LETTER: Desist from lying to the public immediately


Greetings Antigua Newsroom,

The one who sits in the Honorable Office of the Prime Minister and his colleagues must desists from lying to the public immediately, and add value in the form of respect to the Honorable Offices they hold compliments the general public.

Almost every occasions these dishonorable men advance the words “in the interest of the people” and “ we love the people”, deception always seem to be the fruit of those statements, which causes conscientious sovereign beings to fortify themselves  and take evasive action into another direction.

As a people we seem prone to adopting and doing silly things for example, the public pays police officers to ensure they (the public) do not break the laws which they (the public) makes.

If you make the law shouldn’t you live by it? Unless the laws that are being made do not have the input of the people, therefore police officers are now required to enforce these outside interventions. This is a problem.

As far as awareness carries no Cabinet member is an expert in diseases, immunology, or epidemiology. Since none of them are experts realistically how can they mandate that which they do not know? On what basis would they know the information they receive to be true?

The pharmacy council is no wiser than the Cabinet because in their wisdom they utilize the information from the manufacturer to authenticate the manufacturer’s product.

If the pharmacy council did their own investigations of the product, then arrive at a conclusion they would gain some credibility.

Keep in mind it was the same pharmacy council that approved the use of Sputnik even before the World Health Organization completed their investigations.

Did the pharmacy council unearth that the use of Astra Zeneca may cause blood clots before they approved it? To the extent it was shelved to adjust the label to reflect a warning against the possibility of blood clots. “Just take the vaccine”.

Cabinet is primarily why Covid-19 is in Dadly, let the flights come the more the merrier, that’s what they said.

They introduced measures from WHO’s hand book but failed to properly enforce the measures.

The Cabinet is merely selecting protocol options from a hand book.

When Covid-19 was rampant in the Dominican Republic, the Cabinet allowed a flight that country which resulted in a spike of active cases and they have the heart  to blame the people of Dadly for spreading Covid-19 when its they who invited it in.

Health workers are at particular high risk for occupational exposure. Conveniently the Cabinet exempted this group from their mandates.

They can contract and transmit to love ones and other Covid free patients. Why everything has to be upside down?

Surely the citizens did not put all the tourism eggs into a singular basket, it was a cabinet decision.  Diversifying the economy has long been a perennial nice sounding nothing.  The government displays signs of anaphylaxis each time the idea of self sufficiency is uttered. The mention of voters gaining some semblance of independence is like salt in the politician’s wound.

The mismanagement of CoVid-19 started long long Garling time ago.

Whereas Sars-CoV-2 did not originate in Antigua & Barbuda, and no person or animal to our knowledge was affected by it, and all our sovereign fundamental rights and freedoms remained as constituted, we enjoyed a peaceful living.

With the coming into being of Sars-CoV-2, and the government of Antigua & Barbuda fully aware of its mode of transmission, the onus was on the government to do all that is necessary to prevent the virus from entering its territory, and not taking risks knowing forehand, it is highly probable the risks could be fatal and costly.

The short sightedness of the government, who loss at playing Russian roulettes with its citizen’s lives, then without admitting their gross mismanagement, with a slight of tongue shifts the blame to the citizens.

To cover their poor management and missteps they shift the focus to mandatory vaccination and almost completely remove the public’s attention from themselves.


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  1. 5 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back. In the future, please proof read your writing before publishing. Better yet, spare us your gibberish and the false hope of an enlightened and educated point of view.

    • I stopped at “As far as awareness carries” I knew not to go any further. Worse, the government is lead by the same at all levels. It’s a certain mis-educationing, it’s everywhere!

    • Speech is free, but when it’s presented carelessly it comes at a cost to the speaker. It’s hard to take one seriously when their words sound foolish. If you have the mic, use it wisely.

  2. The best way to end this pandemic is by herd immunity. Wearing mask, washing hands, staying 6ft apart and curfews are all temporary measures. The vaccines are effective againts covid19.In countries like Gibraltar, the numbers of infections and death are dropping rapidly. Even here in Antigua the majority of people who had died and are critically ill are the unvaccinated. Encourage your friends and families to get vaccinated.

  3. Thank you MEL. This is what I wanted to hear, the truth. Well said and well put together. You have hit the nail on the head. Clap, clap, clap. This is the best article on the lies and deception of the government. Thank you for letting the truth be told.
    Now for the Unions to be fearless and stand up for the rights of public servants. I’m calling also on the private sector to speak up against the evil that was done against the public servants that were sent home. Lawyers, business owners, other unified bodies where are you? We all need each other.

  4. True, we were doing fine before this “vaccine” came along. A vaccine’s job is to PREVENT, not just make infection a better experience. We can do that with a few drugs (and vitamins) out there right now. The fact that it keeps the virus from killing the person is a good thing. Any life saved is a plus. The fact that it doesn’t kill the virus BEFORE it spreads is a VERY, VERY bad thing. Now what we have done is make it mad. This is called Antibody-dependent enhancement. Look it up, it’s not a good thing…at all.
    Even the vaccine companies are saying it doesn’t work that well (so you need to take it again, and again). Others blame the increased cases on the variants…then why didn’t they make a vaccine to cover variants? This wasn’t possible you say, then remind me why we’re taking a product whose initial specification doesn’t cover its actual operating environment?
    About the pharmacy council not being able to do any research on possible side-effects before approving any drug, That’s easy, just sign them up for TikTok! All the stories are on there.

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