative to the United Nations Dr. JOHN ASHE on tax evasion charges linked to his alleged acceptance of US$1.3 million in bribes.”

    “Former prime minister Baldwin Spencer is said to have accepted a ‘kick back’ from Dr. Ache’s ill-gotten gains.”

    “Spencer has ADMITTED TO asking Dr Ashe for and receiving his assistance to help finance his re-election campaign.”

    • You beat me to it. It shows the lies that these people are time and time again trying to have the public believe. They should say thank you to Gaston Browne for not having removed immunity from John Ashe and not having had an investigation of the case in Antigua as well. But like always they are too shame and instead hate the man for having saved them from a big scandal.

  5. “Therefore, for the UPP to state it never knowingly accepted the donations as the proceeds of any crime, is tantamount to an acknowledgement of what is known as WILFUL BLINDNESS in anti-money laundering theory and practice. The UPP leadership including Baldwin Spencer had an OBLIGATION TO ASCERTAIN from Dr JOHN ASHE, the ultimate SOURCE of funding for the monies being donated as such monies would have been clearly over and above the income level of Dr John Ashe.”

  6. “Former PM says buses were not a government to government donation”

    WHAT A LIARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    johnson November 18, 2021 At 11:27 am

    what a forked tonged corrupt . He oversaw the thieving of the peoples property and now trying to convince the court that the korean government gave buses to the UPP. This is so outrageous from a man that convinced us that the ALP was corrupt in 2004. I am so hurt over these revelations because i voted for him in 2004. this bald liar should also be on trial. i hope they all go to jail!




    Thanks to BS, we have the legacy of the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

    Thanks to BS, apparently only UPP people can get “gifts” from Medical Benefits. Was it via phone call or text message to MBS that u gave the order for approximately US$500,000.00 to be “granted” to Jackie “RAG TAG” Quinn for breast cancer treatment in an elite hospital in USA?? Has Jackie “LOWER-THE-PASS-MARK” Quinn paid back one blue cent of TAXPAYERS MONIES??

    How did the GRAYS GREEN community DEVELOP under your time as both MP and PM?

    What about the WADADLI POWER CAN’T??? You still think the people stupid to believe “THE ENGINES ARE NEW”???????

    This man of “integrity” in collaboration with LOVELL LIMPY JOE bought us “NEW” engines WITHOUT PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL. The “NEW” engines were DECOMMISSIONED a few short years after they were purchased WITHOUT PARLIAMENTARY APPROVAL.

    His calabash MP wrote him a letter informing him that one of his own CABINET MEMBER tried to B-R-I-B-E him. What did BS do????

    I won’t dare mention JOHN ASHE!

    “INTEGRITY” you say???????????

  8. Yes, he served with integrity. However, he did not understand that politics had taken a different turn and this gentleman type of leadership was not for those times. He knew what kind of being Gaston Browne was but he could not reach the depths where he might have had to descend in order to defeat him in 2014. At that time he made 2 tactical errors that cost UPP the reign of power. One, he should have passed the mantel of leadership to Harold Lovell then. It was the right time. Two, all that nonsense with back pocket and front pocket that he was doing while he was waiting for Gail Christian, his goddaughter to come over to UPP made him stretch out the time for the election too long and gave Labour the upperhand

    • “the single most disastrous moment of the campaign was during the Jah Cure/Tarrus Riley concert in March [2014]” where Spencer addressed 10,000 people…and said that his hands were tied and he was helpless and unable to call the election because he needed Gaston Browne to withdraw the court cases.”

      The party said having done that, Spencer basically told the people that he was not in charge, but that Browne was running things . So he, Spencer, set himself up as someone who was “WEAK” and “HELPLESS.”

      It was a “self-inflicted” blow, that “undermined our brand”, which was that “leadership matters.”

  9. Integrity my foot. Baldwin didn’t even have respect for the court. When the Court told him he needed to reinstall Sir Gerald at the ABEC. He said, “to hell with the court”, and went to Parliament to change the law, making Gerald too old for the position. He admitted that he had received cash from the Chinese Woman for the passports and claimed it was campaign financing, and said he put the money in his bank account and later gave it to the treasurer of the party. Did he tell the truth when he was asked if he took campaign money from Allen Stanford? Hell NO! Integrity my FOOT. He had no clue how to run the country. And we all remember the press conference at the WPP. Claiming the plant was new. When Daniel told him that a colleague wanted to bride him. What did he do?

  10. You people or person don’t have anything to Do? Or is this what you are paid to do. Is Mr. Spencer running for political office? You people are really desperate.

    • “FLED The Scene” wrote the letter about Baldwin “DRINK COOKS POND WATER” Spencer. The emptyhead, dunce, cant call figures shame n disgrace of a prime minister!! He didn’t do a damn ting for Grays Farm nar Green Bay!!!

      all he did was rename our landmark to Mt. Obama, buy OLD ENGINES and cast us in the dark smelly hole of the IMF latrine. Bosom buddy with JOHN ASHE and that infamous chinese woman.

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